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WordPress Sites Under Intense Attack

My post earlier pertaining to the Global Attacks on WordPress was sent from a cell phone which is why I am elaborating. Many of the Mortgage Field Services Industry websites utilize WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS). These are brute force attacks. Almost all of them are not secure. Out of the multitude of those which I have scanned for the ISTAR Database, less than one tenth of one percent (0.1%) had any form of security in the form of plugins.

Wordfence is a WordPress security plugin. We use it. No disclosure is necessary, though, as they do not pay us anything nor contribute to that which we write. The reality is that Wordfence works — people know that I deal with a lot of insanity. The reason I am able to sleep at night is because of these folks. When you click the link you will see a real time link from what they are scanning against. Take the free version for a spin and as you learn it get the Annual Package. The price is DAMN WELL WORTH IT!

At approximately 1100EDT, 10 February 2014, the Wordfence Monitoring went off the charts. To put it in Wordfence’s words,

Starting at 11am EST this morning we saw a roughly 30 times increase in the volume of brute force attacks across WordPress websites running the software. The attack ramped up so quickly that we initially questioned the data we were seeing and immediately deployed code to verify that the reports we were receiving were accurate and not an attack on our own systems. Within a few seconds it became clear that the attack was in fact real and being reported from across the universe of WordPress websites.

I am extremely worried as the Mortgage Field Services Industry really has no idea what they are doing. I reported upon Five Brothers subsidiary, ForeRunner, being hacked last year (You have to check out the Link to the Article to understand the implications). Remember, Five Brothers IT Guru is a man going back to the GNU days. The reality is that there is a tremendous amount of Contractor data as well as confidential financial data streaming out there unprotected and no one, not even the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime seems to care.

Mark my words and I am never wrong, there is going to be an enormous strike against the Industry at some point-in-time. What I am most concerned about is that the Industry is not reporting when they are breached. So, the Order Mills screw you on the front end, the back end and then ensure everyone else gets a shot at your guts as well.

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