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Data Schema: How Buczek Enterprises Will Force Banks To Get Rid Of Order Mills

I like to think that when Adam Buczek woke on on the 17th of March, 2014, what went through his mind was not whether or not the coffee pot was on; I like to think that while Adam’s wife was primping for her day, he began to have a horrible feeling in his gut. Not that queasy feeling Adam was accustomed to from his binders down at the pub on Contractor’s monies owed. I like to think it was a feeling of foreboding like one gets when their future grave is walked upon; the kind of feeling you get when you know you have been under surveillance for a long time and the end is nigh.

When Adam was done playing grab ass around the kitchen island, I like to think that he doubled back around to grab his car keys — odd, as the keys weren’t there a minute ago and that Déjà vu was kicking into high gear. Strange things abounding. The normal rock station he had on preset didn’t seem to be tuned in as he glided into the driver’s seat. Adjusting the seat just a bit … wait, why am I adjusting the seat?! Hell, I am already running late.

The commute to the office wasn’t that bad, I would like to think. Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication was being matched by the rhythm of Adam’s fingers on the leather wheel cover. Damn, the American Ponzi Dream; the fresh ground smell of coffee put the other oddities to the back of Adam’s mind. Fucking Contractors. How dare them think I need to pay them shit! That damn Paul Williams; I am going to show him whom is boss today!

Adam’s wet dream came crashing down, though, when Brian Drain’s latest Foreclosurepedia intelligence update came across the screen. I like to think that an Anonymous Hacker Theme Song began to come though on Adam’s speakers. The reading of this Article is far more easily articulated when listening to it.

Fuck Paul Williams; fuck the Contractors. Get Drain in here NOW! Get Eric Miller on Line Two Stat! Don’t these people know who the hell my mom and dad are?! — Yeah, Adam, we do! And that is why you are going to pay and pay and pay.

When is someone going to get a battery in that damn smoke alarm? The blinking today seemed to be more pronounced than usual. A little dubstep anyone? The walls are crashing in Adam. What in the hell is going on with the Servers?

By the 21st of March, Adam knew he had a serious problem. Brute force attacks against his Servers were underway in earnest. While Buczek Enterprises never officially informed any Contractors nor any of their Clients, the level of sophistication and the origins of these coordinated hacking attempts from Europe demonstrated that Buczek Enterprises was the true epitome of amateur hour. With respect to the hacking which had a cascading effect upon Buczek Enterprises Servers; stating publicly I have no idea how they began nor ended, if I were a Contractor or Client I would want a copy of the Server Logs to be able to rest assured that my information was not now being sold on the Black Market over on the Silk Road.

The Financial Institutions know the end game. Altisource knows precisely for they have been in the loop for months. With the establishment of Foreclosurepedia’s Data Schema in a Geo Mapping form, there will ultimately not be a SINGLE HOME BUYER OR INVESTOR whom will come within a thousand miles of purchasing a Property when we have populated it up on the ISTAR Fusion Project. The beauty is that it is all legal. I cry a river of tears thinking about how Financial Institutions and Portfolio Holders will have to pay for the sins of their fucking greedy National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills.

More on point, though, is when the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) begins to receive documented verification of Liens filed and the Potential Liens, it is all over. No more Post Conveyance as the US Government will not fuck around.

Buczek Enterprises, a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, was the final blow to a corrupt Industry which refused to self regulate. Eric Miller, the overweight and overpaid mouthpiece whom is now spewing over on Forums like a drunk pedophile, seals the fate. Hell, I couldn’t BUY #CharlieSheen PR like that! Jesus, what an incompetent duckbill platypus.

Each and every Article we print going forward will have a Map which indicates the Potential Liens pending against a NAMFS Regime Member. We leave you with Adam Buczek’s Map which is 01.24% completed — yes, that is ZERO POINT ONE TWO FOUR PERCENT. Folks, it is going to look like a Zombie Apocalypse on the US Map when I am done!

And for my Homies — #kraken

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