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Buczek Enterprises: Were Any Of The Jobs HUD?

Fraud. Deceit. Corruption. The Three Words which seem to best sum up Buczek Enterprises, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member to me. Eric Miller, the NAMFS Regime Commandant, is doing his best to keep a lid on things, but that lid is rapidly blowing off — it is almost embarrassing to witness his buried head in the sand. I don’t even waste my time in publishing upon his Hush Money he calls a salary anymore. The Obama Administration preaches how they are going to crack down upon illegal financial empires and yet turn a blind eye to the graft, greed and corruption swirling within the NAMFS Regime.

I got contacted by Andrew R. Johnson, from the Wall Street Journal, the gentleman that had interviewed Ocwen’s Chairman, he ask me to call him back. Is there anything you think I can stress to him about this Fraud?

Why sure there is! We possess a series of emails between Buczek Enterprises’ employees and myself as Editor in Chief of Foreclosurepedia which read like a Grand Jury Indictment Transcript. Hell, not that WSJ wants anything to do with real journalism, but maybe I am wrong. Maybe WSJ has a bit more spine than Huffington Post?! I mean Ben Hallman possessed information showing the road map to all of this almost TWO YEARS AGO! Hallman, along with a lawyer buddy down in Florida — don’t get me started on lawyers today as my allergies are on overdrive — have had information along with the US Government since the beginning. No one wanted to contemplate how bad it would get. Make no mistake, though, that Buczek Enterprises is much like the subdural bruising which appears after a morbidly obese person presents supine after an obscene display of gluttony upon the flesh of Contractors and picking its teeth with the shattered bones. Check please? Oh, that’s right. Contractors and the tax payers pick that up, don’t they!

The ultimate test to cerebral fitness. #InItToWinIt seems to be the catch phrase as Contractors unite Nationwide. Unfortunately, I predict that many are becoming weary of of Adam’s lies as he continues to dote upon dear ‘ol Amanda the starlet wife. Contractors are beginning to ask how it is that the Buczek’s are allowed to purse a course of lawlessness with impunity and yet Contractors are subjected being forced to pack up their lives and sweep up the broken pieces of their broken dreams.

More on point, how is it that the Buczek’s are given a free pass on threats of murder and granted safe passage and quarter by the NAMFS Regime,

Wow. Again, stunned. I can tell you that I know absolutely who that is and I’ve sent them a message telling them that what they are doing is — USELESS and to stop it IMMEDIATELY. I DID NOT sanction this. Thank you for keeping me in the loop. I cannot believe how this is transpiring. Makes me sick to my stomach. A Time Warner residential attack!?

Don’t even know what to say. I’m not going to apologize because I had nothing to do with this although I will tell you that I’ve told them to fucking stop it. This shit is crazy. I’ve been online since 1994 (no joke, we’re talking text based terminals and Sun Solaris BSD) and I always knew that the public sharing of information was going to haunt people and if people think they can be anonymous right now in this age without knowing what they are doing, they are fools. As evidenced by your logs. You can literally do whatever you want with this information, I have absolutely no concern there just please know that while I know who it is and have told them to stop, I had nothing to do with this. I’m not that stupid. So again, free reign with whatever you want to do.

With the US Department of Housing and Urban Development now taking stock of its surroundings; with Contractors bringing more and more Work Orders forward for ISTAR Fusion Population, the question will become at what point-in-time does Adam Buczek see his wife through bullet proof glass on Riker’s Island.

Foreclosurepedia is calling for the picketing of Buczek Enterprises homes and offices and will be organizing a Rally at the New York Capital’s Steps to bring attention to this nightmare. We are calling upon those forces whom successfully organized the 1999 Seattle WTO Protests to pick up the Banner alongside these brave men and women whom are being subjected to these vile acts of atrocity; these Crimes Against Humanity! We call upon Anonymous to Rise Up and show that Out of Many We Might Be One!

April is going to become a Month of Action; a Month marked by #OpNAMFS!

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