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Consulting: A Brief Primer Due To Overwhelming Requests For Such

For years, Foreclosurepedia has quietly represented a wide array of firms within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. They have ranged from as small as representing a single county in Idaho to some of the largest Prime Vendors in the Industry. And each Client has received the same, award winning Consultation Services regardless of size or investment. Over the past several weeks, though, I have received a landslide of inquiries with respect to what we do here in light of the recent California Supreme Court ruling in the Dynamex case. This ruling, in conjunction with the levying of multi million dollar fines by the California Employment Development Department (EDD) against National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members, has begun to cast a spotlight upon the liability which financial institutions, such as US Bank, and government sponsored enterprises (GSE) such as Fannie Mae are now facing. In addition, though, many within the Industry have followed closely Foreclosurepedia’s work with respect to dismantling National Field Network (NFN) and laying the blame at Jack Jaffa’s feet — the same Jack Jaffa of Jaffa and Associates in New York City —  in federal bankruptcy court in New Jersey.

There are two types of Field Service Technicians in the Industry today. The first type are unskilled, unqualified hacks whom the Industry will gladly hire. They hire them because they are cheap and as a result of being hired, they dilute the pricing and increase the liability which EVERYONE pays for with respect to the recent 254% increase in insurance rates over the past year. The second type are those whom operate legally. Many of these folks clean up the messes left behind by the former and over the past year have begun to join the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST).

For years, NAMFS members have done their best scraping the bottom of the barrel to find the worst of the worst to service their Client’s foreclosed assets. They have cut every corner and broken nearly — if not all — municipal, county, state, and federal laws associated with asset management. These folks are easily identifiable. One of the hallmarks of this group is that they never have a branded email. They use Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail almost religiously. On occasion, they have a Wix website and almost always they are sole proprietors without any type of state business license. They will never — and I mean NEVER — create a fuss when it comes to illegal chargebacks as we saw with the NEARLY SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS which NFN and Jack Jaffa defrauded from Minority Females and Labor. This was why Foreclosurepedia released the entire list of NFN victims — and I am loathe to use that word — in order to draw attention to the lengths in which these people go to placate their Masters.

What you will not find on that list are names of firms to whom Foreclosurepedia Consulted. I am not in the business of referring my Clients to illegal pump and dump schemes like those set up by Jack Jaffa and his cohorts within NAMFS.

Out of the nineteen firms whom approached me, last week, I turned down sixteen. Eleven of those sixteen were beyond salvage. They had no clue what a Profit and Loss (P&L) statement was. None of them had a commercial bank account. The other five simply were not capable of grasping rudimentary business operations. All of them, including the three I sent a Retainer Letter to, were lacking a branded email address. So, why did I work with the three and cast the sixteen others to the wind, losing revenue in the process? It is simple: Not Everyone Belongs In This Industry. Here, let me break it down in layman’s terms,

Regardless of how liberals would like to make everyone a winner in sports and believe that everyone is entitled to be supported regardless of whether or not they earn a living, the real world does not work that way. Not everyone is a surgeon — my father was. Not everyone is accepted by the military — I was. And to legally work within this Industry as an Independent Contractor, YOU are responsible for obtaining the proper credentials. When you do not properly vet those working for you, as a Vendor, and when you do not invest in your licensing, training, and implement the necessary best business practices as a Field Service Technician, YOU become a liability to everyone!

Over the past ten years I have successfully repatriated nearly One Million Dollars to the victims of predominately NAMFS member firms. And the one thing in which each and every one of those victims had in common was that they were all Misclassified Employees. To date, I have interacted with 179 Independent Contractors. I know that they were Independent Contractors as I worked with each of them to ensure such.

Have you ever heard the You Might Be A Redneck skit? Well, the Industry has a similar take on it. If you have Yahoo for email, drive a pick up truck without commercial tags and have no business license You Might Be A NAMFS Misclassified Employee.

Obtaining a professional status IN ANY INDUSTRY is not free. Ironically, though, most of the people I encounter in this Industry believe that it should be. And that mentality ought to terrify those of you out there whom want to make a profit. By allowing these hoards of untrained, uninsured, and unskilled competitors to flood into the market space benefits no one. I will guarantee you there is a reason why the nearly One Trillion Dollars within the federal contracting arena lacks the very same people whom NAMFS members so readily gravitate towards for hiring.

When I congratulated Willdog Property Preservation in obtaining their New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) A-901 license the other day, I publicly stated that the license was only worth what they were willing to defend it with. The NJDEP A-901 is REQUIRED to remove any debris, whatsoever, within New Jersey. It requires a heavy monetary investment and nearly two years of paperwork. More on point, though, the Vendor issuing the Work Order as well as the Portfolio Holder are are required to possess one. I only know of three Independent Contractors whom have one — none of them are Vendors or Portfolio Holders. My hat is off to Willdog and Prime Vendors should take under serious consideration retaining them!

Let me relate it like this: When Starbucks bowed down to liberal progressives and decided to allow anyone to come in and use their services and restrooms WITHOUT MAKING A PURCHASE they ensured that in the months to come, their current, cash paying consumers, will ultimately be replaced with vagrants. And while creating a network of Homeless Day Centers nationwide is laudable to the Far Left, the reality is that this is fiscal suicide. Starbucks has been declining in appeal anyway — most of the New York City Starbucks are about as clean as the Greyhound bathrooms. The increase in acceptance of fiscally unsound business practices are always commensurate with the decrease in quality and legal products. No two ways about it. Starbucks diluted their brand. Field Service Technicians have been steadily diluting their brand. It is time to turn the ship around.

The Mortgage Field Services Industry is having a Come To Jesus moment. Safeguard Properties (SGP) founder and owner, Robert Klein, is dead — literally. US Best Repairs is going under as they just lost Altisource and told all Misclassified Employees good luck on collecting — proverbially. NFN believed that Foreclosurepedia’s bullshit meter wasn’t up to snuff when they tried to scam Minority Females and Labor last December. NFN was forced into Involuntary Bankruptcy by the Team I assembled, on behalf of several of my Clients — Jack Jaffa is related SGP’s CEO, Alan Jaffa. M&M Mortgage has lost so many contracts it’s easier to count, on one hand, their remaining ones — and when it comes to pay cuts, their list looks like Papier mâché. Five Brothers has long been removed from the Swamp and anyone still working for them deserve the chargebacks plaguing those working there. Spectrum Field Services has been bought out by Chronos and began issuing chargebacks and price reductions on par with cuts during the Great Depression. Assurant Field Asset Services (AFAS) were just hit with $2.2 Million in jury verdicts in 7 of 150+ employee misclassification lawsuits. National Real Estate Solutions (NRES) went under ran by the never a hair out of place Brian Mingham. This leaves us with Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) which will be lucky to see the third quarter of next year.

The REO – Pre Conveyance sector is about as abysmal as the belief that Mueller is going to wrap up the Russia Witch Hunt before the Second Coming of Christ — if you believe in the Cloud People which I do not. And the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Management and Marketing contracts have caused one of the largest budgetary black holes for Prime Vendors seen since Tesla hung their shingle at the Obama White House.

When you bring Foreclosurepedia to the table for Consulting, we do not simply ensure that you are on firm ground when it comes to being an Independent Contractor. We move you into safe harbors with respect to hedge funds, tenant occupied maintenance flips and repairs, as well as municipal, county, state, and federal contracting. We also ensure that you do not become a statistic like those with Berghorst Enterprises, Buczek Enterprises, Boyd Property Preservation, NFN – Jack Jaffa, SEAS, and the other nearly half dozen firms we have bankrupted. Foreclosurepedia does not simply chart a course for your firm, we walk that course with you day or night. Any one of our nearly two hundred Clients will attest to the fact that we are available nearly 20 hours per day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Fact of the matter is that domestic operations are merely a portion of what we do. With Clients in four of the seven continents, our timezone availability is, bar none, achievable by any other in the Industry.

We do not simply work with Independent Contractors. We represent several multi million dollar National Prime Vendors. Do you have a specific need with respect to recruiting properly vetted, tried and true Field Service Technicians? Do you need licensed Inspectors? General Contractors? Ask around. If Craigslist simply isn’t getting it for you — and if you are using Craigslist chances are that I probably wouldn’t Consult for you — why not quietly ask your colleagues about our Services? If you are thinking about taking on a new Client and are gun shy, Foreclosurepedia provides financial solubility reports. The Order Mills force you to submit to their checks, why not obtain reports on them to make sure you are going to get paid?! Want insurance against chargebacks? Foreclosurepedia works with insurance companies that provide it!

If you are tired of never getting the bids you submit; if you are tired of spending 50 hours in the field and another 30 hours of updating; if you are tired of the run around, maybe it is time to INVEST in your future. If you Retain us and mention IAFST, Foreclosurepedia will give you a 10% discount and pay your first year’s dues with the Association!



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