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Foreclosurepedia Exclusively Obtains National Field Network’s Financials

When Shari Nott, CEO of National Management and Preservation Services dba National Field Network (NFN) knew the game was up she went on one of the largest spending sprees ever seen in as revealed by financial statements just released in an Involuntary Bankruptcy proceeding against NFN and Jack Jaffa. Jaffa is the brother to Safeguard Properties (SGP) CEO Alan Jaffa. And in what is turning out to be an encyclopedia of how National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members operate, the financial disclosure statements Foreclosurepedia exclusively obtained break down everything. And ladies and gentlemen, those of you in the Foreclosurepedia Nation are now going to be able to shove your finger in the chest of the naysayers whom have been berating you over in Kim Savage’s Facebook Group. And as usual, you — THE FORECLOSUREPEDIA NATION — have been proven correct, yet again!

In financial documents obtained exclusively by Foreclosurepedia, Jack Jaffa, 147 Prince Street, Brooklyn, NY, was revealed to be the 100 percent owner of NFN and an intricately and incestuously woven series of subsidiaries. Fraud is in Jaffa’s DNA, though. As you will read later, Jaffa has been caught in the cross hairs as an Expeditor at Jack Jaffa & Associates.

The dirty little secret that Ken Carroll, Counsel to Fannie Mae based out of Dallas, Texas, and Fannie Mae do not want you to know is that they and other financial institutions were duped including the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Carroll has done everything he can to ensure that Minority Females, both Labor and Homeowners alike, have been brutally raped by these financial terrorists. Carroll, a pompous middle aged white man, has continued to refuse to publicly address the direct causation of the fleecing of America. What we know is that Fannie Mae was performing absolutely zero financial auditing with respect to US Taxpayer monies which were paid to Jaffa and his cohorts. And this has led many to wonder just how much money Carroll is making off the backs of these innocent victims! Many are refusing to continue to take the whip and the yoke though. In fact, NFN was finally forced to turn over their entire financial statements for the past three years. And while Carroll’s colleague, Victor Deutch threatened to sue me for going public with the scandal — all the while paid over a quarter of a million dollars by NFN — NFN’s CEO Shari Nott pocketed over ONE MILLION DOLLARS over the past 12 months.

Nott joined a handful of chosen ones; those personally selected by Jack Jaffa, to share in the monies rightfully owed to Minority Females and Labor. NFN’s COO Chris Crandell’s received monthly payments of $22,153.86; Richard Thompson received monthly payments of $7,892.13; and Jack Jaffa took a monthly DRAW of $5,000 per month, all the while claiming to be bankrupt. Foreclosurepedia also noted the movement of $319,287.18 in personal credit card expenses on behalf of Shari Nott and an additional $986,794.40 in a loan to Jaffa and Nott’s private company National Field Network NOW LLC dba All The Right Movers during the period of your claiming to be bankrupt with an additional $581,409.07 to NFN Investments LLC. All of this was in addition to hundreds of thousands of dollars moved around using WIRE transfers to Shari Nott personally. All The Right Movers is important and here is why. Months earlier, a Preservation Talk and a user named GJM6264, described how NFN funneled all of the money out of their collapsing firm into three others, including a resale thrift store, which is what Brandon Johnson proposed all NAMFS members do,

All the Right Movers is an NJ-based eviction company, owned by higher ups at NFN, that does evictions for NFN at a lower discount than other jobbers. All The Right Movers, New Jersey’s Concierge Moving Company. Chik-Chak Station is a thrift store in NJ, also owned by higher ups at NFN, that “buys” items from All the Right Movers after the 30 day storage period ends. Commigrate is a call center, also owned by higher ups at NFN, that provides after hour phone services. The one review on the website is from a manager at NFN using a pseudonym.

It was all there for Fannie Mae and their lawyer, Ken Carroll, to see. In fact, it was there for anyone to see had they performed a simple audit as federal law requires. There was no need to subpoena documents. No need for litigation and complicated Discovery. A simple Google Search would have revealed what NFN was doing. Here, take a look at some of the Contractors whom have sued Jack Jaffa just in the past several months,

Delshah Capital claims an expeditor failed to take care of violations at a West Village apartment building, resulting in higher fines that totaled at least $39,000.

The firm accuses Brooklyn-based Jack Jaffa & Associates of working “carelessly, negligently and improperly” to remove open violations with the Department of Buildings and the Environmental Control Board at 100 Christopher Street, according to a lawsuit filed with the state Supreme Court on Wednesday.

 As we go into the second part of our series on the NFN Financials, we are going to break down the entirety of the Contractor list whom were not paid. And many are not happy about this. My rationale for doing such is that allowing everyone to reap the benefits of only the few whom stand up for Labor Rights is coming to an end. You are either with us or against us. Here is a quote from one of the ladies whom wanted to gladly collect the monies owed; however, would not stand collectively with those fighting the good fight against Eric Miller and his Axis of Evil,

I understand completely what you mean, I am simply telling you I would no longer discuss my affiliation with National Field Network, etc unless it is with an attorney or in that type of setting. I understand that you are interested with National Field Network however I would not like to be mentioned, named, included or anything for that matter in any articles pertaining to Shari Nott and her businesses.

I thought long and hard about publicly outing this coward and then determined it would simply be better privately black balling her which is already underway. Stay tuned as we get into the actual documents, which are published here, later this week.

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