Assurant – Field Asset Services Hit With $2 Million Judgment

NAMFS Members Found Guilty Of Misclassifying Employees

In 2013, Foreclosurepedia reported upon the Bowerman v Field Asset Services case. Fred and Julia Bowerman were employed by Field Asset Services (FAS) and covered 16 counties of California for FAS beginning in 2007 and ending with their placement into inactive status in 2012. During the course of their employment by FAS, the Bowermans became enlightened to the fact that they and tens of thousands of other Contractors were getting the shaft. The shaft, though, was not just from FAS. It was from each and every Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services and others. Today, FAS is owned by Assurant as Assurant Field Asset Services.

Today, jurors ruled in the favor of Minority Females and Labor stating that NAMFS Member, then FAS and now Assurant Field Asset Services, misclassified employees as contractors.

The federal jury wasted no time, with respect to the first 11 Plaintiffs, in awarding over TWO MILLION DOLLARS. And with respect to the remaining dozens of Plaintiffs whom jurors will deliberate upon over the next several weeks, that price is expected to double, if not triple.

Bearing in mind that the Vinson v AMS – MCS case is next up to bat, the reality is that Eric Miller and his all white NAMFS Board of Directors, are getting a piece of that which they deserved, all along.

More on this fast breaking story as it unfolds.

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