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This entry is part 26 of 29 in the series NAMFS Offender Member Fraud
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NFN Scrambles For Bankruptcy As Shari Nott Forms New Companies

This entry is part 26 of 29 in the series NAMFS Offender Member Fraud

Eric Miller and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) are in a world of shit. No other way of putting it. Coming at the worst time, National Field Network (NFN), a company ran by NAMFS founder, John Ward’s protegee, Shari Nott, is collapsing. As predicted by Foreclosurepedia, NFN is nothing more than a skeleton crew of several dozen after laying off over 75 without issuing a WARN Notice to the New Jersey or US Department of Labor as required by law. But then NAMFS Members never do anything legally. Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, whose salary was documented to consume over EIGHTY ONE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member Dues from exclusively obtained Income Tax records by Foreclosurepedia, has been closely involved with this travesty for years. Miller could have prevented it, but refused to intervene. Foreclosurepedia, in cooperation with Altisource’s former General Counsel, brought evidence of NFN defrauding contractors while colluding with Buczek Enterprises, a former NAMFS legacy member. So blatant was the fraud that Altisource terminated their relationship with Buczek Enterprises and then, in turn, NFN. Eric Miller refused to censor either then NAMFS Members due, in large part, to substantial cash donations in the form of both Membership payments and NAMFS Sponsorships. Those payments Eric Miller directly benefited from in the form of both his salary, over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN DOLLARS PER YEAR, and extremely lavish travel and accommodations financed, in part, due to payments pooled by NFN and Buczek Enterprises.

After Foreclosurepedia broke the story of NFN’s collapse, the calls lit up their switchboard like a Christmas Tree. Sad thing is that the only ones in a holiday mood were Shari Nott and Rebekah Pezzello. As you will read on, they had their Golden Parachutes fully rigged. And how about the Cocaine Cowboy Chris Crandell, Shari Nott, and Maggie Sinanan? Well, they were all out firing up new companies to bury the money they were scurrying off with.

To rub salt in the wounds, NFN sent the below out to Minority Females and Labor, demanding that they acknowledge and agree to the fact that NFN was blameless; entitled to rape, pillage, and burn; and everyone must lay down and take one for the Team,

Talk about the liens heading towards Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS)! Yeah, that’s the unnamed Client whom dumped NFN not the other way around! Shit, Amanda Buczek, whom sold out Buczek Enterprises when she went to RMS, is going to be alongside Beers Housing soon! Patience and cooperation. Hell, that is the identical bullshit that Adam Buczek preached. And when Contractors threatened to kick his ass, he went underground and bailed just like NFN is going to do. Buczek, today, labels himself as a Consultant in the Industry. Fuck Adam Buczek and his prissy ass wife! Take it up the ass. For anyone associated with Eric Miller and NAMFS, that has always been the Party Line. Problem was that with NFN this wasn’t the normal round of getting fucked, this was some straight up gaping shit. To say that NFN has always been a nefarious entity is calling the kettle black. I mean at each and every juncture, Eric Miller and his now NAMFS President, Justis Smith, Chief Operating Officer of Rowe Enterprises — keep your eye on that company!!! — have had the opportunity to call their colleagues out and protect civil society. And if you think that it’s only Minority Females and Labor getting screwed, NFN — true name is NFN Now LLC — is rolling out for everyone! Here is what they wrote 75+ employees after Foreclosurepedia broke the story,

Fact of the matter is that Foreclosurepedia isn’t the only one with a good bullshit meter operating at all times. Preservation Talk has a user with the handle of GJM6264. Would love to find that person when I am in New Jersey next week and get them shit faced drunk — I’ll foot the bill and believe me I can knock down some Scotch! Seriously! Write me and we will hook up. I have spoken to some of your colleagues and they will confirm I am only the Great Satan when it comes to people like Robert Klein and Alan and Jack Jaffa. And that connection is there, you know. The Safeguard Properties (SGP), let’s play pocket pool with diamonds while we stash the cash and wash it in Jerusalem vis-a-vis blood stones. Another story, for another day.

It’s a pathetic handjob not matter how you look at it. And for those of you whom think I preach religious bigotry and hate people, you are partially right. I hate ALL NAMFS MEMBERS EQUALLY! Hell, I am agnostic! Look, Carol Boyd, big Miller supporter and NAMFS Bronze Level Contributor, is under investigation by the FBI here in Tennessee. Miller could have stopped that. They quoted the Bible in their bullshit. Now she is illegally squatting in homes with her children. SGP is nearly all Jewish in the Top C Level. I mean when it comes to serious holier than god fucking over of innocent Minority Females and Labor, the religious zealots of NAMFS make Nero blush.

Here is what GJM6264 had to say about how Shari Nott has already begun to evacuate the cash and rebuild NFN Now LLC into more steaming piles of shit on Mt Sinai,

All the Right Movers is an NJ-based eviction company, owned by higher ups at NFN, that does evictions for NFN at a lower discount than other jobbers. All The Right Movers, New Jersey’s Concierge Moving Company. Chik-Chak Station is a thrift store in NJ, also owned by higher ups at NFN, that “buys” items from All the Right Movers after the 30 day storage period ends. https://www.facebook.com/chikchakstation/. Commigrate is a call center, also owned by higher ups at NFN, that provides after hour phone services. The one review on the website is from a manager at NFN using a pseudonym.

It comes as no surprise that Minority Females and Labor will, once again, be fucked over by Eric Miller’s Merry Band of #Fraudsters. And you know, if any of the Anonymous alumni are reading this alongside their keyboard, they should really and I mean REALLY take a look at this cesspool. Simply type in some of the keywords from this article into Foreclosurepedia or hell just type it into Google. This isn’t just me saying something is broken.

NAMFS is going to stick it to you each and every chance they get. And why? Because they bank on the fact you will never confront them. Oh, I’m not talking about lead pipes across the shins, although that’s how it used to be. I’m talking about publicly outing them. Picketing their homes and places of business. Completely legal and hell, that’s the AMERICAN WAY!

Look, Foreclosurepedia is going to be in New Jersey next week. And we are looking for folks whom would love to meet up and take a PERSONAL MESSAGE to NFN. We are talking tape rolling, banners flown high, and yeah hiring some of those Contractors whom got the shaft to hold banners tall and proud! I mean why, WHY IN THE HELL, just take it sitting down? The First Amendment is alive and well in the United States. Contact me directly and I will gladly support the Cause!

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