National Field Network Gets Final Nail In Coffin

Shari Nott and the NFN Finally Kicked To The Curb? Ask How That Worked Out For Adam Buczek!

BREAKING NEWS:  Sources speaking on condition of anonymity exclusively told Foreclosurepedia that as of several hours ago, National Field Network laid off 75 employees leaving 23 remaining. Additionally, the entire C Level including Shari Nott, Chris Crandell, and Maggie Sinanan have all step down. Additionally, one of NFN’s largest — really their only — Clients, Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS), has also cut ties. While NFN will say it was they, I think the historical record is pretty clear. If now was ever the time to begin filing liens, chances are you have been asleep at the wheel!

More on this fast breaking story as it unfolds!

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