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Safeguard Properties Begin Nazi Experimentation On Minority Females And Labor

Robert Klein knows, far too well, how Nazis forced his Jewish ancestors to submit to dangerous experimentation in order to eat and stay alive. This is what has many questioning the sanity in continuing to allow Safeguard Properties (SGP) forced exposure to mold by Minority Females and Labor. As you will read in Safeguard Properties documents and photographs obtained exclusively by Foreclosurepedia, ungloved thumbprint into wet media photos are now being required. The actions currently being forced upon Minority Females and Labor may result in not only the sickness and death of Minority Females and Labor, it most assuredly is additionally placing the American Public, at risk. And while many may loathe my opinion, why not ask the opinions of the hundreds of lives destroyed by Safeguard Properties. And for those whom believe that Klein and Jaffa should be given a pass because of the Jew Card, I recommend you square that with the Memo below.

While social media is abuzz with FrankenKlien’s new and improved Shop of Horrors, US Government agencies are not as amused.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have extremely extensive documentation and guidelines pertaining to the handling and remediation of mold. They have theses guidelines because improper handling and faulty remediation may result in the loss of life. Not that FrankenKlein cares as the Almighty Dollar has always been the god of Safeguard Properties. In fact, the SGP guidelines to remediate mold by and through the use of primer based products, is nearly as dangerous as their willful and negligent exposure of Minority Females, Labor, and the American Public to the mold itself. And if you think it is a joke, Saddam Hussein didn’t.

A. flavus releases toxic spores that can be fatal when ingested, prompting symptoms that include jaundice, liver cancer and internal bleeding. The poison is so deadly that in 1995 Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein confessed to weaponizing the mold spores for use in biological warfare.

There is sufficient epidemiological and clinical evidence that exposure to mold and other dampness-related microbial agents increases the risks of rare conditions, such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis, allergic alveolitis, chronic rhinosinusitis and allergic fungal sinusitis, according to CDC and WHO. In fact, after reviewing the US Army’s Field Manual TG-277, entitled, Army Facilities Management, Information Document on Mold Remediation Issues, it is clear that even at the most MINIMAL LEVELS of protection, gloves are required. Upon closer evaluation of tables developed from literature and remediation documents including Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, 1999), and IICRC Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration, (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration, 1999), it is clear that Safeguard Properties is willfully attempting to expose humans to toxins for no reason, whatsoever, other than some morbid fascination with photography associated with inhumane conditions.

Foreclosurepedia went further, though, to fully substantiate our belief that Safeguard Properties are truly Naziesque in their willful disregard for human life. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) authored yet another manual which their General Counsel, Lisa Erkkila, should have reviewed as part of her due diligence. EPA 402-K-01-001: Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings, March 2001.

           Instructions From The EPA Contradicting SGP’s Demands

This is how the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) operates. The NAMFS Board of Directors completely support SGP. And specifically, the NAMFS President, Justis Smith, shows her ineptness both as There is simply no other way to characterize the latest, Alzheimer guided actions of SGP. In the capacity of NAMFS President and as the COO of Rowe Enterprise, Justis Smith is choosing to remain silent. And in a time of such scrutiny being placed upon Compliance, many are wondering precisely what purpose NAMFS serves other than to collect funds in a nearly bankrupt Association.

SGP’s choice to not take the word of their Minority Females and Labor, whom are in the field inspecting properties, stands as a testament to the fact that SGP has lost control of a qualified work force. First and foremost, SGP is choosing to preemptively label all Minority Females and Labor whom are involved as liars unless they unsafely expose themselves to mold. There are no requirements at any financial institution or at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHA) is under, that require contamination of the human body in order to document wet media and mold. And yet, under the close observation of Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, this is precisely what Safeguard Properties is requiring.

On 11 October 2017, at 1604 CST, Safeguard Properties rolled out one of the most incredulous demands upon Minority Females and Labor ever.

Dear Safeguard Contractor,

Safeguard has amended the Mold Policy to encompass new photo requirements.  These requirements will be an additional step to document drywall that is wet or dry to the touch.

Highlighted in yellow below are the pieces added to the Mold Policy:

3.5 Absorbent Surfaces that are WET to the touch and have mold

Wet walls and ceilings that are defined as absorbent materials (drywall, wood, cork, carpet, ceiling tiles, paneling, etc.), with mold present must be removed and replaced at $5.00 per sq ft. The vendor pricing is regardless of material type as detailed in the above list. Additional photo documentation is required using the “Thumb Print Method”. A before photo showing the surface of the drywall, a during photo showing thumb applied to the surface of the drywall and an after photo revealing an indentation into the wet surface of the drywall.

If the area behind the removed wall or ceiling is DRY-

Vendors are required to document the dry areas and replace the drywall at $5.00/ sq ft. This must be reinstalled properly to include securing product to studs, tape and mud.

If the area behind the wall or ceiling is WET-

Vendors are required to document the wet area and submit a bid to complete a full dry-out at $50.00/ hour, and a bid to replace the wall/ ceiling material at $5.00/ sq ft. (this includes fans and dehumidifiers and typically takes 6 hours).

If unable to replace wall and/or ceiling materials because of allowable constrictions or additional wet materials, vendors can invoice $1.00 per sq ft. for the removal portion of the work completed.

3.6 Absorbent Surfaces that are DRY to the touch and have mold

Walls and ceilings that are dry to the touch but have mold present must be treated and cleaned with antimicrobial treatment, such as bleach and water, and the area must be painted with a stain blocker that contains fungicide.  Closets are considered their own room while Cabinets and Islands are included in the cost to address the wall they are attached to. Additional photo documentation is required using the “Thumb Print Method”. A before photo showing the surface of the drywall, a during photo showing thumb applied to the surface of the drywall and an after photo revealing no indentation on the dry surface of the drywall.

FHA Vendor Pricing-

 $25 per wall for antimicrobial treatment (bleach and water) & an additional $25 per wall for the application of stain blocker that includes/ contains fungicide. (Total= $50 per wall)

Non-FHA Vendor Pricing-

$0.75 per sq ft. for antimicrobial treatment (bleach and water) & an additional $0.75 per sq ft. for the application of stain blocker that includes/ contains fungicide. (Total= $1.50 per sq ft.)

Acceptable stain blocker products = Zinser, Aftershock

A photo of the product label will be required in VW and product must be painted on the surface rather than sprayed, or a professional paint sprayer must be used.

Water stained items that are dry to the touch but have mold present should follow the procedure above for absorbent surfaces that are dry to the touch

If wallpaper is present and we believe mold is growing behind the wall paper, we should submit  bids to remove the wall paper.

Below are examples of proper photo documentation:

The photos above come directly from Safeguard Properties. Now, many like Michael Evangelo, a NAMFS Board Member, will have no problems with this. Allegedly, Evangelo runs a reputable Inspection Order Mill. The reality, though, is that no legitimate Inspector could stand by and be a party And more on point, Justis Smith, NAMFS President and Chief Operating Officer of Rowe Enterprises, appears to obviously support Safeguard Properties as I have seen nothing to the contrary.

This is the problem when you have the wolves watching the hen house. Moreover, though, there is not a single NAMFS Board Member nor NAMFS Committee Member whom has seen the inside of a foreclosure in years. What little experience they do have is in perfecting the art of chargebacks against Minority Females and Labor.

Foreclosurepedia has begun to liaise with multiple federal government agencies to protect Minority Females and Labor along with American Citizens. Allowing Safeguard Properties to continue their Little Shop of Horrors is going to come to an end. What amazes me is that Michael Evangelo, owner of NMFS, a large Inspection Order Mill, is also a NAMFS Board Member. How Evangelo never came to point out problems that the SGP Mold Inspection Policy presented just might be a reason to take a closer look a whether or not Evangelo and NMFS are the folks you want handling your Inspections.

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