Christmas 2013: How Many Contractors Were Able To Celebrate?

2013 was a blowout season for Order Mills defrauding Contractors. We reported upon bogus checks, outright fraud, Contractors made homeless — in our case Safeguard Properties made false accusations of theft from a property we were never even at — it just goes on and on. The Mortgage Field Services Industry; the National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills though made out like the Banksters. One would have thought that Dean Counce had early release!

Dean Counce is a sterling example of what is wrong with the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). Sloth, greed; Counce was the epitome of what happens when there is no regulation.

The hyper acceleration of greed; the payment of bills upon Contractor’s backs, was never better demonstrated than by one of the most insidious inventions of the Industry: The Payment Plan. Spend now, pay later. We see this frequently during the Christmas; however, consumers have the ability to choose to do such. In the case of the Industry, the Contractor had NO CHOICE in the Order Mill spending now and paying the Contractor later.

While the Order Mills are all kissing their Ben Franklin’s under the mistletoe, Contractors are huddled in the shadows hoping their Masters will throw them some scraps. Ironic, really, as the Contractors are owed the full serving of their Pay. It reminds me of the quest for Water in Frank Herbert’s novel series Dune. The melange, in the instant case, is the free labor in which the Order Mills engorge themselves upon.

The Order Mills cannot be completely condemned, though. Over the past several years I have lost a lot of respect for Contractors in this Industry. Privately, I have about three times the amount of information I publish. The reason is that Contractors whine for help and yet do not want to confront the offender in a Court of Law.

Christmas, much like justice in the Mortgage Field Services Industry, rings hollow for the common man and woman this year. While my detractors within the Industry will never admit it, my quest is not dissimilar to that of Edward Snowden. Any Industry wherein the Trust of the American Public is required should be a Transparent Industry. The continuing threats of litigation by the Freshman Lawyers Guild documents two things: The Industry knows full well that it is Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and none of the perpetrators are ready to deal with Motions For Discovery.


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