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Chamberlain Contractors: Why Appeasement Never Works

Reaction to the inordinate amount of recent Property Preservation Demands have been pretty much either silent or stoic in their support by the same handful of Contractors whom have supported each and every Demand issued by ANY Order Mill. I call these folks Chamberlain Contractors in the sordid memory of Lord Neville Chamberlain whose policy of Appeasement towards Hitler threw the world into World War Two. The reality is that appeasement has never worked with totalitarian mentalities. The more that you give in to the totalitarian mindset the more you guarantee both eventual confrontation and disaster.

Over a year and a half ago, Foreclosurepedia predicted the slippery slope with respect to Appeasement in the Property Preservation Industry and the path it was sliding down when PK Management (PKMG) was pending the award of the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Marketing and Management (M&M) 3.6 Contract. Everyone, including HUD, sung the praises of Appeasement.

We spoke directly with Pedro Kolychkine, the Chief Executive Officer of PKMG, and Art Martinez, PKMGs Chief Operating Officer after a call was arranged by HUD. Alarm bells went off in our minds when we realized here was a Company which operated for almost THREE YEARS before correcting the simple spelling of Management; it was originally spelled Managment! We made multiple Podcasts on precisely how bad it was going to become and to date it has gotten no better.

One of the biggest proponents of supporting the latest demands of Safeguard Properties (SGP) has been Mark Connelly. Let’s take a look at the latest efforts towards Appeasement,

Are there any REAL professionals in this group? I ask because I cannot believe all the fucking whining and crying about how unjust everything is.

Having to buy insurance from only who a company says is acceptable is VERY understandably upsetting, but a…Company name on a t-shirt – pissed off people…Photos being used for more than verification – pissed off people…Not enough work – pissed off people…Plenty of work but they want it too fast – pissed off people…Horrors of horrors, background checks are now required – pissed off people…
When is everyone going to get their panties out of a bunch and become an actual professional/business person???

Everyone knows damn good and well what the job entails…and should not be surprised but rather should be prepared, for things like looking professional wearing shirts with your company name…But all I read are excuses…just like assholes, everyone has one…

If you will not be paid without pictures verifying said work, then the pictures are part of the deal folks. You have no right to the images once submitted, invoiced and paid.

Just because YOU think you are dressed ‘professionally’ with no name shirts, no truck lettering, not even an ID badge, does not make it so. There are professional standards and your way of bucking the system is not a part of those standards. BS excuses like “I don’t want anyone to start harassing me” is such the cop out I’m not sure where to start.

“Background checks oh no! They CAN’T do that! I am my own business!!!” When I read crap like this, it just goes to prove you are NOT a business person, but one that has something to hide, and the one who most needs to be checked out.

Can everyone just TRY to be professional? If you can’t, get the fuck out of the kitchen then because it is people like you that are this industries biggest problem…no, the nationals and regionals and order mills are not the biggest problem, the biggest problem is YOU!!! So BE A PROFESSIONAL do not just ‘act like one on TV’, or in this case, Facebook.

The beauty of the First Amendment is that every US Citizen is entitled to such. Some on a larger platform than others; Liberal and Conservative is a good example. To understand what is going on; to understand how Spin works, we need to examine the Argument for Appeasement. In this instant case, what we have is the attempt to lay contempt and scorn upon the backs of Contractors for not wanting to bow down to unconstitutional demands in the Contracting Arena.

Let’s first examine the meat of the presentation. Setting aside whether or not the Demands are Constitutional, at minimum, the implementation of the Demands are prima facie Unconstitutional. No one, other than in Communist or Totalitarian Regimes, can legally force a party to a Contract to forgo their Rights. Without an Addendum (and this portion is in EVERY Contract out there) the implementation is rendered null and void, ab initio. Don’t take my word for it, go ask any first year law student what the 14th Amendment is or how the Uniform Commercial Code works.

All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void, Chief Justice Marshall, Marbury vs. Madison, 5, U.S. (1 Cranch) 137, 174, 176, (1803). See also: Due course of law, this phrase is synonymous with “due process of law” or “law of the land” and means law in its regular course of administration through courts of justice. Kansas Pac. Ry. Co. v. Dunmeyer 19 KAN 542. So, everyone knows that you cannot force Contractors to waive their rights.

Connelly’s statement that, ““Background checks oh no! They CAN’T do that! I am my own business!!!” When I read crap like this, it just goes to prove you are NOT a business person, but one that has something to hide, and the one who most needs to be checked out[,]” is precisely the type of mentality that the National Security Agency (NSA) would have us ALL LIVING UNDER! I didn’t serve my Country to come home and have folks like Mr. Connelly subject me to Star Chamber Mentality either!

Perhaps, though, this mentality is why I was held responsible for SOFI Blog’s misspelling of my email address? I do not know; one might inquire of Mr. Connelly if that was the reason he feels all Contractors whom do not lie down and lick their nuts are guilty or if he simply believes in a Police State.

To address the ludicrous position that, “Only three Companies on the face of the Earth are capable of providing Insurance for the Property Preservation Industry,” and that is a quote I put to the Senior Vice President of Brunswick Companies, Michelle Hirsch, in our Exclusive Foreclosurepedia YouTube Interview, is beyond me. This would be like saying, “You are only allowed to buy federal contracting insurance from one firm — yeah, I didn’t see that going on. This is monopolization, pure and simple. The monopolization is taking place on the National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mill side, not that of the Insurance Industry. Yes, we currently have multiple Inquiries to States Insurance Commissioners. The Attorney General’s Office of Tennessee is anticipated to issue a Statement later this year.

Freedom of Choice. It would seem eventually that racial profiling and discrimination would be a further step in the March To Appeasement by looking at the record so far.

I respect Mr. Connelly’s right to voice his opinion. His belief that our Company, Foreclosurepedia which is separate from the Foreclosurepedia Media Institute, should also foot the bill for Polo Shirts, slacks and otherwise. I really love the fact that Mr. Connolly believes we should also provide business cards to all manner and fashion of people so that they can contact us with respect to properties we do not own or control. Perhaps Mr. Connolly should pay particular attention to the provisions of the Racketeer and Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) which are FRONT AND CENTER in ongoing litigation against Safeguard Properties (SGP) and exclusively being reported upon here on Foreclosurepedia. What’s next? We need to foot the legal bills as well, Mr. Connolly?!

The First Amendment is a beautiful thing. It allows everyone to be heard. The readership of Foreclosurepedia, for example, have multiple opinions. The reality is that our RSS Feed is read by virtually every Order Mill Executive and a good portion of the Mid Level Financial Institutions.

So, whom is right? Well, that will ultimately be a question put to both the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the American Public, by in large. Do I agree that Background Checks should be implemented? Well, hell the Order Mills stated they had been doing them all along! Oh, that’s right. Another lie. That is why the auditing of the Financial Institutions of the Order Mills has triggered this massive March to the Gulag.

Background checks are neat things. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) seems fully capable of doing them and any local Courthouse will provide a Report for about three dollars. IF that was to be the due course, I am on board. It is not, though, Mr. Connelly. You see, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), in conjunction with Wells Fargo and Jim Taylor have decided that outsourcing the TEN TO FIFTEEN THOUSAND files on Contractors to Ireland — Ireland a Country which was plagued with Terrorism in its Northern Bowels for three decades leaving countless men, women and children DEAD — is far more efficient than allowing the FBI to take the reigns. Why? Money, Mr. Connelly.

We don’t want to get all Mid Ohio Field Services over this and talk out of school — we all know where that goes — this is simply a Discussion on why Appeasement never works. You see, first it was take a reduction in pay and it will be all good. Then it became do a free inspection on lawn services and it will all be good. Then it became install this phone application and let us track you, the time you are on a site and your movements and it will all be good. Then it became we cannot pay you on the timelines we agreed to and if you do this it will all be good. Then it became take this training and it will all be good — gotta love how that Elite Status is treating folks when the NAMFS is going to be the ONLY Association with Certification on the horizon. Then it became submit to multiple background checks and it would all be good. Then it became wear a uniform and it would all be good. Then it became wear a badge and it would all be good. Then it became hand out business cards and it would all be good.

Honestly, I am awaiting on the request to take The Mark of the Beast. I am not kidding. This is how totalitarianism begins. You target a section or segment of Society that is relatively unknown. You then force them to do things which other members of Society are not required to do. Then you begin testing on them.

So, I don’t know Mr. Connelly. Washington, Franklin, Jefferson et al. met up several centuries ago and said, “Gentlemen, if we do not hang together we will damn sure hang separately.” Folks, that is precisely where we are today. If I learned something from my military days what an Occupying Power does first is attempt to get the hearts and minds of the people. If that doesn’t work, they then send in people to attempt to stir the pot and identify those whom will NOT COMPLY. History categorically repeats itself.

So, I respectfully disagree with Mr. Connelly’s position that I should bow down to the Occupying Power. I firmly believe that the Constitution that I swore to uphold and defend against enemies both foreign and domestic did NOT exclude the 4th and the 14th Amendment Rights. I further believe that, in my opinion, the Demands when coupled with the recent Unconstitutional Vendor Fraud Policy shoved down the throats of Contractors by A2Z Field Services (A2ZFS) is a one way street to hell. My bad, was the Vendor Fraud Policy something I should have NEVER fought against?!

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