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Catch 22: How NAMFS Collapsed But Still Demanded Captain Black’s Loyalty Oaths

Industry 2.0 Is Rising As NAMFS and Verisk Become Worried

The more loyalty oaths a person signed, the more loyal he was; to Captain Black it was as simple as that, and he had Corporal Kolodny sign hundreds with his name each day so that he could always prove he was more loyal than anyone else. — Joseph Heller

That intro came from a great colleague of mine, Matt Tiabbi over at Substack. And it really makes sense when you look at the collapse of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. With the NAMFS #FraudFest just about to rear its ugly head down in the Land of DeSantis — or Florida for those of us whom are red blooded Americans and believe that freedom is a way of life best left to individual determination — many are also gravely concerned about the co-opting of NAMFS by Verisk. As we have reported, Verisk now controls the only options for field service work order submission and bidding in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. The NAMFS #FraudFest has now become nothing more than a timeshare presentation funded by Verisk by the #TwoForVerisk Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director and Matt Zoldowski, NAMFS President.

Look, here’s the deal, NAMFS members could barely stay afloat during the years of massive money flowing and large levels of fraud. The ongoing National Field Network Involuntary Bankruptcy has been an autobiography of NAMFS Executive Director Eric Miller’s playbook as Shari Nott and Jack Jaffa, brother of Safeguard Properties Alan Jaffa, defrauded tens of millions of dollars from Labor and were given a pass by the New Jersey federal judiciary. It set the tone with Labor that neither NAMFS itself nor the federal government were to be trusted.

Today, as the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) has entered the scene, things are changing. Recently receiving their Wyoming nonprofit status and now pending their federal nonprofit status, Labor and Management have both broken away from the NAMFS mandate that neither may work together. And with IAFST Membership now controlling the vast majority of HUD Awards, the reality is that the foundations are now being laid for the Industry 2.0 in High Def. What Labor needs to be asking themselves right now is why are their Clients not bringing more red meat to the table. The reality is that nearly 64% of all money streams directly into the Client’s pockets. And when you look at the remaining 36%, a good 20% of that is streaming into the pockets of firms like Verisk. We are talking tens of millions of dollars.

Here are some startling statistics,

From Wolf Street: Home sales plunge, supply rises, prices drop Year-over-Year most since 2012. The median price of all types of previously owned houses, condos, and co-ops whose sales closed in April fell year-over-year by 1.7% to $388,800, the third month in a row of year-over-year declines, according to the National Association of Realtors. A debacle we haven’t seen since February 2012, when the market emerged from Housing Bust 1. From the peak last June, the median price declined by 6%.

So, why on earth, when additionally foreclosure rates are increasing, are your Clients not bringing more work with higher wages? They are not because they know as long as Labor refuses to even care about themselves or their own families, they will always grovel at the feet of the #TwoForVerisk NAMFS Executive Director Eric Miller and NAMFS President Matt Zoldowski. And the reality is that no matter how horrible that sounds, the vast majority of Labor are still working weekends as well as doing paperwork late into the evening as their children grow up rarely seeing their parents.

It is time to break away from the firms like Five Brothers whom continue to use the language that HUD adjusted your bid. HUD does not adjust anything with. Why? Because you do not have a Doctrine of Privity with HUD. Your bid is YOUR bid! And when you agree to allow these NAMFS members to tell you what you will work for you are nothing other than an employee. Break free from the lies and the financial terrorism and free yourself this year. Stop funding the lavish jetsetting for Eric Miller and Matt Zoldowski. Join the IAFST today!

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
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