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NAMFS #FraudFest Kicks Off Underfunded Like An Old Folks Home

NAMFS #FraudFest Whimpers Through The Verisk Timeshares

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) #FraudFest 2023 began its six hour festival today much like the train wreck budgetary talks between President Biden and House Speaker McCarthy. Everyone knew that the Verisk timeshare presentation that #TwoForVersik NAMFS President Matt Zoldowski and NAMFS Executive Director Eric Miller were serving up would be lukewarm, at best. This year, though, NAMFS had to step in to fill the Welcome Reception slot — presuming at a loss of the listed $7,000 price tag. More telling, though, was the fact that only 95 firms — plus NAMFS itself — were attending with 30+ of those as exhibitors. When you break it down even further, you begin to realize that many of the NAMFS stalwarts like Safeguard Properties were obviously missing. The list read much like the Statue of Liberty — Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. They were summed up with firms like Joel Irish’s once great firm, Hawkeye Field Services, Cyprexx Services, Gryphon Group, and First Freedom.

It’s like a sad traveling circus in a Breaking Bad Winnebago arriving in Southern Mississippi selling Black Lives Matter T Shirts. The little red engine that couldn’t has run out of Labor which used to finance the entire weekend, Big Ticket Guest Speaker #FraudFests — at least those conferences used to have value added meaning. Today, though, they are tragic blips on elderly radars of washed up old men whom still grovel and become giddy when the name Mickey Snow is mentioned. It is the #Epic Train Wreck that the Industry did to itself like a bad George Santos campaign ad nightmare with his campaign sign still in your yard.

#95 has come to represent the great collapse of Eric Miller and his Merry Band of Financial Terrorists whom have finally had their Day of Reckoning. Under siege with complaints, accusations of fostering antitrust with their new sugar daddy Verisk, and the lowest membership count in its entire multi-decade history, the NAMFS #FraudFest 2023 was doomed from the start when it chose the same dates as IMN’s 11th Annual Single Family Rental Forum (East). Look, doctors know when to retire; band members know when its time to call it quits after the 5th farewell tour; and hell, even street walkers know when the lipstick isn’t going to work anymore. Apparently, NAMFS hasn’t gotten the Memo yet.

NAMFS Executive Director Eric Miller’s post from the Antitrust, Inc. #FraudFest shows the excitement over the Verisk timeshare presentation,

For those waking up after a late night of jetlag and watered down bourbon, we wish you the best. And don’t forget as half of you are press ganged into tearing down your displays by midday, you cannot say we didn’t tell you!

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
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