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Breaking News: A2ZFS To Clarify Requirements To Sign Vendor Fraud Policy

We broke two stories yesterday with respect to A2Z Field Services (A2ZFS) pertaining to both Background Checks naming Contractors as Employees and in the latter and linked story, a new Vendor Fraud Policy (VFP).  The VFP was emailed to Contractors throughout the United States.  As a direct result of the VFP being issued, we and other Contractors contacted the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and have yet to hear back with respect to many of the challenges presented by the VFP.

A Source, speaking on condition of anonymity within A2ZFS, stated that the VFP is a voluntary policy and is an attempt to address financial and proprietary data; that this is an attempt to formulate a “balancing act” for A2ZFS’ Clients and their Contractors.  The Source stressed that there would never have been any, “…kicking in of doors,” and that any legal investigations would have been conducted by proper law enforcement officials.  Foreclosurepedia tends to believe this Source, with specificity to the kicking in of doors, as they are uniquely positioned to opine upon the VFP.

We are awaiting a Formal Statement from A2ZFS now which we believe will address the concerns both of Contractors and Foreclosurepedia, the business.  As A2ZFS’ track record with Foreclosurepedia has been spotless we have no reason to believe that the the Official Position should be any different than that which our Source has stated.

At the end of the day the Voices of the Contractors have been acknowledged by and through Foreclosurepedia.  While the same results may not occur each and every time, we feel that it is a Signal defining the fact that the Property Preservation Industry (PPI) now must contend with the fact that Contractors have moved into a 24/7/365 real time, technologically advanced world as well.  We would also like to make special mention of the fact that, if forthcoming, a Formal Statement by A2ZFS would go a long way in the minds of Contractors as a testament that A2ZFS is receptive to the dialogue of Labor.  Remember, a Friend of Labor should always be a Friend of the Contractor!

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