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Berghorst Begins The Downward Spiral To Possible Bankruptcy

It would appear that everyone other than Heather and Doug Berghorst are hip to the fact that Berghorst Enterprises is going out of business very, very soon! The Client whom should be MOST WORRIED is Altisource. Altisource pays out in roughly 14 days on all accounts. They like to keep their business CLEAN for obvious reasons. For Contractors whom are at 60 and 90 days out this should be a telegraph to begin filing the Liens and preparing for Class Action Litigation.

Here’s what we know: Virtually 98% of all Work Orders outstanding 30 days or more have already been paid to Heather Berghorst at Berghorst Enterprises. Not hard to do the math folks.

Here’s what we also know: Ask this National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Board of Directors Seat Holder and Member why is it that they can no longer handle Detroit, MI. Maybe ask how the IT is fairing for them.

Knock, knock. Who’s minding the Shop?!

We are setting up a hotline for Contractors to call in on. We will assist each and all in the placement of Liens and the orderly transition of Assets as the time comes.

What Altisource needs to really ask themselves is this: This is the SECOND TIME Foreclosurepedia has had to assist in cleaning up a mess which should have been easily identifiable. Perhaps Luxembourg should pay closer attention to the Game as opposed to lip service to the NAMFS. Ocwen and the Venture Capitalists are not going to be pleased should the expected tsunami of Liens begin their crash upon the Shores.

One by one we are dismantling the Players whom would hang Contractors out to dry. Our information is readily available to document our Statements. Any process of Discovery would reveal the P&L is cataclysmic; the off the books loans probably pose a danger to those whom pulled them. Simply take a look at interest points.

Heather will try to stay the dogs for a bit with another round of layoffs — none yet reported under the WARN Act from the previous round. Call your Vendor Manager in the morning if you think I am bluffing. Hell, simply pull your Accounts Receivable. Give Altisource a ring and ask them the timelines they pay.

So, as this Act draws to a close we are already writing the Requiem for the Next Candidate. It’s not personal, it is business. If you are going to target Contractors we are going to target you. We are already cleaning the microscope off from our last dig — a dig that will require a Proctologist years of work — and drilling down on the Minutiae of A2Z Field Services.

The A2Z Field Services Vendor Fraud Policy is one of the most heinous Documents ever to have entered into the Property Preservation Industry.  A2Z Field Services, another Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, is going to receive our undivided attention.

With the last gasps of hope hinging upon the ability to participate in the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) M&M 3.8, it is time to begin discussing the Vendor Fraud Policy. In addition, we are going to reach out to some of their Previous Employees for Guest Appearances to talk about things like the Employee Version of the Vendor Fraud Policy, the Service Contract Act and HUD — yeah, you DON’T WANT TO MISS this reunion!

We have this down to a science now. Had Eric Miller, the ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services — that is almost 90 PERCENT of ALL MEMBER DUES — simply allowed for a Grievance Committee when I spoke to him last year we wouldn’t be here today.

As it is, though, the reality is bleak. We now have most National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills salted with Sources up and down the chain. The Hook has been Set. The Line is Cast. Will it be Sinker? That depends upon the Valuation — Can You Say Price Point?!

Not to fear, as we had a bunch of email on this, we haven’t forgotten about Will Milling and REAMS LLC and Innotion Enterprises. Hell, the Mike Murphy story on the periphery?! Yeah, the Note to spin up REAMS LLC is going to look like chump change. Game, Set and Match.

Hey Heather, just like old times, huh?! The WAY BACK MACHINE kicking into gear!

From: kelly brown []
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 10:19 PM
To: Heather Berghorst;
Subject: termination

Heather and Doug,

Thank you for opportunity to do some work for your company, After my discussion with you Heather regarding invocies over 60 days old and getting an unsatisfactory result, JB Property Services wishes to terminate the business relationship with your company. In the last two weeks including this week the check totals were $1,120 and $53.20. That is unacceptable. We are owed money from way back on 3-25. The check we are getting this week has all June jobs on it. Where are the jobs from March through May ? The total we are owed just up until May 11th is $3828.60 that is after a discount. The grand total we are owed is $8137.60 for all jobs completed. We would appreciate a check for $3828.60 next week that is the balance that runs from 3-25 up until May 11th. Some invoices are 100 days old, that is unheard of in any line of work. Brenda decided to send us some bull email about looking into it, apparently she DIDNT look into it. I’d just like to know is BRENDA getting a check every week on time?? I would lalso ike to know if any of your office workers are owed money from 100 days ago ? I would think it would be in your best interest to pay the contractors which are the REAL people that make you your money. I also find it hard to believe that Joe Ellis from BAC would even consider offering your company a contract when your contractors aren’t even getting paid on time. Or does he not know ?

Keep me updated on the invoices that are 60 – 100 days late. We have people that would like to get paid.

Kelly Brown

JB Property Services


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