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The First Batch Of Safeguard Properties Unpaid

On the heels of Safeguard Properties (SGP) debacle of a Software Conference Call last week — oh, you didn’t hear last Thursday the Conference Call lasted about ten minutes because the Safeguard Rep couldn’t get a word in edgeways due to all the inquiries about Past Due Payments — we are releasing the first batch of Payables to Christians in East Tennessee owed by National Association of Mortgage Field Services‘ Member, pending Federal Racketeering Defendants, facing down multi count indictments from the Illinois Attorney General (and 7 more States Attorney Generals sharpening pencils now) Safeguard Properties.

Hell of a lot of Liens to be staring down — these are a drop in the bucket folks! Oops, I forgot that Senator Bob Corker’s Office is going to have to explain how Felons are now allowed to work for Safeguard Properties and how Orthodox Jews are allowed to hire felons whom target Christian Females as well! Mm hmm, GM Property Services and Brandon “The Cripple” Lambert and bed buddy Jason Lambert have something to be proud of now.

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