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As Predicted Aspen Grove Goes For Trifecta Over Contractors

When Foreclosurepedia first broke the news in April, 2013, of Aspen Grove Solutions moving upon the Mortgage Field Services Industry like the Grim Reaper, the Drive By Social Media Pundits stated it was impossible to have Industry Wide Background Checks forced upon them with over a ONE THOUSAND PERCENT PLUS mark up. When Foreclosurepedia first broke the story of Aspen Grove Solutions movement to take command and control over the photographs which Contractors send to their Clients, Drive By Social Media Pundits scoffed and then we wrote about Aspen Grove Solutions partnering with the Palmer’s over at Pruvan. When Foreclosurepedia stated Aspen Grove Solutions would take over the Work Orders giving Aspen Grove Solutions the Complete Trifecta Clients and Contractors alike said, “Never in a million years.”

Property Pres Wizard, InspectorADE and EZinspections have partnered with Aspen Grove Solutions to better enable work orders to be directly linked to the person, or persons, logged in at the property. This new capability provides both the client and vendor greater visibility and management oversight of field activities relating to background check compliance coupled with many other efficiency gains that you would expect from a mobile enabled application.

Aspen Grove Solutions, in conjunction with Pruvan Inc, Inspectorade, EZ Inspections, and Property Pres Wizard will be hosting a breakout session “Providing Proof of Compliance at Point of Service” at the Annual Conference of Mortgage Field Services, hosted by NAMFS, on September 5th in Orlando.

So, the NAMFS Regime Fraud Fest 2014 seems to be Ground Zero. As usual with most underfunded events, the time was ripe to announce the fact that The interesting movement on the Aspen Grove Solutions monopolization of the Mortgage Field Services Industry makes perfect sense when one looks at the recent movements under their roof. Chuck Sockol, formerly of Lender Processing Services (LPS) and recently dropped by ASONS, has now appeared over at … … Aspen Grove Solutions. For those not familiar with Chuck “The Contract Fixer” Sockol, simply page through the Contracts he oversaw at LPS and what the true performance was upon them. By connecting the dots; by following the Players whom shoved Aspen Grove Solutions down everyone’s throat like Eric Miller, also a former LPS Vice President, it becomes apparent immediately.

More on point, though, and perhaps contributing to Sockol’s rapid departure from both ASONS and forced out of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime’s Membership Chairman position, is the fact that Sockol was virtually on his knees, mouth open, attempting to force ASONS to adopt Aspen Grove.

Illustrating the point of precisely how skittish Contractors are today is a thread over on a Group I own in LinkedIn called the Property Preservation Consortium. Contractors are looking to blame everyone but themselves for precisely where things are today. Tony Foglia’s Statements on a thread about W2 Employees underscores what I mean. Honestly, it would appear that a good portion of those whom have been around the block apparently have now realized that they are on their own. Sadly, standing alone is not for the faint of heart.

The realization that there are no Contractors left in the Mortgage Field Services Industry seems to be hitting home rapidly. In much the same way that factory workers believed they would never be replaced by robotics, so the Employee – Contractors of the Industry believed that Foreclosurepedia’s predictions would never come true.

From Miami to Detroit to Los Angeles today, fast food workers participated in organized sit ins today. Predominately, the push for minimum wage hikes have been simmering since Spring. The reality is that it is coming. With $15 an hour as the target and with Federal Contracting minimum wage put at $10.10 through Executive Order 13658; with Rahm Emanueal, Chicago’s mayor raising the Minimum Wage to $13 an hour for all Sub Contractors; and with Santa Fe at $10.66, San Francisco at $10.77 and SeaTac (Seattle – Tacoma) at $15 an hour, the reality is that most of the Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills are going to be on their way out. Over the past two months, we have been drilling down upon several Regional Order Mills and closely examining their payroll.

With the recent movement of former Asset Management Specialists (AMS) personnel to 24 Asset Management and Assero which are predominately one in the same, we began documenting what we consider to be inconsistencies. Now, everyone is familiar with the type of ship Lee Mertins, Wild Bill Hicks, Bill Christy and Brian Nesbit ran over at AMS with Ernie Stepkovic’s blessing. The bringing on of temporary personnel to screenshot data to upload into the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) P260. Foreclosurepedia is concerned on multiple fronts with 24 Asset Management and Assero is preparing a Report to present to HUD and Fannie Mae addressing those concerns. Primary upon those is Foreclosurepedia’s concern whether 24 Asset Management and Assero are able to comply with HUD which is what sent AMS off the rails as Carolyn Reeves took control under the Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) umbrella. Coupled with the multiple inquiries from Contractors up and down the Eastern Seaboard, neither 24 Asset Management nor Assero are to be considered safe to engage. This Opinion is based upon ISTAR Clear Base information and is not anticipated to change in the near future.

With respect to Aspen Grove Solutions, while it may have a stranglehold in the short term, Foreclosurepedia’s opinion is that the continued taxation upon each and every background check, work order and photo delivered will ultimately spell doom in the long term. With the recent shady transfer of the HSBC Portfolio to Altisource, it is apparent that even though Wells Fargo appears to control a portion of the financial institution portfolios, Aspen Grove Solutions is not being embraced across the board. With rumors of the potential of a Class Action in the works against Aspen Grove Solutions, the question which presents is precisely how Wells Fargo and the NAMFS Regime will extricate themselves from an obvious Sherman Act Qui Tam.

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