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An Odyssey: Around The World In 80 Days

The past several months have been wound up with extraordinary travelling. The pressing of palms together and the unconventional travel and sleeping arrangements are something that I believe even Jules Verne would have been proud of.  😉  Through it all, new inroads for both Labor and Management have been hammered out. While I am not going to tip the hand on everything, I am going to lay a quasi framework wherein those within Labor and Management will have the opportunity to begin the scalability necessary for Q2-Q3 FY2015 and the opportunities which are going to rapidly present.

Everyone is familiar with the main problems in the Mortgage Field Services Industry today. While Altisource has begun to rapidly wrap their arms around them and I applaud this, the reality is that many of the Old Guard, like Safeguard Properties (SGP), still believes that by turning a blind eye to the plethora of Fraud Mills like WVAMREO, they are able to remove liability from they and their Clients. I disagree and the abysmal SGP Performance data on the FannieMae Contracts throughout the Northeast are a testament to such. Even offering Per Diem and Overnight Checks are not salvaging SGP. 24 Asset Management and Assero’s deeply darkened aspects are dito. If HUD is awarded; should Lee Mertins progressive agenda continue to be embraced, make no mistake whatsoever there will not be a media outlet whom does not receive pro bono press packs. More on point, the rumors of Eduardo San Roman threatening litigation are welcomed because the process of Discovery will ensure that not a stone will be left unturned. The Witness List will be thorough and comprehensive including many Old World names —  I am not some stupid white boy living under a rock and EVERYONE at every level of Management had best brace for it — both pre and post Assero — should I call Roman’s bluff.

This article is not about the negative, though. It is not a relapse upon the proverbial clean time which Foreclosurepedia has promised to deliver upon — Clean Time is the metaphorical phrase used to bridge from the negative to the positive in dialogue. The reality is that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has become a non sequitur in the bigger scheme of things. Hell, I don’t even use the term Regime as NAMFS no longer even deserves that term in that for all intents and purposes they are merely third stringers taped to the bench in the locker room as the Team is playing out on the field. To fully drive home the point that Labor is both in my DNA and my Blood, go no further than my personal life. Playing out much like a B Rate chick flick, the reality is that J Edgar Hoover may have had his detractors; however, the Beltway never and I mean never questioned him. The files, you see. The Devil is in the Details — or in this case, The Great Satan is in the ISTAR Files.

Many of the avant garde NAMFS Rank and File have decided that the only way to change the Industry is to position themselves for Portfolio Runs. So far, both financial institutions and government sponsored entities (GSE) alike, are giving a silent, probationary nod. The reality is that as I predicted, 2015 is the year of change. I am willing to give everything, my life if necessary, to ensure that Labor takes the lead in meeting Management halfway. The reality is that the only way which the Mortgage Field Services Industry is going to ever come into Compliance is to remove those toxic relationships wherein there is a belief that National Order Mills are really able to perform nationally.

Meetings earlier this month, in Florida, demonstrated that both Labor and Management are able to meet at a Round Table Discussion and both emerge with Agreements. Not just Agreements which deal with monetary gain, but Agreements which ensure that both Labor and Management are both working side-by-side to ensure a healthy Return on Investment (RoI) for each. Agreements which ensure that Compliance is not simply shot from the top down; that Compliance is a process wherein both Labor and Management have both an Investment in.

The time has come wherein Labor is educated enough to understand when they are having unhealthy relationships. Foreclosurepedia has set the benchmark to which Management is judged. Like a Voice in the Wilderness to which Labor is now gathering round, the time is now to begin the process of both extricating those from the Industry whom are mere Ponzi Schemes and additionally taking an aggressive and hard line approach to those whom even begin to think along these lines. More on point, though, the time is now to actively stomp out corruption; to strip away both Fraudulent Order Mill’s Labor and access to Portfolios.

So, as I wrap up the first set of travels along the Eastern Seaboard; as Labor and Management prepare to embark upon a game changing expedition, we need to batten down the hatches. We need to remember To Know, To Dare and To Keep Silent.

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