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American Contracting Consultants Gets Clean Bill Of Health

We just got off the phone with the representative from American Contracting Consultants, Incorporated (ACCI).  We have been speaking back and forth for a bit via email; however, today they actually called.  In a nutshell, it appears that ACCI had been duped by Jason R. Mathis and Brandon Lambert as both worked both for and with ACCI.  I was notified that when the gentleman had read our article and contacted Mathis,

He quit on the spot.  I was on the phone with him and that was it.  They took all a bunch of our [ACCI] tools we had.  I tried to track them down everywhere.  You can even verify that I called the North Carolina police. … Understand that I have just as many, if not more reasons to get this (explicative).  … You can check the website [Secretary of State, Georgia] to verify we removed him [Mathis].

This is what I do not understand:  AMSREO, Cityside, CooperCitiWest, CWIS LLC, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and their Office of Inspector General, the Veteran’s Administration and their Office of Inspector General, Senator Bob Corker’s office, the White House and COUNTLESS MEDIA OUTLETS all knew about what Mathis and Lambert were doing!  Each and every one of the aforementioned had the opportunity to request that Mathis and Lambert be picked up for questioning, if nothing else.  What did they do?  With the exception of AMSREO and Cityside, nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Mathis and Lambert could have been shut down and now Contractors and Corporations alike are paying the price of the Great Wall of Silence!

Herein lies the tragedy:  Mathis and Lambert, while they could have been stopped by the US Government, were not.  The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s position is that while Mathis and Lambert may have defrauded Contractors they did not defraud the US Government!  You see, herein lies the rub:  Ths US Government failed to act upon information given to both them and a wide array of Prime Vendors.  Now, granted, the Prime Vendors could give two shits about paying Contractors, ACCI suffers the penalty for associating with Mathis and Lambert.

Short of a forensic investigation we feel ACCI has been cleared of nefarious intent in their association with Mathis and Lambert.  They appear to be a company caught up in the wide net which Mathis and Lambert have cast.  A tragedy really because ACCI did not strike me as being dishonest.  This is a testament, though, to what is truly wrong with this Industry.  Innocent people, on both sides of the table, are being impacted by both State and Federal Government Officials categorically refusing to investigate financial crimes within the foreclosure industry with specificity to property preservation.  Companies like ACCI and I am sure many others will continue to suffer, along with Contractors, until Congressional Oversight occurs.

In closing, we would ask that Clients looking to hire ACCI look, prima facie, at the fact that ACCI was both forthcoming and brutally honest in their cooperation with this National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) Investigation.  ACCI appears, ab initioto have been duped by Mathis and Lambert.  Their contribution to this Investigation should be a sign that ACCI would be a just and honest Firm to employ.

Editor’s Note:  We are going to stay on top of this Story.  As it now appears that Mathis and Lambert have injured a Corporation, the stakes have been raised.  It is obvious that what is occurring on Mathis’ and Lambert’s part is a free, willing and overt criminal conspiracy to cross state lines in the furtherance of financial crimes.  We will stay in touch with ACCI and as is proper attempt to open doors for them as we would those within NPPG.

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