Regional Guild Chapters: A How To Post

So, the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) has now come to the point when it is time to begin setting up Regional Chapters.  The Constitution is pretty cut and dry on how this process works.  First, three (03) people within a Region must come together and determine the fact that they want to form a Regional Chapter.  These three people must be from separate Companies.  They will then draft a Petition to NPPG stating that they desire to establish a Regional Chapter.  The Petition doesn’t have to be anything fancy; the Petition must simply state their names, addresses, Region they are in and then attach a copy of their Proposed By Laws.  This, in turn, is evaluated by NPPG and either accepted prima facie or sent back for corrections.

The sooner we begin to get the organizational structure established wherein Regional Chapters are able to handle their own day-to-day affairs, the sooner NPPG will be able to turn over Clients in those Regions.  As a part of the establishment of Regional Chapters an intensive Protocol Webinar will be generated to help the new Regional Councils adapt to the requirements within their landscape.  Additionally, Regional Chapters will be responsible to NPPG for both their own Members and the Regional responsibilities to NPPG.


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