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Altisource: A Case Of How Hubzu Lies And Altisource Uses Fraudulent Contractors

It seems that each and every day I wake up I have yet another National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member implicated in civil and criminal enterprises. The one NAMFS Regime Member, though, whom takes the cake is Altisource. Never, though, have I been able to tie Ocwen to Altisource and then, in turn to Hubzu — that’s right, until now. So, before I start to talk about 3119 Burma RD Fort Wayne,  IN 46808, I want to talk about precisely why it is that Robert Bridges, Associate General Counsel for Altisource, should have never thought he was going to play me for a fool.

Problems for Ocwen began long before Benjamin Lawsky, the New York Banking Czar cranked up the heat in April, 2014. Bill Shepro and Bill Ereby had been Cooking up the Product long ago. The reality, though, is that when it was determined that Pat McTaggart and Robert Bridges weren’t able to keep a lid on the brewing kettle of shit, the acceleration plan hit high gear back in November, 2013.

In the same way that Robert Bridges pissed and moaned about his interview being aired with respect to how he stated Altisource “…created…” people, so Ocwen pissed and moaned when they were no longer allowed to threaten and intimidate people in gag orders to obtain modifications. It is a page out of the homosexual manifesto: silence all discontent. You know what, though, shit like this is what happened in Nazi Germany. You see, there are three types of people in life and they all believe they are entitled to something. The homosexuals have their agenda and they believe that they should be protected when the heterosexuals are not — wonder if lawyers consider that reverse discrimination?! You have the rich people whom believe the poor need to keep working to make them more rich. Then, you have regular folks like me whom pay their bills and believe we have the right to be left alone. The only minority left, today, in the United States seems to the white male. I say this as if you are gay, female or not white there sure is a SHITLOAD of benefits out there to equal this imaginary discrimination.

Embattled Ocwen Financial will stop pushing those borrowers to sign a gag order as a requirement to getting their home loan modified, Benjamin Lawsky, the head of the New York Department of Financial Services, said Tuesday.

By August, 2014, Ocwen had realized that they couldn’t brow beat people much longer. With their stock tanking they were becoming desperate in how to continue keeping both their Hubzu deals rolling, the Contractors silent whom had been defrauded and ultimately with their stocks tanking, the Ocwen – Hubzu – Altisource trifecta of which two portions, Altisource and Hubzu Robert Bridges was intimately familiar with, needed a cash injection.

Aug 4 (Reuters) – New York’s top banking regulator said on Monday that Ocwen Financial Corp, a mortgage servicing company, may be funneling as much as $65 million to an affiliated company even though his office has raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest between such entities.

In September, 2014, the Talking Bills — Bobble Head Shepro and Erbey — were desperate. Lo and behold, contrary to that which the Regulators desired, HSBC came through with some paper for Altisource. At least temporarily, Altisource could grab control over both the servicing, preservation and sales. The deal was probably the most cloak and dagger, yet. As usual, Robert Bridges employer had to fuck everyone they could in the process. Those whom were working for HSBC were cut quicker than a junkie hitting a new vein.

Since Altisource already has their own network of real estate agents, assets will likely be re-assigned to them. Plus, sources noted, “States where Altisource has a real estate brokerage, all assets will be funneled through their brokerage, their real estate agents and everyone else will be locked out.”

The problem, to date, has been documenting how Ocwen, Altisource and Hubzu all worked together to fuck consumers. The solution seems to have presented itself. Remember, 3119 Burma RD Fort Wayne,  IN 46808? Well, the person attempting to purchase the property reached out to me as did a SHITLOAD of others. Now, I want everyone to remember Robert Bridges statements in the past about how Hubzu is running a tight ship and Altisource ALWAYS uses licensed Contractors. More on point, I want everyone to understand that the dumping of hazardous waste on a property in Indiana is a Class D Felony — may want to get a Counselor, Counselor.

I just read an article on your site about altisource,  I have my own bad experiences with them as well.  I’ve been in the process of buying a property from Ocwen/Altisource/hubzu, for 4 months now. The seller is Ocwen.

This is a shady organization!

1. We won the bidding on hubzu, then got an email stating that information regarding how to proceed would follow within 48 hours…it took 3 weeks! Also, I now believe they used shill bidders to drive up the price on the auction site.

2. We were promised multiple times in writing and on recorded lines that a basement flooding issue would be resolved.  It still has not been. When we got the purchase agreement there was no mention of the issues promised to be fixed.  We called and were promised yet again that it would be fixed prior to closing.  Based on that, we haven’t closed.

So, here is a person whom has finally gone completely on the record with a publication that is not going to be bullied around. More on point, though, the story does not end here. Look, this just sets up the scene. Really, it is a he said, she said thus far.

3. Altisource apparently refuses to use licensed contractors to do any work. Annette Rodriguez (AR Professional Property Preservation) is the vendor Altisource uses for this property.  This vendor reported the basement work finished twice without ever even showing up at the property! They use subs, and are located about 120 miles from the property. Altisource did get quotes to fix the issues, the lowest being $11,000. Rather than paying a real contractor,  AR PPP, sent the teenaged boy who mows the lawn to fix the basement. Obviously nothing got done. For some reason there were hundreds of chemical containers stored in the basement. (Paint, paint thinner, lacquer,  stain, lantern fuel, ect.) I reported this to Altisource,  many times with the assurance that it would all be cleaned up and removed. Unfortunately Altisource failed to act, despite almost daily recorded warnings by me, that the flood water was getting higher in the basement and would soon cover and spill into all of the hazardous chemical containers in the basement. Altisource always promised they would act, but never did!

4. Now the property needs hazmat remediation. Altisource caused a hazardous sludge to cover the basement by not talking proper action. Action they acknowledged was needed,  and promised to take. Eventually the vendor did remove some, not all of the water,  leaving the sludge/dirt/garbage/chemicals in the basement…then the vendor reported the job finished again. I sent multiple photos of a still incomplete job to Altisource,  and altisource promised to fire the vendor and hire a licensed contractor if AR PPP didn’t get it right this next time. AR PPP failed yet again.  The vendor went to the property and removed the hazardous chemicals from the basement and dumped them on the lawn! Then left and reported the job done again!

5. Now there are 2 toxic waste dump sites on this property,  the basement and the lawn. I reported this to Altisource,  with photos,  once again they promised to remediate this issue.  AR PPP, wasn’t fired, they sent them back to put down a $2 tarp and stack the rusty deteriorating buckets on it. I reported that when it rains the chemicals will leak and it will run off of the tarp. Once again they promised to remediate.  It did rain, they did leak, for weeks! I sent supporting photos.  Eventually altisource sent AR PPP back to remove the containers,  that were now about empty.  I reported that the remediation was not done in the basement or on the lawn!  I asked for the license number of the person who preformed the remediation,  and explained that if it wasn’t available then the work wasn’t done!

So, it looks like Altisource, et al., are batting a thousand. It gets better, though. Not for Altisource and I am sure that by now Robert Bridges has already pulled the name Samaj Madhumal – RW <>. If not, maybe Bridges can locate Rakesh Patil A13853 Altisource Asset Management. If he hasn’t, I am sure that this will save him some time. It should also telegraph that the story does not end here, nor does it end well. In fact, it gets far, far worse. Foreclosurepedia has the documentation that shows, at every step of the way, Altisource knew precisely what was going on, when it was going on and took active measures to limit its liability while placing the the community of Fort Wayne, Indiana, in what appears to me to be grave danger.

This is the current state of the basement!  It is filling with water again largely from the massive roof leak that your RSV Department declined to fix because they didn’t want to spend the money!

It’s going to be a lot less expensive to use a legitimate licensed contractor and fix this the right way, than to pretend like these problems aren’t all related. 

There is a chemical sludge covering the basement,  the basement needs to be fixed, and the roof needs to be fixed! The basement will require a thorough cleaning, by a licensed hazmat remediation professional.

It is expensive to do this work the right way.

It is much more expensive not to!!

That’s why there is a $25,000 per occurrence per day fine that can be assessed by the state Indiana. The government considers violating environmental laws for financial gain to be particularly egregious. I have photos of hundreds of containers ALTISOURCE left in the basement for months, then the same containers dumped on the lawn. Each container is a separate occurrence. I have records of Altisource acknowledging the hazardous chemicals on the property,  and failing to take proper action for months. I have records of Altisource acknowledging that the vendor being used was incompetent,  and yet altisource chose to retain that vendor.  I have records of Altisource acknowledging the dumping of the chemicals on the lawn, the leaking of those chemicals on the ground,  and altisource failing to take proper action to mitigate this for weeks!  Currently remediation is needed and altisource has failed to act!

Altisource faces a decision between bad and worse. There is no good option.  I’ve tried to help, but altisource doesn’t seem to want to do anything that costs money,  and everything costs money!

I will send an additional email showing the some of the rusty buckets chunks,  hazardous chemicals on the ground…still!

I mean what we have here is a Perfect Storm. I have gone over all of the emails which I plan to release tomorrow. This is merely the first of many that we intend to roll out. Why, precisely it is, that the State of New York and the US Government is having difficulties doing the legwork, I have no idea. While there has not been much of my commentary in the Article, tomorrow it will be chock full. When we connect the emails we have on this; when we show the emails we have purporting that Hubzu’s hands are clean which we received earlier this year, I believe we are going to see yet another NAMFS Regime Member to be precisely what Eric Miller is looking for! Hell, it is going to be like a family reunion as we begin to lay out the files on this and the multitude of others.

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