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Alston & Bird LLP: Examine ALL Social Media For Them!

Alston & Bird, LLP, out of Atlanta, GA, seems to be the de jure selection for the War Foreclosurepedia The Company (Foreclosurepedia TC) has been subjected to in an attempt to receive payments from both Assurant Property Advantage (APA) and Field Asset Services (FAS).

This morning’s telephone call with Jason Rosenberg, a Partner at Alston & Bird LLP was disingenuous to say the least. With all the trappings of wanting to bring a conclusion to their Client’s mess, Rosenberg talked a good game.

After speaking with Rosenberg, we noticed that a Matthew W. Howell, whom appears to be at Alston & Bird LLP decided to attempt to “Hook Up” on Google+ in the way that only lawyers are able to do — slimy and shady in my opinion.

When Alston & Bird LLP reached out we were under the impression they wanted to bring this mess Assurant Property Advantage and Field Asset Services created — FAS locked us out of our account now so we will look into the Lien Process with respect to them as well. This was contrary to that which Rosenberg spun up today on behalf of his Clients.

Thankfully, we had already dumped all the information from FAS. We have now ridden ourselves of their BLOATED Pruvan Software as well.

Let this Article stand as a testament to the Bad Faith Lurking that Alston & Bird LLP has begun with. Let it also be a testament to the next Article out here in an hour or so and the Foreclosurepedia Podcast behind that back-to-back, that Alston & Bird LLP are not going to use their stalking like tactics to intimidate us!

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