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Field Asset Services Turns Its Back On What It Owes Foreclosurepedia

Well, everyone wanted to know what the Assurant Property Advantage (APA) takeover of  Dale McPherson‘s Field Asset Services (FAS) was going to be like. Well, with respect to Foreclosurepedia, it is going to be a protracted War. Their first tactical move, after tacitly allowing Vice President Jesse Randall and Senior QC Vendor Manager JJ Batts to negotiate an unbinding Non Disclosure Agreement with Foreclosurepedia months ago, was to terminate access to any information with respect to Work Orders previously serviced and STILL OWED FOR PAYMENT by FAS.

Just another National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member doing what they apparently are good at doing in my opinion.

What the Contractors in the Property Preservation Industry need to pay particular attention to is if FAS, under Assurant Property Advantage Leadership is willing to apparently screw Foreclosurepedia — and make no mistake whatsoever we are confrontational as opposed to any Contractor we have ever identified — you can take it to the bank, in my opinion, that this behavior will become the norm.

Alston & Bird LLP is the Firm Assurant Property Advantage’s Mouthpiece reached out this morning with respect to wanting a “…cease fire on the internet.” Yeah, right! You thought I was disturbed over as JJ Batts puts it, “…a measly hundred dollars…” with FAS owing thousands of dollars you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Let’s talk a bit about the merger and how it is going to impact the Contractor,

Assurant Specialty Property is part of Assurant, a premier provider of specialized insurance products and related services in North America and select worldwide markets. Assurant, a Fortune 500 company and a member of the S&P 500, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AIZ. Assurant has approximately $29 billion in assets and $8 billion in annual revenue.

Did I forget to mention the Fact that Field Asset Services Chief Financial Officer, Don Neville, is heading up the Transition?! Yeah, do the math; look at the writing on the wall Contractors! More on why you need to leave the Titanic, later.

I have never outed Sources on Foreclosurepedia. The reason is that generally Sources are speaking with me in order to bring Good to the Industry. In the above case, though, I am concerned about the possibility of what we called disinformation in the Intelligence Communities.

So, it is not simply the fact that Jesse Randall, Vice President (today anyway) of what was called FAS and JJ Batts, Senior QC Field Specialist (today anyway) agreed that FAS would never sever the Cord without paying us, it is also that the information which was derived with respect to the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) and other Firms may now be suspect.

Here is the reality: Dale McPherson’s little piece of dusty real estate in Texas, the former hack of a company Field Asset Services, is attempting to steal our money. Now, if they wanted to Direct Deposit they could have, so I have no other conclusion I can come to as they cut off access to our Invoices and Information. The cowards, though, forget that we have all the photos and addresses which we will release tomorrow.

I have a son in and out of the ER and as he is uninsurable did FAS really, REALLY think that I was just going to blow off thousands of dollars? I suppose, reflecting back upon the FannieMae and Wounded Warrior Project – Chase endeavors, that I shouldn’t have expected much else from a Firm which was under the Control of Dale McPherson.

To go to a $55 Million Dollar valuation in only a couple of years truly defines the Story. As sympathetic as I am, I will not help finance Assurant Property Advantage’s Fund by tossing off our monies owed for Services Rendered Across State Lines under the Uniform Commercial Code. Reflecting back, I would believe that First Service did not find the California Closet type franchise payout in Dale McPherson’s little piece of dusty real estate in Texas.

Contractors need to pay very close attention as this is TWICE IN LESS THAN 96 HOURS THAT ASSURANT PROPERTY ADVANTAGE, THE NEW OWNER OF FIELD ASSET SERVICES, HAS ATTEMPTED TO CHANGE THE PLAYING FIELD. The reality is that with more and more debt heavy firms possibly not able to make their obligations, I believe they will more and more attempt to defraud Contractors. Is this what Counselor Rosenberg of Alston & Bird LLP was up to with his bullshit phone call today? I don’t know. Maybe every Contractor in the United States and its Territories should call his office tomorrow and every day until they get an answer.

I would recommend that any and all Contractors currently associated with Field Asset Services closely examine whether or not they could risk Field Asset Services never paying them. I would also closely examine the other options available out there. My recommendation is to slowly and quietly begin to collect whatever you can and jump ship; get off the Titanic!

Here is the reality: Nothing is going to change my opinion that attorney Jason Rosenberg, Partner at the Alston & Bird LLP Law Firm is buying time for his Client Assurant Property Advantage. After we discussed Field Asset Services, the Login Access was revoked. Rosenberg and his Client Assurant Property Advantage knew full well that Foreclosurepedia had not been paid by either.

The end run by co Counsel Matthew Howell in one of the most slimy moves ever witnessed of attempting to cull data from my Google+ Profile concerns me. Is Howell attempting to get information on my children?! On me and what I write? Who knows as Howell, being the coward that I believe he is, refuses to even respond to an email.

Get out of Field Asset Services while you can! Get a lawyer lined up. Refuse to work for Assurant Property Advantage. Draw a line in the sand before you become a statistic!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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