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A Homeowner Takes On The NAMFS Offender Members

When Foreclosurepedia travels to Consult for a Client in Mortgage Field Services Industry, I always look at it as a unique opportunity to peak behind the curtain which keeps the macrocosm of quaint society insulated from the realities of the pervasive inequities which humanity is confronted with daily. Our recent journey to Phoenix demonstrated this categorically.

Foreclosurepedia has begun expanding its horizons with respect to beginning to document truly how criminal Offender Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime has become.

Enroute to Phoenix I had the opportunity to meet a family whom had suffered what millions of other Americans have over the past ten years:  Foreclosure. In the same way that even the most grand funeral processions are attended to by the most lowly of morticians in Big Easy, so to the hopes, dreams and aspirations of countless men, women and children are overseen by a shadow army of thugs. While many may believe that the necrophilic actions performed by the deranged and godless are not ongoing in the Industry, they are sadly missing a bit of candid introspection.

Johnothan and Janet Gibson, names changed to protect their identities, bought into the American Dream. John was a graduate of Iowa State University still wore the tattered sweatshirt to prove it. Janet was a 30 something graduate of Iowa State as well. Their two children, though, really displayed precisely what the American Dream had to offer. William and Kasey presented as seven and nine year olds respectively. As opposed to the rest of the children in the terminal whom were laughing and running around, Bill and Kasey were far more reserved. Kasey had a death grip on her doll — a doll I would reckon had seen far more miles in her short life than I had during my military career. Bill seemed to have what we used to call a thousand yard stare — Bill was there, but no one was home.

You know, we realized that we were behind on bills. I mean what did … look we believed that when we sent the paperwork to Ocwen we were going to get a modification. Janet appeared as if someone actually slapped her as John’s pronunciation of Ocwen  sounded like Ahh Quin; while at first I thought this to be a dialectic mistake, I realize now that it was a slur. Janet was far less restrained in her description of Ocwen as she aimlessly stabbed her straw into a cup which had been empty for at least an hour. With respect to Altisource, the reality is that this foreign national is mired in millions of dollars in fraud which their Prime Vendors like Jay Goscinski, Heather Berghorst, the NAMFS Regime disgraced and former Secretary involved in prolific federal litigation and completing her second bankruptcy and Buczek Enterprises amongst others.

They buried our letter. All they did was take our loan and march us off to the financial gas chambers. Fuck Erbey — referring to William Erbey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ocwen Financial whom was forced to resign as CEO of the Ocwen juggernaut including Ocwen Financial, Altisource and Hubzu. But that wasn’t bad enough, he sicked those fucking jews on us that goddamn Safeguard Properties! I mean it’s bad enough that here we were taken the way we were, but to send jews after Catholics. I’m sorry I really … no. No I am not sorry. How dare they do this to us!

The intercom crackled out over the lobby with its sterile infusion of a Charlie Brown high on crystal meth announcement that there was no smoking allowed in the terminal and all offenders would be dealt with by henchmen dressed up in Inquisition regalia. Ah, the constant reminder that we are from the Government and we are here to protect you. You know, if the US Government spent even a millionth of a percent prosecuting Eric Miller and the rest of his worthless sacks of shit for what seems to me to be clearly federal racketeering by and through the NAMFS Regime, there might be enough money in fines to replace some of the speakers across America blaring out the useless messages … just a thought.

John and Janet had pretty good jobs by way of comparison of many here on Terra Firma when the Sub Prime Crisis hit. John was a mid level insurance actuary and Janet was meandering between Assistant Vice President and Vice President of a Fortune 500 Company. They had a great FICO score; mid range credit debt — the DTI would have made any mortgage underwriter pop wood in the early morning hours — and more on point they were married and had nearly six years at the same address and retained the same jobs. Just like most of the postmortem performed on the Crisis, it was a manufactured event which could have been prevented. And almost identical to its virulent counterparts in epidemiological world, when it hit it was sudden and terminal.

As I am writing this, I am enroute to Amarillo which is home to some of the more popular joints like the Neon Armadillo to document yet more atrocities committed by Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). Much like Socrates, I believe there are numerical patterns in our world and those are constant. In the same way that we deal with Ebola — my bad we aren’t in the Industry as Fat Boy Eric Miller is too busy at the NAMFS Regime Trough sucking up his ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR PLUS A YEAR SALARY he receives for overseeing the rape of people like the Gibson Family — so to we will ultimately have to realize that the Industry will have to be dealt with in a very decisive way.

The Gibson’s presented with the classic tell tale signs of Ocwenism. Many of you are very familiar with it. As we all recall, Altisource’s former Associate General Counsel, Robert Bridges was representative to Labor in the same way that Erbey was to the innocent families like the Gibsons. The Gibsons, though, were not aware of the underlying hoards of untrained and unlicensed Mongrels  simply waiting to descend upon them like a well tuned, military grade bacteriological agent. You see, this is the dirty little secret which not only Eric Miller and his criminal thugs on the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors like to keep hidden — and I fucking dare you Miller to challenge that statement because we will have a field day with Discovery pertaining to Heather Berghorst. Much like a Band of Romanian Gypsies, these Craigslist hacks are seemingly recruited from the prison gates to not only work in the field, but also at National Order Mills like Five Brothers — Foreclosurepedia has well documented the Mellisa Shankin felony cocaine cases along with her tax liens and debt defaults.

You know I thought that maybe it was simply some of Billy’s friends playing. I mean it was kind of rainy that day so I didn’t know. I was in my robe — she pulls her fading blouse tightly across her chest as she seems to relive the moment. The door it just flew open. I remember dropping my coffee cup and thoughts racing in my head about where is Billy? Where is Kasey? I well I ran for the bedroom where we kept our gun and they just stood there and stared at me! These thugs; these foreigners started rattling off in that language they all do when they are grouped around the stores — she is referring to Spanish — and I started screaming. Finally, a white man came in and asked me what in the hell I was doing here! I mean who is this man whom just had is Mexicans literally kick the door off the hinges asking me why I was in my own home?! I called 911 as it was apparent they weren’t going anywhere. As I was talking to the operator the fat guy was rambling about how he had — she inclines to John and asked something I could not make out and John nodded — he had some Order yeah a Work Order.

Note to self: Get a recent picture of Eric Miller superimposed on a blow up sheep available in most online sex stores. More on point, create a blow up sheep farm with Heather Berghorst, Jay Goscinski, Adriana Farelo-Fernandez, Adam and Amanda Buczek, Jack Jaffa, Shari Nott and Chris Crandell.

I was at the food bank that day I mean we were literally living like refugees in our own nation! No, the refugees are handed checks and we are handed foreclosure papers. Janet called and I left immediately. I asked John what was going through his mind at the precise moment he got that call. You know I can’t really describe it. I mean here I was just trying to feed my family I mean here I am at a food bank for Christ’s sake trying to get food and … John’s eyes seem to be tracking an unidentified drop of rain falling down the terminal’s windows … I knew that I had to be there. So, I probably broke a hundred laws driving home and as I pulled up the police were there. I immediately knew then that it would be ok. I say Janet with the kids I you know I mean they were ok so I figured that maybe God had come back you know. I mean I grew up as an altar boy; I knew that if you walk a straight line things go well. I tell you Paul that day was the last day I ever believed in God.

What transpired next is occurring on such an epic scale that even the Mafia of old would blush. Now, at this time, the Gibson’s had a mortgage with Ocwen — it did not originate there, but in the same way that when a drug dealer is shot and the corner is taken over by generally worse people, so Bill Erbey came a calling to not just rape but brutally rape innocent victims with a gleam in his eye. You see, it was during this entire time that the Gibon’s had been fighting for months to get a refinance on their mortgage. Remember, the Financial Institutions agreed to those and Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States came out with his peculiar grimise he is so famous for during his Dog and Pony Shows and shoveled lauds and praise upon these Financial Terrorists. The reality is that the refis do not cost the banks jack shit  as they write them off and generally make money on the refi side anyway.

The problem was that lawyers just like Robert Bridges whom so comfortably sold Labor down the River knowing as a Licensed Lawyer that he protected his Client, Altisource from Fraud, so to did Erbey’s lawyers help orchestrate an unthinkable fraud. The Gibson’s were eligible for a refi; Ocwen knew they were. Ocwen also knew that mathematically if they fucked hundreds of thousands of innocent men and women — and do not even get me on the long term socio – psychological impacts upon marriages and children here — the Return on Investment by paying settlements would be pennies by way of comparison of what Ocwen had cooked up.

Erbey and his thugs decided to conveniently not address computer issues which were known for a very, VERY long time! What were those problems, if in fact they were not manually programmed in? Well, there is a specific time window for which Ocwen or any other Financial Institution has to do the paperwork for a homeowner to be eligible for a refi. Ocwen, willingly or not, ensured that the deadlines were missed by in many cases months! The Gibson’s were one of those whom were the recipients of Erbey’s Money Grab. So, while Erbey and the rest of his Jew buddies on Wall Street dined at Ruth’s Cris, John Gibson was merely trying to get a couple of boxes of cereal for his kids.

I am going to step out of the story just a minute before I lay out the fertile environment which Eric Miller has created for fraud. Epic is really a conservative statement for what we are witnessing pertaining to the length and breadth of the fraud today. And this fraud and its government support and backing is a relatively new concept. If you look after WWII; the 50s and 60s, it was far different. Why? First, the men whom went to war were very hardened people. If the banksters had cheated someone back then, make no mistake whatsoever that a man would have shown up at the banksters house and killed him and his family. More on point, though, fraud was not considered to be societally acceptable. Those same men occupied positions within the government and made the decisions with respect to prosecute not based upon the fact that they were a boot licking Uncle Tom like Eric Holder is, but rather what was good for the community. Additionally, as Glass – Steghall was the Law of the Land, the risks were far lower and the reality is that when you obtained a mortgage that mortgage was local or worst case out of perhaps New York. Not today. In fact, contrary to what the Drive By Media preaches from the pulpit or rather from underneath it as they suck the Emperor’s Dick, the reality is that we have seen the entire foundation of civil society shift from an ownership based society to a rental based environment.

So, we are going to end Part One of the Gibson Story and Publish Part Two and Three Tomorrow.


Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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