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WVAMREO: A Safeguard Properties Order Mill On A Fraud Run

You have to hand it to Safeguard Properties when it comes to finding Order Mills whom Safeguard Properties knows is going to fuck Christians in the United States. No bulshit. Look, in the millions upon millions of dollars in fraud I tracked pertaining to Safeguard Properties and their Order Mills, the reality is that NOT A SINGLE JEW WAS EVER IDENTIFIED — unless you count Jack Jaffa and the false flag legend vis-a-vis the creation of National Field Network.

WVAMREO is even less than an Otherwise Unspecified Order Mill. Their website is the biggest crock of shit I have run into since I have been investigating this Industry. None of the links are completed and only four pages documented by a Site Search under a Google Search Parameter I use.

WVAMREO is operated by three #Fraudsters that Members of Labor continue to mention: Michael Smith, Branden Mitchell and a bottom feeding little girl named Kala — not sure on the spelling and really doesn’t matter. Now, I am sure that the Drive By Social Media over on DramaBook will all be up in arms, but the reality is that just like Rush Limbaugh, millions of people visit #Foreclosurepedia and many of them hate me. Good. Let them hate me so long as they fear me!

The Axis of Evil; Kala, Michael and Branden, are spreading from Pennsylvania to Indiana and several other states just like a good case of herpes down at the queer bar — note to self to see if The Axis of Evil are listed in any Mandatory Reporting For Sexually Transmitted Diseases to help reinforce my opinions. Nah, no way these cheap whores would even break off the Eight Dollars required to go to Public Health and get a shot the way I see it.

Safeguard Properties pays every 60 days — when they actually pay. The Axis of Evil, WVAMREO, stated to Members of Labor they would pay in 30 days. And here is a tidbit of info anyone working for WVAMREO better study quickly: You need to download your PPW Work Order Info as Excel Spreadsheets ASAP because WVAMREO will close those PPW Accounts very, very soon if you buck the #Fraudster System!

I just returned from Washington DC last night and did some good Deep Background on Paramount Asset Management. There is a good, up and coming firm. I am heading down to South Carolina at 0400EDT tomorrow to do some investigation on another firm which will become a household name soon — They cover the ENTIRE STATE of South Carolina and are a W2 Outfit.

This is what pisses me off about the #Fraudsters is that when I go and research firms like Paramount Asset Management and see that here is an outfit doing it right and then ask why is it that WVAMREO chooses fraud; more on point, how is it that Safeguard Properties can stand by and allow it, I just get all Postal and shit in my mind. Safeguard Properties is specifically avoiding Due Diligence and that is showing very heavily on their complete and total fuck up on the Fannie Mae Portfolio throughout the Northeast. That and I will take to my grave the fact that I believe it is an Anti Christian Campaign. More over the next few days as #Foreclosurepedia continues to go where others are afraid to even think about going!

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