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Paramount Asset Management Update

Foreclosurepedia greatly appreciates the rapid transmission of information which Members of Labor have sent over the past several hours. This stands as a testament to the fact that Labor now has the ability to scale up against any Member of Management whom poses a clear and present danger to Labor. It also speaks volumes to the fact that Labor is capable of immediately supporting any Member of Management whom is deemed beneficial to Labor.

With specificity to Paramount Asset Management, Foreclosurepedia is mainly interested in the Contracts, Price Lists, Points of Contact — this includes any and all correspondence pertaining to the onboarding process — and information dealing with Paramount Asset Management’s Clients. We have been swamped with an incredible treasure trove of information and are thankful to Members of Labor.

While I am supportive of Management attempting to create new models, the reality is that when their models fail, Labor finances the mess and left to pick up the pieces. Close scrutiny must be applied to all Members of Management; stress tests must be conducted to ensure that Management is financially solvent and capable of withstanding catastrophic failure. Additionally, Management are the ones suspect as they have absolutely no skin in the game. They move a work order from A to B; Members of Labor front enormous amounts of cash, interest free, and are defrauded every minute of every day of the year.

Now, Foreclosurepedia has been able to clearly identify the Management Organizational Chart and precisely whom does what. So far, Foreclosurepedia is comfortable with how it looks. Additionally, Foreclosurepedia will be making the rounds by and through its enormous network of Sources and by late tomorrow afternoon, we will be able to issue a Rating upon Paramount.

Foreclosurepedia is confident that Paramount Asset Management is pursuing a legitimate course of action. As a Friend of Labor, Foreclosurepedia has begun to become pro active; we have begun to identify Members of Management whom are doing it right and recommending them to Labor early into the cycle. This will help both Labor and Management scale up and properly address Portfolio Holder’s needs. Additionally, we are aggressively identifying those Members of both Management and Labor whom are problematic and shutting them down before they have the opportunity to destroy those around them and injure innocent bystanders.

Specifically, Foreclosurepedia is interested in detailed information on how Paramount Asset Management has interacted with Labor. We are interested in any comments Labor may have with respect to how it might be improved upon, if at all — some Members of Management are already hitting it out of the park. With respect to Paramount Asset Management, Foreclosurepedia will state that one Member of Labor stated,

It was a trip, man. I wrote to find out when the scheduled pay period was and the lady wrote me back and said the owner would let me know. Sure as shit he reached out and the scheduled pay periods he discussed were met.

Paramount Asset Management had a special visitor to evaluate their internal infrastructure from Texas to Virginia early Monday. No, it wasn’t me. In fact, I contacted the gentleman the night before he boarded a flight to communicate the fact that not much really happens in this Industry unless I know about it. Generally speaking, Management rarely, if ever, internally examines that which they do unless it benefits them. Word on the bricks is that Paramount Asset Management is taking pro active steps to ensure that both Labor and Management are served well and I take my hat off to them for that. Foreclosurepedia has documented both good and bad about Paramount Asset Management. Some Members of Labor spoke well in that they stated Paramount Asset Management paid when they said they would. The negative predominately circulated around Craigslist hacks whining about how they missed a photo or two and were penalized. While I am not ready to say Labor or Management was in error here, I am willing to say that it means jack shit if you did the work if you cannot document it. In the same way I castrate Management for slipshod actions, so to, Foreclosurepedia will begin to identify the same amongst Labor to ensure that the Mortgage Field Services Industry becomes a well lubricated machine going forward.

As promised, Foreclosurepedia is turning the page with respect to that which we address in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. The entirety of the remainder of Q1 2015 is going to be dedicated to documenting the Members of Management and Labor whom are doing it right. Foreclosurepedia is going to get into the trenches and work with both Labor and Management in an attempt to forge alliances and ultimately partner Joint Ventures to make runs on the Portfolios. Even as I type we are partnering Small Businesses with Large for Contract Opportunities. What you do not want is to be left as the #ForeclosurepediaNation leaves the Station!

Ultimately, I am cautiously optimistic on Paramount Asset Management. If you are a Member of Management or Labor and feel you have something to offer to the other, why not reach out to Foreclosurepedia TODAY and be profiled? The reality is that you are going to get a fair shake; the reality is that 39 other Firms cannot be wrong in hiring us to Consult to them. With a combined total of 162 Million Dollars of assets which we have evaluated, the truth of the matter is that if Foreclosurepedia gives your Firm the Mark of Excellence, your Clients are able to rest assured that both their Return on Investment is guaranteed and there will be no negativity circulating about they or those whom work for them.

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