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A California Succession: How Industry Rebellion Is Not Far Afterwards

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime has been under extreme pressure to rescind their aggressive push of Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) background checks after Foreclosurepedia revealed that the co owner of a multi state provider for National Field Network (NFN) and Mortgage Contracting Solutions (MCS) was reportedly convicted for mortgage fraud, sent to prison and had a $1 Million judgement rendered against he by the North Carolina Attorney General. Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, has refused to comment upon the program that he and Deanna Alfredo forced down the throats of the entire Mortgage Field Services Industry. And as a testament to doubling down, Denia Graham, now of Nations Property Solutions (NPS), has been brought on board the NAMFS Government Relations Committee.

Graham has had a very anti Labor career and Foreclosurepedia had a brief email exchange with she several years back. Starting at Best Assets, Graham moved to Harrington, Moran, Barksdale, Inc. (HMBI). This is the very same HMBI wherein pedophile Mickey Snow has been alleged to have anon-politicsfunnelled nearly One Million Dollars in bribes upon the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Management and Marketing Field Service Manager (M&M FSM) Contracts, according to Snow’s former Operations Manager. Did Denia Graham deal with Snow? We don’t know for sure as Graham has been silent on the matter the entire time.

Graham went on to work with multiple firms embroiled in scandals over the years. Wilshire Credit Corporation, a well known robo signing fraud mill, was where Graham hung her hat performing the following services according to Graham,

Managed the largest REO team from pre-marketing through to asset disposition, including the Marketing Coordinators, Asset Managers and Closers.

Graham was Senior Vice President at Field Asset Solutions, the thrice sold, former Canadian foreign national, now gobbled up by Assurant; CEO at Tenant Access in Austin, TX; Executive Operations at BLB Resources, the very same folks whom HUDs Procurement Law Division gave protective, pre award directives for; and Vice President of the now infamous Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS).

Denia Graham’s career seems to spiral around much like a gold digger on Hollywood and Vine in that when opportunity presents, she jumps and to hell with the fallout. I say this as her resume doesn’t exactly tout long term commitment nor dependability. And like a play out of Miller’s own obscene NAMFS salary scandals, Graham is front and center attempting to swoon Minorities and Labor to dance to the beat of Homer’s Sirens. Oh sure, Graham cleans up a bit better than Shari Nott over at NFN, but the reality is this will be the same old song and dance of backbilling to make a buck upon an old and worn out portfolio passed around like a bottle of wine in a hobo jungle. Old, haggard and tired come to mind. False bravado and accouterments like the Five Star gala awards passed out like trinkets to Carol Thompson at ASONS.

Proposition 64 is gaining steam in California and probably not a minute to soon with all of the need for numbing the mind after a Clinton – Trump Campaign. For those of you living under a rock, Prop 64 is in front of California residents to vote upon dealing with recreational marijuana. Chances are that is is going to pass and pass big. With a billion dollars — yes that is billion with a B — of potential tax revenue on the line, everyone is taking notice, not the least of which are those money grubbing whores in the Beltway whom could give two fucks about Nancy Reagan’s Just Say No campaign.

You know, the Civil War was fought over revenue and raw textiles contrary to what everyone wants to believe about slavery and the abolition movement — Cotton and its milling and marketing amongst other items. And when you look at marijuana; when you look at the kick in the balls to dear ‘ol Ronnie’s War on Drugs, it doesn’t matter whom you put in the White House, the old and haggard Good ‘Ol Boys Club in the Beltway are not going to voluntarily allow their collective cocks to be placed in a vice. No, that kind of disrespect goes too far. Allowing Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Donald to make junkets with Jeffery Epstein, the known trafficker of the Sex Slave Pedophile Island is acceptable, but to allow consenting adults to do what is allowed virtually anywhere else on earth? Yeah, you get the point. Not going to tweak whitey’s nose and get away with it.

You want to talk about whether or not succession would work for California? Well, here are some facts to chew on for a minute.

With 17,694 total employees the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, officially the County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, is the nation’s largest Sheriff’s Department, and the second largest law enforcement agency in the United States. The Department’s three main responsibilities entail providing patrol services for 153 unincorporated communities of Los Angeles County, California and 42 of 88 cities, providing courthouse security for the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, and the housing and transportation of inmates within the county jail system. In addition, the Department contracts with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Metro link, provides law enforcement services to ten community colleges, patrols over 177 county parks, golf courses, special event venues, two major lakes, 16 hospitals, and over 300 county facilities; and provides services, such as crime laboratories, homicide investigations, and academy training, to smaller law enforcement agencies within the county. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is also the second largest transit police force in the nation, aside from the NYPD, through policing contracts of the Metro trains and buses of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Metrolink. Furthermore, with policing contracts with nine campuses of the Los Angeles Community College and Lancaster Community College District, the LASD is the largest community policing agency in the United States.

LA County Sheriff’s Department has the world’s LARGEST civilian air force. They house nearly A QUARTER OF A MILLION PRISONERS! And when we speak of California itself? California is the WORLD’S EIGHTH LARGEST FUCKING ECONOMY!

Now, do you really think that California is going to let a bunch of prissy bitches in the Beltway tell them that they are not allowed to tap into a BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS PER YEAR? No, you see Ronnie and John Fucking Wayne rode out into the Sunset with that bottle of We Run The Show twenty years ago. And fact of the matter is that we are long overdue for a good old fashioned state’s rights battle. With Latinos now outnumbering Whites in California, fact of the matter is that the stalwart Party Line which has been towed for nearly a century is going the same direction as the price of a cup of coffee at Denny’s. If you want a good example of how history repeats itself, do a little reading on the IWWs Big Bill Haywood and the Soap Box Speeches in Fresno and elsewhere back at the turn of the twentieth century.

It isn’t rocket science; the crystal ball is available to all, and how we are shaping up today is looking pretty damn grim. With Miller’s annual salary well over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR, the Minority Females and Labor whom he and his NAMFS Offender Members continue to fuck over, are getting restless. Miller’s salary — we can’t be sure what it is as NAMFS has continued to violate federal law by refusing to release their IRS Form 990 — consumes over seventy percent of all NAMFS Member dues. Miller’s salary is twice that which is paid to those of identical positions at a trade association.

You see, there comes a point-in-time when people rise up and say fuck this shit. Whether it be California and the anticipated federal backlash if they allow Prop 64 to become standing law if successful or Minority Females whom say Eric Miller’s anti #BlackLivesMatter NAMFS Goons have gone too far, when the pendulum swings, it inevitably swings in a dramatic 180 degree manner.  Whether right or wrong, the Pitchforks are coming as Nick Hanauer says. Make no mistake about that whatsoever. There is ultimately going to be civil unrest in our Nation and whether that happens before or after Minorities and Labor rise up against NAMFS Offender Members, I cannot say.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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