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This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Micheal Breese: NAMFS Wonderboy #Frautster Extraordinaire
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Micheal Breese: Up For Deadbeat Dad Of The Year Award!

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Micheal Breese: NAMFS Wonderboy #Frautster Extraordinaire

Micheal Breese and Anthony Weiner have a lot in common. Bad texting and impotent. Regardless, it seems Weiner and Breese the kinds of estranged husbands whose gifts keep on giving. Just eleven days before the election, FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee talking about the discovery ofclinton-and-bitch new information which may be relevant to the FBI’s probe of Clinton’s private email server — The Clinton Emailgate. And while Weiner is simply a sideshow, Huma Abedin, Clinton’s right hand, radical Islamic advisor, now is front and center. And for all the tail wagging the dog banter going back and forth from the liberal left, the fact of the matter is that Comey had the balls to stand up against corruption unlike Milan and Carol Thompson of ASONS. The Thompsons, members of the infamous National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), are a classic thumbnail sketch of precisely that which is wrong with the Mortgage Field Services Industry today. Decades of graft, greed and corruption are precisely how ASONS was capable of rising to the top in a profits driven vampire squid. In early conversations with Foreclosurepedia, Milan praised himself for the ability to be the Membership Chairman of NAMFS and associated such membership with his ability to raid the membership rolls for talent. As in all things NAMFS, it is a testament that Carol’s rise to the top — I say Carol’s even though she has not worked at ASONS in years — is based, in part, upon her husband’s unethical activities.

Hit me with a stupid stick, but I have Fannie and Freddie contracts and hope someday to get my foot in the door with Wells Fargo, why in the world would I ever come out against an organization that helped me grow, then allowed me access to contractors across the nation when I grew from a small regional to a national? — Milan Thompson, CEO ASONS

People like Carol and Milan Thompson have always held profits above human beings. Take their continued support Bitch Slappedof Eric Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS. Miller, whose annual salary approaches nearly $130,000 per year and consumes over seventy percent of all NAMFS member dues, is twice the national average of others executive directors in the trade association sector. Carol and Milan’s refusal to act upon Heather Berghorst’s million dollar plus defraudment of Minorities and Labor stands in stark contrast to the hollow awards which have been bestowed upon Carol of late. The assistance of ASONS in the initial stages of both Mickey Snow, the child rapist whom savagely raped two, underaged and handicapped females in Eden, North Carolina, also raises serious questions. With respect to ASONS involvement with CWIS and their defraudment of both the US Government and native Puerto Rican Billy Maysonet; looking closely at ASONS deeply entrenched operations with BLM Companies and their inability to perform in New York, simply confirms Carol and Milan’s apparent belief that they, along with their NAMFS crony pals, are untouchable.

When it comes to Deadbeat Dads, Micheal Breese, a former NAMFS Member whom was heavily praised by Eric dbdadMiller; an associate Carol and Milan by and through NAMFS Membership, ranks at the top. You really have to wonder how Breese’s daughter feels when her dad defrauds Minorities and Labor. Like most deadbeat dads, Breese is back on the radar again with multiple judgements piling up which he refuses to deal with. I suppose we can’t hold Breese’s inability to remain faithful to his wife against him as he is back in a Texas Courtroom attempting to screw his wife and daughter over like he does Minorities and Labor. It is always the seediest of the buch; it is always folks whom steal other’s wives and defraud, that appear to make up the bulk of the fraud committed by NAMFS Offender Members. With years of forewarning, Miller and his NAMFS pals, refused to make public precisely how atrocious is criminality was. Knowing that Minorities and Labor would bear the brunt of the pain from Breese’s fraud, silence and deliberate indifference guaranteed that Miller would continue to get Ten Thousand Dollar A Year raises which were, in part, paid for by Breese’s NAMFS Membership Dues.  And while Carol and Milan Thompson patted themselves on the back for their donations to pet funds which they wrote off on taxes, they turned a blind eye to that which Micheal Breese was doing. The Thompsons or any other NAMFS Offender Member could have stood up, but chose not to. Foreclosurepedia did not.

Here is a recent email from a Member of Labor that Carol and Milan Thompson pretend doesn’t exist. I say pretends as while Carol relaxes at the proverbial spa paid for by the sweat and blood of Minorities enriching her, she could have been helping yet another family destroyed by one of her NAMFS colleagues,

I have just tonight found out that Michael Breese has created a new company to hide his crimes. Mike owes my firm over $27,000 living-it-upbut this piece of shit just moves on and no one prosecutes him. Now I found out that Mike is running construction for PinPoint and soliciting vendors to work for them!!! Yet he owes how much money? Over $2 Million I have heard. We need to let EVERYONE know what these two con artists are doing to rob innocent people and to steal the homes of elderly people who don’t know better.
Minnesota took his GC license. Can they or Texas take his freedom??? How much more does he need to do? If he were black he’d already be in prison.

I have heard stories of Michael‘s addiction to drugs and gambling. A former black employee in Minnesota told us that he used to call the black employees “niggers” around the other employees. And on top of all this he is a thief!!! Yet he gets to go run a shiny new business and my family is out $27,000 and he just rubs it in our face!! He changed his companies names and even opened a new office while he was continuing to not pay any of his contractors! But he hasn’t paid me a dime! But Mike has text us telling us to keep our mouth shut or he would “ruin us”. I have a concealed carry license in my state that has reciprocal rights in Texas. I’d love for him to threaten me personally so I could have a chance to use it on him!

We need to hack this motherfucker and ruin his life. Can we not splay his life out for all to see what a POS he is? I have talked to other employees he fired and they tell me that he makes EVERY financial decision about who to pay and who not to. He is running a Ponzi scheme and living large while the little guys like me and my family cannot even pay our bills.
We cannot let these assholes continue to ruin our lives. — Source to Foreclosurepedia on 12 July 2016

While normally I have an uphill battle attempting to document the criminality of folks like Micheal Breese, fact of the breese-text-to-londamatter is that he assisted me when he sent the text message on the left to his ex wife, the same ex wife he is back in court again with, in Texas. And while I am sure that Carol and Milan have an ear-to-ear grin as this text message is the epitome of how Milan speaks of remaining silent instead of protecting Minorities and Labor, the reality is that there isn’t much difference between Breese and the Thompsons — only the language appears different. You see, that is how it always is. The Great Wall of NAMFS Silence. The problem is that the very same folks whom were hired to do the screwing over of Minorities and Labor; Tracy Davis for Micheal Breese and Steve Hessler for Milan Thompson, many in the inner circles are beginning to break ranks and cut deals.

And deals of the century they are. As the Qui Tam and assorted whistleblower suits begin to flood in, the US Government is beginning to pay particular attention to to the judgements, like the one below, and the amounts in which were never paid. Whether it be Breese or any of the other NAMFS Offender Members, the FHA Form 27011 which is being pumped up the pike attesting to the payments made by financial institutions and pocketed by Breese and other associates of Carol and Milan Thompson, such as Dave and Carol Ramagos.

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To truly understand the type of people we deal with when it comes to folks like Breese and Thompson, go no further than docket searches under their names. To say that they are most enlightening is putting it mildly. At the end of the day, fate is a most ironic bedfellow. Evil begets evil. Whether it be a half dish of cancer simply awaiting the double helping or a child removed from a parent whom anticipated the protection previously issued with respect to unjust enrichment, the Gods all laugh at those whom believe they are untouchable.

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