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Kiss My App: A2Z Field Services The Latest With Unfunded Demands

A2Z Field Services (A2ZFS), a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member, have hitched their sails to an outfit called WorldApp for reporting work upon the Fannie Mae Contract according to Mortgage Fieldcowboy-miller Services Insiders. In an Industry already exhausted by the downward offloading of compliance upon Independent Contractors from an Employee point-of-view, it is yet one more way to continue the enrichment of NAMFS and ensure the poverty of Labor. Candidly, NAMFS Members continue to slam unfunded mandates upon the already burdened shoulders of Minority Females and Labor, in a gasping attempt to keep NAMFS Order Mills on life support. When we look at the insanity of requirements required by NAMFS Order Mills today, with respect to the demands to deal with multiple applications for multiple firms, the reality is that we are rapidly moving away from performing services and have become preoccupied with information overload. This will ultimately be the undoing of NAMFS as we discuss later.

The reality is that the Old Paradigm of the ruling class in the Industry are coming to an end. As I type, I am watching the the Electoral Votes coming in with respect to the Trump – Clinton Presidential Election. The reality is that for nearly 30 years, the Industry has been based upon a belief fostered by NAMFS that by remaining silent and ostracizing any whom think outside of the box, no one will ever dare challenge the status quo. Leading the pack has been Milan Thompson. Thompson, whose policy has been to force Minority Females and Labor to shoulder the horrific mismanagement of ASONS, stands as a testament to the fact that as an elitist, his primary concern is to profit at the expense of those least able to afford the loss.

Always on the cutting edge, Foreclosurepedia continues to closely examine new and disruptive technologies to push the envelope in the Mortgage Field Services Industry such as Blockchain and its decentralized, digital ledger system. The continued, downward demand for use of antiquated technologies with platforms such as Safeguard Properties (SGP) and their ancient system which I no longer am even capable of identifying by name, has ensured that now both the US Government and financial institutions alike, are served up a dish of half baked bullshit. Here, take a read through one of the nearly hourly SGP Memo Updates rolling out,

Please be advised that effective November 14, 2016, all PRM bids will need to be submitted with details in the paperclip notes for each line item describing the room the specific line item addresses, as well as the dimensions for the area being repaired (see image below). Each line item must be in bid by peril format, then described by room.

Additionally, repairs for ICC cannot be used as a peril. Please follow Vendor Memo 1697 on bidding by peril. A bid must be provided for the items requested in your work order. If you would like to submit a second bid for ICC items, you must have a separate PRM and those ICC items must be broken down by peril.

And how about those SGP Work Orders paying THREE DOLLAR INSPECTIONS?! Ironic, as just last year Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, slammed $3 inspections. More on point, though, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) stated that even SIX DOLLAR INSPECTIONS would not pass muster under federal law.

The $6 inspection fee though likely wouldn’t cut it under SCA as a standalone service.  As pointed out, with fringe costs etc, coupled with even a partial hour’s wage (30 mins or so per property), I would be very skeptical.  If enough subs are willing to come forward to raise concern at DOL, it should prompt an audit.  I can disclose that BLM is currently being audited by DOL for SCA in several of their 3.8 areas.  Depending on findings, DOL often expands their audits if they find deficiencies. — HUD to Foreclosurepedia

And when we look at the fact that BLM Companies is being audited by the US Department of Labor and additionally blm-backfeedinghas some of the worst scorecards in the history of the HUD Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) Contract, we are easily able to relate this to Old Paradigm, as well. In essence, BLM Companies is ran by Innotion Enterprises personnel. Take Tiffany Garber, for example. Garber has been around, serving in both capacities as working for BLM Companies and Innotion Enterprises. The reality is that going all the way back to the Georgia REAMS days, Garber has been one whom has played both sides against the middle. While Garber and others at BLM Companies have clear evidence and now guidance from HUD itself that electrical backfeeding is illegal and not required, the continued demands to perform illegal and dangerous activities for profit alone tell the anti Minority Female and Labor hating attitudes we are witnessing today.

Since the inception of the HUD M&M FSM, the billions of dollars generated by NAMFS Offender Members was never enough to get a clear guidance upon or even open discussion with respect to electrical backfeeding. Foreclosurepedia, single handedly, accomplished that. Milan Thompson at ASONS was proud of the fact that they had continued to require electrical backfeeding. PK Management has already begun to rescind these requirements. In this, alone, we are beginning to see a fracturing along the lines of age dynamics, within NAMFS itself as PK Management have begun to demonstrate their support and concern for both Minority Females and Labor itself.

As the investigations continue against CWIS in Colorado Springs based upon a federal whistleblower, the reality is that the historically solid NAMFS Offender Member Wall of Silence is now being fractured by the Foreclosurepedia Nation. Another firm, Five Brothers, which has spiraled out of control towards financial insolvency during the $100 Million Federal False Claims Act litigation which never even made it to trial, has never recovered. The legacy which Joseph Badalamenti has left behind is one of graft, greed and corruption. Five Brothers has already begun to lose already shaky contracts in the Southeast. And like ASONS and SGP, Five Brothers is on continued technological life support which is leveraged by shifting the heavy data collection upon Minority Females and Labor by and through extremely questionable and mandatory third party Smartphone Applications.

What the Industry needs today is an honest assessment of the State of Technology. Foreclosurepedia has been working with both Industry Professionals and the Real Estate Community by and through the Enterprise Vendor Management Portal (EVMP). Our Research and Development upon Blockchain technology which binds the work order cycle, the asset itself, the background check and the payment process all into a digital ledger doing away with the fraud which countless NAMFS Offender Members have perpetrated upon FHA Form 27011.

The largest problem that the Industry is experiencing today is that Eric Miller has done everything in his power to keep his crony pals at firms like Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) in business at the expense ofFCPD Editor Minority Females and Labor. Miller has firm evidence that AGS is fraudulent in and how the check in process works. In fact, when you look at the amounts of monies which are sucked out of Labor to continue to finance Miller’s salary which consumes over seventy percent of all NAMFS Member dues, the reality is that the number approaches nearly $80 Million dollars per year — and we are not even talking about the fraud committed by Miller’s pal Shari Nott at National Field Network. Unknown to many within the Industry and NAMFS itself, is the salient point that NAMFS continues to refuse to obey federal law and release their IRS Form 990. More on point, though, NAMFS has committed perjury for years in stating that free and open elections occur with respect to Miller’s position and the Board in and of itself. NAMFS is the epitome of corruption and Miller is the poster child of what NAMFS Racism is.

We have nearly 50 Million Americans on Food Stamps. We have nearly 50 Million Americans in poverty. We have nearly 95 Million Americans unemployed. The reality is that many of those on food stamps and in poverty are kept there by monopolization and antitrust collusion between NAMFS Offender Members. The continued demands to install more and more third party applications and passing on the costs of both the apps themselves and the data transmission charges as unfunded mandates ensures that Eric Miller and his Government Relations Committee Members telegraph their hatred of Minority Females and Labor. Stick with Foreclosurepedia as we begin to closely examine whom these people are and precisely how they have made their money!

Folks, Foreclosurepedia is financed completely by what I earn as a Consultant in the Industry and Google AdSense. In fact, Foreclosurepedia has received zero monetary support in FY 2016. Please consider supporting Foreclosurepedia and consider that an investment in when you need Foreclosurepedia’s assistance.

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