How NAMFS Works With Convicted Felons

Eric Miller with his background check pants around his ankles again!

Eric Miller is a man whom, as Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), works directly with convicted felons. I know, not a big shocker. It is interesting to note, though, that special Bitch Pleaseexemptions are given to Miller’s crony pals which, in part, pay his well over $120,000 per year salary. No one knows for sure precisely what Miller’s salary is as no one in NAMFS have the balls to demand that NAMFS file a tax return required under federal law. The last time in which NAMFS filed their tax return was for 2014. And while those on the NAMFS Government Relations and Membership Committees keep the peace through their silence, the question presents for precisely how long it will be until Foreclosurepedia decides to break the silence. Carolina Labor Solutions (CLS) is ran by Chris Wollin and Annie Garcia. CLS is one of those outfits that makes Eric Miller’s asshole puckers up so tight you can’t get a stick pin through it. You see, Miller, whom looked everyone in the eye and lied when he stated Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) background checks were required by the US Government. More on point, though, Miller stands behind those whom utilize background checks as a benchmark to bar competition in the Industry such as Caroline Reaves of Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), as being reported by Ripoff Report.

As shocked as one may be that MCS, the first out the gate to demand Wells Fargo supported AGS Background Checks, is selectively applying background checks, let’s take a closer look at Chris Wollin and Carolina Labor Solutions.

Now, I know that felony crimes against persons are no big deal to NAMFS or the Industry. I mean when you are in the business of defrauding people I suppose you should prepare to have your car stolen and your teeth knocked in at some point-in-time like Mr Wollin has done. What should be a big deal is having a One Million Dollar Judgement rendered against you by the North Carolina Attorney General for Mortgage Fraud.

Wollin, though, is not the only criminal on the MCS and National Field Network (NFN) payroll. Annie Romona Garcia has a rap sheet another mile long as seen above. As you may observe, Garcia’s post industry photo reveals the true trials and tribulations one must go through to be a Down Ass Thug on the Eric Miller Brigade.

Ethnicity: AMERICAN (US)
Gender: FEMALE
Birth date: 7/15/1979
Age: 32
Booking Date: 7/28/2011 at 07:04
Release Date: 7/29/2011 at 06:27
Home Address: 836 JETER LN, MYRTLE BEACH, SC 29588
Booking Number: HC10031212184

Hey, I mean if the story ended there, it would be typical Eric Miller fucking Labor, right? Yeah, as you guessed, it doesn’t. See, Miller’s perpetration of fraud, by and through his Aspen Grove Solutions background checks ensured that Minorities and Labor got a REAL FUCKING! In fact, so brazen were Wollin and Garcia to get their money from the very cocksuckers that employed them that they reached out to Foreclosurepedia! I mean you cannot make this shit up!

1.) (MCS) – We are not new to Preservation. We have been doing P&P since 2002. We originally started doing work for MCS when they bought out Corelogic, Formerly First American. We switched from Bitch SlappedCorelogic to MCS late in 2014. At first all seemed good with MCS (Not as good as Corelogic) but still good. That is until we started disputing unpaid orders and dramatically cut Bid Approvals. We followed there dispute process to the letter. After initially filing disputes and following up with no response for months on end and the amount of disputes piling on each month, we turned to our RVM. We were told he would look into it and get it resolved. Finally he told us that the dispute forms and process laid out on their internal site had been changed and not yet announced. He instructed us how and where to send our disputes. After doing so and not hearing back for weeks, we started calling again. We were put off again until they  cleared out all MCS orders from our cue. When we called our RVM, we were told that work had dried up and to be patient. After the next due deposit for payment was skipped entirely and we called to find out why, we were told by the same manager that they had decided to go another direction. When asked why we were told it was due to processing errors and the fact that we had caused harm to their system by submitting so many disputes at the same time. When asked about the money owed, we were told that they would let us know after 90 days if we have any money coming or not.

Let me just say, we were not let go due to our processing errors. It was due to us disputing and wanting our pay. For the first 6 month or so working with them we had an over all score in the low 80’s and we were always told by our rvm that we were doing great. Since we were used to working with Corelogic we were used to a lot higher scores so we learned there system and improved on our overall score. At time of dismissal our overall scores were well above 95% for the year. We did well over a million dollars in revenue with them last year alone.

Is there anything that can be done in order for us to receive what we are due from MCS?

2.) We just started doing work orders for NFN on July 5th. They told us 30 day net payment, there contract says 35 days. As of today, We have invoiced $167,000 and change. We have Received a little over $7,000. On Friday 10/21/2016 after months of begging for payment, we threatened to not do any additional work untill we are caught current. We were told to keep working and they would handle it. Later that day they we were told that they were sending out a check for $3000.00. We were told that there accounts were dry and that was all they could give us. We obviously stopped accepting new work orders.

Is there anything that can be done in order for us to receive what we are due from NFN?


Annie Garcia

Please contact me or Chris at (843) 421-3968 if possible..

Now, it is tragic that Shari Nott and Caroline Reaves allow this kind of bullshit on their watch. And as their pimp, Eric Miller sits back and continues to turn blind eyes to the handjobbing being given by Aspen Grove for bullshit background checks, it reminds me of precisely why I dig deeply into firms like Wallace Asset Management.

Now, here is how the Little House of Horrors worked. Chris Wollin knew he couldn’t just start running another ginned up Fraud Mill in North Carolina. So, he went ahead and ponied up his father as the sacrificial lamb, back in 2012, and tied his gangster thug, Annie Romona Garcia to the company, to ensure that things didn’t go South. Wollin’s dad was listed as the North Carolina handler with Garcia calling shots out of Conway, SC. It was the typical Eric Miller Slap My Bitch Up Two Step. I mean, you set up shop and get a legal license, file your Annual Report once and then roll out fraud for the next several years until the litigation starts. The old man wasn’t going to put up a fight because when you get some troll looking bitch like Garcia staring at you with a face carved up like the Joker’s, well an elderly man does what he is told.

And make no mistake whatsoever that Wollin and his sidekick defrauded the hell out of folks in North Carolina. Now, running in parallel, they doctored Wollin’s father’s name a bit and shot out a new address and spun the same thing up in South Carolina. You see, just like the Eric Miller School of Fraud preaches, always have more than one way out of the rat’s nest.


And South Carolinians are paying, yet again, for the mess that NAMFS and Aspen Grove Solutions have allowed to thrive by their false testaments to background checks. Paying again because people like Milan Thompson and Kevin Wallace refuse to confront the very vampire squid they helped form — NAMFS. You see, for all the intelligence that they gained — ask Milan how the Blackstone – Invitation Homes bidding went or Wallace how it is going now at M&T — both chose to support the miscreant Miller and his debauchery of the NAMFS Soccer Moms Club.

It never changes, you know. All the dirty tricks and all the incest always begin and end with NAMFS. And as these elderly, stroller toting fucktards begin to ungracefully age and Viagra is no longer prescribed, all they will be able to do is remember that Google has a very long term memory.

At the end of the day, fuck Eric Miller. Oh, he and his family are raking in the cash and piling up the phony awards just like Carolyn Thompson and her fake DSNews MReport Leading Ladies presentation. Fact of the matter is that when history reflects back upon these old and haggard relics, it won’t be kind. The legacy that they are leaving behind is that fraud against anyone is acceptable provided you do not get caught. And let us not bullshit around as time is of the essence for many of these elderly NAMFS folk, the eulogy will be read by thugs like Garcia, the very epitome of that which they truly nurtured. And the published version? Well, now. That is why Foreclosurepedia is here, isn’t it?!

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