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Windows 8.1: Free Upgrade Along With A Start Button

I hate Windows. I hate Microsoft. Proprietary software is the bane of the Earth. With that said, it is a necessary evil for the Property Preservation Industry as from what I can tell not a single solitary IT Professional hired by the Order Mills knows how to code a single line of scripting. I am an Open Source proponent and distribute Code to multiple Source Code Projects. With that said, one of the biggest issues with Windows 8 has been the unfamiliarity for most folks. Many Companies simply refused to upgrade as it has a big Linux feel for the Graphic Users Interface (GUI). The biggest issue, though, is if you buy a new system, Windows 8 comes packed (unless you refuse the OS and then you can get a refund for that portion of your Computer Purchase Price).

We are hearing that in mid October Windows 8.1 is going to make its debut. One of the biggest things to note is that the old and familiar Start Button will be back. So, the Desktop – Metro – I’m Lost Cluster F*ck will be a bit easier to navigate.

We are currently running the Developer Pre Windows 8.1 and testing some overclocking right now and it is a bit more professional than the completely botched Windows 8. I will get some screen shots up over the weekend as I am knee deep in a rehab down in Sevier County the whole week. Ultimately, the Property Preservation Industry should really grow up, break its Toxic and Insecure addiction to Active X (there isn’t a SINGLE system out there running Active X that cannot be hacked) and follow that which the rest of the world has been doing for nearly a decade now.

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