NPPG Trainwreck: What A PR Nightmare

One of the biggest problems with Public Relations (PR) is that many people simply were never born to liaise with the Public. Take Chris Ziolkowski, the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) Chairman, for example. For an Organization which purports to want to help Contractors, the NPPG certainly seems not to be in touch with their Membership Base.

There was an enormous firestorm over on Facebook yesterday evening with respect to the NPPG Chairman’s Comments to Brandon Pribble, a NPPG Member. The NPPG Chairman stated,

” Brandon, all this hubabolo over $625 bucks? […] I would bitch about the $625 also but it is not really that much money right? I just didn’t realize such a small amount.”

This is precisely the type of mentality politicians have in Washington, DC. It is also generally the type of mentality which sees those same politicians unseated. There was an overwhelming response of support to the Contractor and Guild Member in reply to Ziolkowski’s obviously out of touch and public excoriation of Pribble. Pribble, a family man and Contractor in Virginia, has agreed to an Exclusive Interview on this weekend’s Foreclosurepedia Podcast.

Ziolkowski, no stranger to typos and negative media attention, decided that Pribble wasn’t the only bone he had to pick. Once again, the NPPG Chairman decided to square off with Foreclosurepedia and make inaccurate statements.

Ziolkowski opined,

Paul at Foreclosurpedia does the collections through Istar. Aaron A writes articles to get them to pay. The NPPG is an educational organization. […] Thank god for istar and Paul running the collection arm of the industry”

ISTAR is an acronym for Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance which is a Database maintained by the Foreclosurepedia Media Institute (FMI). ISTAR is in no way, shape or form involved in collections. Collections involves aspects of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). FMI has NEVER COLLECTED A SINGLE DOLLAR FROM ANYONE ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME! I personally take issue with being labelled as “the collection arm of the industry” by a Non Profit Organization holding Charter in the State of Texas.

The National Property Preservation Guild has become quite the albatross lately. Under the Leadership of Ziolkowski, the NPPG seems bound and determined to paint an inaccurate picture of Foreclosurepedia. It seems that each and every time the NPPG Chairman opines on the Internet he is picking a fight with someone. This isn’t just our opinion, either.

One Person even stated,

Chris Ziolkowski you haven’t changed a bit, you are the reason I left, how many others can you run off?

The National Property Preservation Guild has been on a downward spiral for weeks. Upheavals in the Board of Directors aside, my opinion is that when you have Leadership elected by themselves, you lack democracy. The biggest identifiable problem rings out when you have White Collar people running an Organization which is supposed to support the Blue Collared Contractor.

The Property Preservation Industry is licking their collective chops right now. When the sentiment is that even the Chairman of the National Property Preservation Guild could give two shits about the common man or woman, the Industry knows they have the right placement in the National Property Preservation Guild’s Chairman.

When I took on Asset Management Specialists (AMSREO) and CWIS LLC the amounts owed to Pribble were just about the same owed to Ms. Mills. Foreclosurepedia, a licensed business in Tennessee, performed the work and were paid by the two offending firms. I did it for two reasons:  First, the paltry sum which Ziolkowski and NPPG thumb their nose at actually paid our bills. We are not rich like those whom have the luxury of laughing and belittling these amounts. Second, it was the right thing to do! Finally, we are not Order Mills and every dollar counts.

Any Organization which has a Leadership not elected by its Membership and attacks their own Members is not an Organization which will ever help Contractors. Under its current Leadership, the National Property Preservation Guild is merely an extension of the Party Line which the National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills issue out in the form of Memorandums to the Boots on the Ground Men and Women.

What better way to control the honorable Men and Women whom are in the trenches each and every day than by and through an Organization which was ORIGINALLY CREATED TO ADVOCATE ON BEHALF OF THESE SAME MEN AND WOMEN?!

To ever hope to regain credibility within the Contractor Community, the National Property Preservation Guild will have to come to terms with its latest Leader Ziolkowski and his inability to understand Contractors. The reality is that any Organization which fights with their own Members is an Organization which needs to have a serious Come To Jesus Moment.

NPPG Members need to ask themselves one critical question: Do I want my Company’s Image associated with this type of behavior?

The Members of the National Property Preservation Guild will eventually have to make a tough decision. Either they will Demand an election of their Leaders based upon the Nomination and Vote of the Membership — just like the United States is run — or if they simply leave. Come to think of it, how did the Chairman come into his most recent position?

My how things change. This definitely is NOT THE GUILD which I envisioned when I originally created it. The original Constitution required that the Leadership must derive at LEAST SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of their Income from work which they earned in the field. Why? That way the Leadership would never stray away from the reason it was being created: To help the Men and Women whom were Contractors and not Order Mills.

Obviously, the National Property Preservation Guild has taken the new and novel approach to minimize any Claim by Contractors. Its Leadership has made clear that any Contractors whom do not clear a certain amount of money are to be categorized and marginalized. It is also quite apparent that this Non Profit Organization continues to attempt to associate Foreclosurepedia the Blog with activities it is not involved in. These two statements are self evident from the National Property Preservation Guild’s Chairman which has been archived within ISTAR.

The side tragedy to all of this is that not only are the Contractor Members and Vendor Members being adversely impacted by the Chairman’s weekly tirades. NPPG Board Members are, as well, being impacted. While all other NPPG Members and Board Members seem able to keep their personal affairs under wraps, Ziolkowski’s unwise targeting of Pribble and Foreclosurepedia reflects badly upon them unless the Board Members and the Membership feel that Pribble should be put down for pursuing his monies owed.

What little hope we had for the National Property Preservation Guild has faded. Without drastic change both in terms of Policy and a democratic election by the NPPG Membership, we feel comfortable stating that the only people whom will be happy with the current arrangement will be the Order Mills themselves. Nothing like having Contractors putting down other Contractors; a classic page out of the Property Preservation Industry Play Book.

If any current or former Members of the National Property Preservation Guild wish to make their thoughts known, please feel free to reach out to us and we will give you the Public Forum upon which to speak as it is obvious that the NPPG has little regard for the small Contractor.

At the end of the day all of this is a Grecian Tragedy. Subversion at the highest levels in my opinion. We wish the Members of the NPPG the best of luck in attempting to finally get representation OF, BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE!


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