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Where All The Bodies Are: An Industry Primer On The Garden Of Good And Evil

It seems like every other day yet another National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member is caught with their proverbial cock in the door. With respect to FannieMae, it would appear that the NAMFS Regime is presenting with a far too tempting opportunity. The reality is, though, that all roads end with Lee Mertins up in Philadelphia — and let’s just say that those roads are bumpy at best, strewn throughout with potholes.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae are in the hot seat right now for overlooking warning signs about Taylor, Bean & Whitaker. There were numerous warning signs all over the place and the three GSEs continued with business as usual. In the same way, the Mortgage Field Services Industry doesn’t just overlook red flags it apparently runs to them. When looking back over the time leading up to the biggest collapses in the Industry whom were all Altisource Vendors — the disgraced and former National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst of Berghorst Enterprises and the NAMFS Regime Legacy of Buczek Enterprises — warning signs were all over.   Due Diligence.

The big problem that Florida has with their new Brokeback Mountain friends, Lee Mertins and Brian Nesbit, is that Mertins & Co. can never change their ways. So, when you go to take a deep look inside Visneta, you come to discover Asset Management Specialists (AMS) Documents which are proprietary. Now, maybe Carolyn Reaves gave Mertins & Co. permission to publish AMS Documents — and a shit load of other information from around the block — and maybe she didn’t. The below document and potentially a plethora of others should be extremely troubling for those involved in the Current HUD M&M Contract Cycle as well as the FannieMae offerings. Look, Assero is clearly Lee Mertins and Brian Nesbit. Both Mertins and Nesbit are former AMS Employees. Mertins and Nesbit were onboarded to benefit from their HUD Time In Rank status. I have a hunch that Concentric Equity Partners (CEP) and TDR Capital, the two firms whom in August, 2013, bought out Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), Asset Management Specialists (AMS) and Vacant Property Specialists (VPS) would not be too happy to know that their material is sitting on Visneta. In fact, if I were Carolyn Reaves, I would build my Discovery Requests around all documents on Desktop, Laptop, Pen Drives, SD Cards first. I would then extend the parameters to include emails, fax transmissions, file transfer protocol (ftp) dumps — you get the point. In fact, I believe it safe to say that there were a Set of Documents on a D Drive in August of 2011 which existed in the subfolder of EMSFSM_SVN and that is far as I am going to go — until this evening. What I do know and am releasing right now is this:

MCS (AMS) Proprietary Data On The Visnetta Website
MCS (AMS) Proprietary Data On The Visneta Website

Now, we all know that Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) had their issues with Carrington. And lo and behold whom but the Brokeback Brothers — Mertins and Nesbit — suddenly began making waves in those circles. Make no mistake this was not by mistake. Look, Mertins had command and control over ALL THE DATA that AMS sold off to MCS! Does anyone think it coincidence that the very same roads were revisited even though Carolyn Reaves and thus Concentric and TDR Capital were supposed to be the only ones allowed to?

My humble opinion is that we are dealing with a stolen management system. The question presents whether or not the principals are aware or whether they were merely being used as yet another conduit like we are seeing in the Sealed Qui Tams popping up all over the Mortgage Field Services Industry landscape. Now, with specificity to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) it is anticipated — many of my readers will remember when Foreclosurepedia broke the story about AMS loosing the HUD Contracts and then stonewalling Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests — but FannieMae has a hell of a lot more to loose should Reaves choose to get her ovaries out of hock and push an issue.

So, what are some of the more poignant possibilities? Well, if the data gathered by Assero is being stored in a stolen management system that system could be shut down at any time through court ordered injunction if followed through by the owners of the proprietary system. Let’s remember that simply altering the GUI with a few lines of code —- and let us say that examination of systems is part of a very unique skillset which I possess — it could at best trigger fines and if labeled Industrial Espionage, prison sentences could be handed out like jelly beans on Reagan’s Desk. Let us also not forget that the system referred to cost millions to develop; Assero appears to have a nearly identical system which spun very quickly and I wonder if it was without proper authority. More on point, if Financial Records are subpoena’d, and I am sure that they would, I wonder what Mertins’ would show and whom was his paymaster.

There are many of those On High whom have mandated that the Sins of the Father will come home to roost. Now, whether Florida wants to pull their heads out of their ass or not, I do not care. What I do know is that federal regulators are extremely nervous in today’s landscape.

We are going to leave it here and talk about what word is on the Street later this evening with respect to what Fannie – Mertins cronies are hollering from the rooftops with respect to FannieMae Awards — Jesus Fucking Christ, these maggots would last about 30 seconds In Country on Intelligence Assignments! We are additionally going to walk everyone through Mertins and his Cook Book experiments over at AMS. I mean we bring in the very man whom was in the AMS General Counsel’s office for some enlightening and eyeopening discussions! How in the fuck FannieMae believes they are going to walk something like this in a Republican held Congress is beyond me

Paul Williams
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