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This entry is part 1 of 18 in the series The Corruption of HUD Contracting
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When HUD Ideologues Come A Calling

This entry is part 1 of 18 in the series The Corruption of HUD Contracting

I have opined, in the past, that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) must have a reason for its Madness; it’s self inflicted pain which makes Gregorian Monks cringe. The madness that I speak of refers to HUD’s procurement process. Recently, HUD issued awards for the Asset Management portion of the 3.7 Marketing and Management (M&M) Contract. Always at the forefront, Foreclosurepedia issued an Opinion with respect to PEMCO and the blatant puppeteering of Sage Acquisitions. Sage, a little known entity out of Atlanta, Georgia, only a stone’s throw away from Craig Karnes Ivory Tower, is poised to be the GOP’s unravelling of Julian Castro’s Vice Presidency ambitions. With nearly ONE HUNDRED MILLION Dollars in potential awards, it is impressive that the ONLY person listed as the ENTIRE Sage Acquisition Leadership is Machelle Redwood! That is one bad ass woman!

Sage Acquisitions began onboarding real estate agents, through an obviously insecure website, owned by PEMCO, almost as soon as the ink dried upon Karnes’ ill fated award scheme. That, though, is merely the obvious. What has been relatively unknown to all but Beltway Insiders, was the SEALED Award Protests. Those protests were launched by a consortium of interests whom Foreclosurepedia has been chronicling for nearly half a decade.

MMREM ChronosMatt Martin is a man to whom both controversy and semantic data comes second nature. Matt Martin Real Estate Management (MMREM) — the website is worth a look in that its Title Page is labeled “Untitled” and is listed as such by Google and unencrypted — and real estate are both words which go hand-in-hand. MMREM has always had a horse in the race and the backstories with respect to MMREM and HUD are legendary for those whom are privy. In the instant case, MMREM has a duality of interest in the patently unfair awarding of contracts to the upstart Sage Acquisitions. I mean the question begs whether or not MMREM even gives two shits with respect to the awarded HUD Contracts any longer. Apparently, the Corporate Welfare Gravy Train ensures that both quality and perception of MMREM, from a cyber perspective, rides shotgun to the Whiteside Empire.

A simple perusal of the Q Integrated Protest Docket Sheet, in the US Court of Federal Claims, lists SEALED so many times even John O Brennan, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (D/CIA), must be blushing,

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Q Integrated, or Q as I call them, has far more luster to their website as the link shows. In fairness, MMREM has shifted over to Chronos; however, leaving an orphan lying around generally leads to trouble.

So, how is it that MMREM isn’t entirely upset over the latest set of Awards? Well, MMREM, like other Awardees, might loose contracts yet still make money, for the short term at least. This is due, in part, to the fact that they will hold those Contracts for as long as the Protests continue — and paid more in some cases! This dichotomy we will explore later. Q Integrated, though, we will talk about now is Q — and the James Bond inference should not be lost here. You see, Q is the MMREM wildcard firm which forced one of the most historic reconsiderations since Boris Whiteside’s proverbial parting of  the cesspool waters which Karnes calls home.

Julian Castro and his twin brother Representative Joaquin Castro at the LBJ Presidential Library.
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The real story behind Sage Acquisitions’ website is not simply the fact that it was running http as opposed to https; that in the face of the recent AFAS spillage of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), PEMCO – Sage chose to put at risk both Contractor’s and Realtor’s PII — we are not even talking about XSS or RSnake issues … yet. The real story is that PEMCO not only owns the website, but handles all of the onboarding as a Michigan Realtor related to Foreclosurepedia. With respect to this, as we will discuss in this multi part series on HUD Contract Corruption, Karnes’ rubber stamping is now questioned by federal courts, his boss, Julian Castro is holding a steaming bag of shit which might complicate his anointment as the  DNC’s choice as Vice Presidential nominee. Or, in the alternative, is Julián’s Tu casa estan mi La Raza? Simply put, chances are that this is another of the Clinton’s Political Wheel, Sharpton-esque fuck ups of #EPIC fail magnitude.

The simple fact that this website is, owned and operated by Pimco [sic], extemporaneous arguments aside, draws into focus that protests were issued by a plethora of entities and those arguments fell upon deaf ears until the Mystery Memo surfaced. Granted, those whom had vested, self serving financial interests in doing business both with HUD on behalf of the the US taxpayer as well as private commercial aspirations, advances the $64,000 question: Is the Fox Tending The Henhouse?!

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And therein lies the rub as the Bard would say. The problem with any article that I sit down to lay my keyboard to is the simple fact that an article is not an article when it deals with the Mortgage Field Services Industry. It is much like saying the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is merely a Trade Association. This misnomer, when juxtaposed with diatribes such as the aforementioned, do a disservice to the vernacular. They are offensive to both the orator and the audience digesting such. When I look at Matt Martin Real Estate Management — Chronos as the pig is slapped with lipstick and dressed up as — when I look at PEMCO aforementioned and incorporated hereinafter, my opinions just rendered bring into Focus a unique challenge not dissimilar to a 1991 quandary. You see, Louisianians were confronted with a Lesser of Two Evils proposition — David Duke and Edwin Edwards. And here we are today: The Klan or the Mob? You see, we have all the usual suspects gathered At Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

The bitter 1991 Louisiana gubernatorial runoff between state Rep. David Duke and three-term governor Edwin Edwards shook the state and the nation. Confrontations occurred between supporters of Edwards, a Democrat who had faced two racketeering trials before being acquitted in 1986, and Duke, a Republican who had paraded as a Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, helped plot the invasion of a Caribbean island and celebrated the birthday of Adolf Hitler.

Don’t Miss Foreclosurepedia’s NAMFS and the McDonaldization of the Industry This Weekend! 

It is unheard of and PEMCO probably banked upon on the fact that when the original SBA – GAO — ditto with the rest of the sycophant agencies — issued their Karnes’ Sing-a-Long rulings, they were home free. The working theory must have been the dye is cast and we are in the home stretch as one Source put it. I would have loved to be lying supine in Ms Redwood’s office, vino and swine in hand,  when the call came in. The Paul Williams Office Alert every lawyer fears since the Sarah Lee A2Z Field Services Patriot Act Mandate, that Atlanta (not Houston) we have a problem. That before the first asset had even been listed, Machelle’s firm — a 60 – 40 extension of PEMCO, to quote a source speaking on condition of anonymity — was already having to engage in litigation to defend an indefensible position. A litigation, mind you, that her juris doctorate had not prepared her for unless advocating for fraud, as cited below, by an officer of the court, was a class taught as an elective. It was an untenable, at best, scenario. That Goddamn Paul Williams, I like to think, were the first words muttered under her possibly champagne laden breath from the celebratory party only days before. You see, the unraveling of the PEMCO – Sage Joint Venture (PLSAJV) — the Corporate Welfare Gravy Train Redux as I like to think of it as — at H Hour -1 on D-Day, was a shot heard across the proverbial jury box. It traversed both coasts as well as making a firm landing on Diamond Head where the snorkeling is oh so beautiful near sunset.

Let me lay out the reality of what Ms Redwood and the unholy matrimony within the PLSAJV are up against in the way which only a trained media professional such as myself is capable of doing,

To prime the pump Counselor, here are a few of the quotes coming in across the Anonymous News Tip Board,

Original Q Integrated complaint about size of Sage thrown out 2/29 is reversed.

It is unclear how the docs were released. All I do know is a rumor about a scathing email that was sent to Pemco by HUD and the word fraud was bandied about. I have not seen the email but trust the source.

I am only guessing but I think q integrated wanted HUD to dismiss it so they could get it into court and out of HUDs hands and decision making.

With Castro being on the short list for VP it is my guess that he doesn’t want anything to derail his chances. But you know there is a lot of crap that goes on over there.

The serious one, though, called it like Beltway Insiders knew all along,

Just that scathing email. [Referring to the Mystery Memo, supra] That’s has me a little befuddled. HUD sending that to Pemco. Not sure what to make of it. Unless they are trying to cya.

I was wondering how they could do a true jv and make any money with it. The sage people were a title company in Atlanta just down the road from the atl hoc [sic] [Referring to Craig Karnes’ Ivory Tower at the Atlanta Housing Ownership Center]

The first rumor was that the sage people had someone on the inside at HUD feeding info about the highest and best bids. They knew they would have to be low and in the running on the first bid

However when it went highest and best that’s when the mole came in … Verbatim quote and one which should terrify those upon high at TDR Capital …. Oh yeah, we went there and the Miami 5 thought that Mickey Snow was the only loose end!  😉

In fact, the unraveling began long before the mole was activated. Kevin Simpson would do well to use some of that bravado and threat based negotiation into finding out what is common knowledge by even the homeless panhandlers near his private parking spot — just saying. I mean when what I call the Mystery Memo, which has yet to see the light of day — and Foreclosurepedia will be damned if we run another Title 18 threat from Kevin Simpson and migrate to Moscow with Ed Snowden confirming or denying its existence — is the soup du jour amongst Realtors coast-to-coast, is it possible that there is a problem with Karnes’ continued oversight of the M&M as Director?

Notre succès est bien aléatoire, vis-à-vis Levittown?

Let’s keep this shit real. I mean I would love to describe how the breadcrumbs were so unconnected that only Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau was needed to connect the dots — ah, the thick irony there. Here is the reality, a simple listening to the below while supplanting Eminem with All the Usual Suspects, renders the salient conclusion which everyone EXCEPT the Foreclosurepedia Nation is incapable of realizing: Craig Karnes is the Fox Guarding the Hen House. And Craig, always the Welshman in his pantomime presentation of his Welsh siarad perpetrated in the lipstick wearing pig of HUD scrutiny upon contractual obligations and Ivery’s preposterous FHA enforcement thereto, brings us full circle. — That will leave a mark I am sure, but hell Eric Miller needed to find True North in his sophomoric quest to understand the Force Placed Exit Stage Left at the Florida Fucktardia Conference. — Now that’s some straight up Warren G Shit!

Just wanted to quell any of those rumors that Foreclosurepedia was permanently out to lunch. I recommend a check of Insurance Policies as there are No Free Lunches Going Forward!

We return you to the previous #HouseofFraud production you were previously experiencing brought to you in only the fucked up way which NAMFS Offender Members are capable of laying out financed by the US Taxpayer — that is you in case you forgot! Jesus Christ, Labor paying to get fucked, now that’s what I call True American Porn NAMFS Style!

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