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Sage Acquisitions: Does Craig Karnes Work For PEMCO?

When Craig Karnes, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Management and Marketing  (M&M) Director, gets up in the morning I like to think that his day is coloredPEMCO Twitter by two things:  Whom is the next payee to the Craig Karnes All Access Tour and When is someone going to put a bullet in Paul Williams head. And while the Emperor Whom Wears No Clothes up on Penn Ave may believe that cronyism is well and good, Foreclosurepedia does not. Fact of the matter is that Foreclosurepedia has been stealthily monitoring the progression of the Vampire Squid known as PEMCO LTD for several years now. In reality, I have always opined that PEMCO LTD Hawaii utilizes the owner’s daughter to skirt the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) in the same way that the Mortgage Field Services Industry pedophile Mickey Snow used Porn Tongsua (real name), owner (only in name) of Tongsua Management. If I am wrong; if my opinion is offensive, maybe the Yamamoto’s might want to pick up the phone. PEMCO LTD is, after all, following me on Twitter.

During the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Management and Marketing  (M&M) 3.5 crap shoot, the fix was in LONG BEFORE any of the participants had time to even begin reading the Offering. And for those whom refused to go along with the beat of Karnes’ drum? Well, HUD has a very  special place for them. Here, let Howard McCurry, Operations/Contract Manager, Real Estate Resource Services, Inc., put it in his own words,

Actually I believe our attorney; [Redacted] has spoken to their attorney regarding the Protest(s).  I know she has reached out.  To answer… no, not before this.  My wife, [Redacted]; Our Vice President/General Manager Jim Donnelly and I have each been involved with HUD owned properties going back 20 years to the REAM contracts.  None of us have heard of LA Rosa, but then again, we’ve never seen such a contract debacle before now either.  We truly can’t believe the mistakes made on this procurement.  Our OHA appeal should ratchet up the game and most likely level the playing field by removing the two large companies.   We’re not concerned with the other protesters at this point.  We feel we could work with any other competitor in the game.  

I’m truly bothered that an incumbent could be granted a private, pre award debrief were allegedly, prices and standings were discussed and then let back in the competitive range allowing him to drop his prices in BAFO.  Real government contracting rules and quite possibly, laws were broken.  These two wining companies are more than just large companies and unfair players.  We’ve known one of them up close and personal and we know how he operates.  If you’re not willing to show him how much you appreciate his generosity, you’re not going to make it working for him.  One of the winners has stated clearly they would not allow any LLB’s in their system that has worked with Pemco regardless how successful you’ve been, in fact, he doesn’t want any company that he feels is too good at selling HUD assets because he doesn’t want his position threatened.  For years we have had LLB’s working for him coming to our training classes to learn “How to sell a HUD Home” because he doesn’t train his subs.   We truly believe these awards are not going to stand.

And when HUD and Karnes’ demigods began to turn the screws on Small Business, McCreary had this to say,

Please don’t get me wrong, we don’t have a mouth full of sour grapes, RERS is a small company and we don’t have all the “extra” resources to keep pouring into this mess, but we truly feel the mistakes, and possible illegal actions shouldn’t result in two of the largest companies in this industry winning contracts that the Federal Government has set aside for small business.

Below is the La Rosa Protest which stands as a testament to precisely what kind of debachery Karnes and HUD have cooked up. The last time I am aware that a litigant DID NOT HAVE ACCESS to the totality of a civil proceeding is when Frank Kafka squared off with the US Government back in the 1900s. And below that is the current status of the HUD M&M 3.7 Contracts. We additionally note that HUD issued a Formal Letter to the non Awardees, IN RE: Michigan, stating that Sage Acquisitions has been awarded that state as well.

With that said, ride along shotgun as Foreclosurepedia gets down and dirty and begins to peel back the layers of

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And precisely who is Sage Acquisitions?  Well, that is a good question which begins at Raine & Co. We are going to get into that in our next segment on The Many Faces of PEMCO LTD. We are also going to drill down upon Nancy Ishii, Robert Morris and the cabal whom are marching in goose step with Matt Martin Real Estate Management (MMREM). Names like Brian Mingham of National Real Estate Solutions (NRES), Pacific Preservation, Vectra and CondorFS come to mind when I think about the progression of the Axis of Evil within the Industry.

Feel free to reach out to Foreclosurepedia if you need more information rapidly as the ISTAR FireWire Service is available 24/7/365!

Area States Prospective Awardee Comments



3A IL Alpine-First Preston, JV II, LLC Available Exclusively on ISTAR FireWire
4A IN, KY Sage Acquisitions, LLC Available Exclusively on ISTAR FireWire
5A NC, SC KM Minimier & Associates Available Exclusively on ISTAR FireWire
6A TN, MS, AL Q Integrated Companies, LLC Available Exclusively on ISTAR FireWire
7A GA Sage Acquisitions, LLC Available Exclusively on ISTAR FireWire
8A FL, PR, VI Sage Acquisitions, LLC Available Exclusively on ISTAR FireWire
1D CO, NM, N-TX, UT Sage Acquisitions, LLC Available Exclusively on ISTAR FireWire
2D AR, KS, LA, OK, MO, S-TX Matt Martin (now Chronos Solutions) Available Exclusively on ISTAR FireWire
1P MI No one named yet Available Exclusively on ISTAR FireWire
3P CT,MA,ME,NH,NJ,NY,RI,VT Sage Acquisitions, LLC Available Exclusively on ISTAR FireWire
4P OH Sage Acquisitions, LLC Available Exclusively on ISTAR FireWire
5P DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV Sage Acquisitions, LLC Available Exclusively on ISTAR FireWire
















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