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Weekend Update

We are working on a story tracking a claim filed with Safeguard Properties (SGP), Claim #20030218XXX, which involved the alleged theft of well over TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS of household possessions from a homeowner in Belleville, IL, including theklein partying appliances!  News of this was first sent to us by a freelance journalist and we finally today made contact and interviewed the homeowner.  This is a typical, but insane story folks!  The Contractor involved was Sanja Sasvari, owner of Top Mop Quality Cleaning Services (TMQCS).  The homeowner has provided a lengthy rap sheet which we are endeavoring to verify through law enforcement officials as I type.

This case has drug on for almost seven months now with three different SGP Claims Agents transferring in and out of the Account.  As the homeowner puts it, “All they are doing is stringing it out.”  The true irony is that an estate sale specialist was hired to itemize all of the belongings and had begun to assemble them on tables for an estate sale.

Did I forget to mention that TMQCS is alleged to have utilized moving vans as opposed to trailers to remove the furniture?  The dumps that TMQCS states they sent the homeowner’s belongings (including birth certificates, financial data and a plethora of other personally identifiable materials) to the dump.  Agents on duty at the time contradict these statements.

The real kicker is that the homeowner contacted SGP when the Occupancy Notice was affixed on her home.  She stated that, “I informed them that I had not abandoned my home!  I am sickened and saddened to my core over this senseless, unnecessary, and totally PREVENTABLE [homeowner’s emphasis in Claim which we possess] loss.  … My children lost everything they had, as well.”

We reached out to SGP Public Information Officer (PIO) Diane R. Fusco today and have not received any comment.  We also reached out to Huntington National Bank (HNB) as allegations have arisen that SGP personnel have worked upon Real Estate Owned Channels by and through HNB.  HNB is the bank which owns title to the property discussed here.  They, as well, have not responded.  When the homeowner spoke with SGP Claims Rep this week she was told, “Please do not call back for another week.”

Folks, this story is going to be HUGE!  For SGP to take SEVEN MONTHS to figure out that a Contractor should not remove well over twenty thousand dollars of belongings; after a phone call has been made to SGP, and materials in an orderly fashion with personal identification all over the place borders upon conspiracy.  Stay tuned for the Article and the many, many more we have coming down the pike as homeowners are beginning to crawl out of the woodwork!

[Editor’s Note:  Huntington National Bank reached out to us this morning (28JUN13) and advised that they would opine prior to the Publication of the Article.  We think that it is fair to note this even though this is simply a Snapshot of an Article to come.]

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