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Weekend Edition: What’s Cooking in the Press Room

We are hoping to finish the following stories over the Weekend:

  • Kansas City, KS:  Why The Industry Should Have Followed Google
  • IE Inc:  A GSA Firm On The Right Track
  • NPPG:  A Sustainable Non Profit Or Another 501 (c)(6)?
  • HUD M&M 3.7:  If It Walks Like A Duck

We are additionally going to go to a predominately Subscription Based Model.  For quite some time we have attempted to share our knowledge with the Contractors en masse.  Unfortunately, the herd mentality has prevailed.  We are seeing our material spring up, more and more, without proper Citation and in some occasions being improperly applied.  This move will allow for more time to be spent concentrating on Professional Contractor and Broker issues without the headaches of having to water things down to layman’s terms.

We will publish a periodic General Public story, such as a Company Review or Technology Report; however, all future Articles with respect to important matters will be within the Subscription model.  This will, additionally, give us far more license to discuss candid matters and publish material for download such as Contracts, Price Lists and Confidential Contact Information.  As our Subscription Base is well over 900 now, the time has come to begin to concentrate on the Contractors and Brokers whom are in a position to best act upon Actionable Intelligence.

We wish each and all the best and look forward to speaking with you on the other side!

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