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Weekend Edition: What We Are Perking Up

Terry Platt is hammering out a new product on his Plattonomics revenue machine. Foreclosurepedia is still happy, though, as Platt sees fit to continue to embed our YouTube Video Interview with Senior VP Michelle Hirsch over at Brunswick Companies about Errors and Omissions. So, the Google SEO and Advertising Revenue, strangely enough, flows to Foreclosurepedia regardless. We understand that original content is sometimes hard to come by. Most intriguing is the fact that his honoree at the QC University  — Jesus, where do these folks think up these names — is Austyn Korpi, of Team IronClad. Not sure if Korpi left the desk work to work in the field or what.QC University will have a full and complete review including security protocols this weekend. Oh, now wait a minute. Even though it is a Terry Platt Production it doesn’t necessarily mean that they get Deep Sixed. It would appear that all the usual folks have ponied up the money for Platt to Play, as usual.

Without giving away the Article, what is most concerning is that there is a continual theme of Waivers given in the Good ‘ol Boy System. Instead of having trained professionals — hell, Platt has Deans and Boards of Review I mean it is a good ‘ol Ho Down — it appears that if you give Platt enough paper — money or credentials is yet to be determined — you get a QC University Big Boy Card,

Craftsman Certification

The Craftsman Certification is an honorary level for which the University has waived the usual requirements and is awarded to contractors that have consistently exhibited work of the highest quality and contributed to the betterment of the industry.

If I were a University, I probably would work on the comma between Reading and California, one of hundreds we found which is neither here nor there. So, stay tuned as the first part comes out tonight. We reached out to Platt for Comment before we Published, but none has been forthcoming.

We are still following up on the Confirmation that Bret Douglas has left the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. So, we went ahead and sent out some emails and you will be FLOORED by the responses we received including one from a lady right here in Middle Tennessee!

Finally, we are finishing up a two part series on Institutional Investors and the billions of dollars which flow into the rehab of homes — REO To Rental. It dovetails with our Article on ASONS. You know, it’s not very often I get to write positive on Foreclosurepedia and I am pretty excited about Thompson and what ASONS have been working on. It gives me some hope not only for the Industry, but it inspires me to dig a little deeper and hopefully find some other Companies whom are moving in positive directions wherein both they and Contractors alike are able to financially benefit. Definitely don’t want to miss that!

As a post script, many have heard that there is a HUGE Whiskey Shortage especially with respect to Tennessee Whiskey. I am most fortunate in that there are nearly as many stills where I live as people. Moonshine is the ambrosia of the gods here. I have been working on some videos of some off grid stills and hopefully will get a few clips up. Naturally, I would NEVER still myself. It is merely a coincidence that the Anonymous Mask in the video is similar to mine!  😉

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