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QC University: Same Old NAMFS Song And Dance

It always amazes me the depths to which people will go to make a dime; ever more so those whom do everything they can to make a dime on someone else’s back. The Minister of Propaganda Terry Platt is back again with one of the most outlandish concepts I have ever heard of — even more bizarre than that which the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime could concoct. It would appear that Platt has formed a University. Yeah, I am not bullshitting you. The QC University is what Reichsminister Platt is calling it. I mean I guess if you are going to run a hustle you have to go all out. Look, this set up would make those in Nigeria blush in that here is a man whom is chock full of medical problems and not exactly on the Top of the Forbes List — his little Best of Semmes Award is actually a $30 paper weight which is sent out to everyone with a business name via Spam. First, though, let me show you what appears to be the QC University Campus before we get into the postmortem,

28MAY14 - QC University Campus - 2941 Pretty Branch W  Mobile AL
28MAY14 – The Apparent QC University Campus    —    2941 Pretty Branch Drive W  Mobile AL

I was pretty impressed with it actually. I mean that keeping the shrubs 18″ off the edifice is the first thing which caught my eye. Neither here nor there. It would appear that QC University is doing quite well. The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that they not only have a Dean — QC University spells it with a lower case “d” though so not as impressive — they appear to have a Union Structure. The Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Certification Levels are 100% Union; no originality, and I am already hearing the concerns about that from several of my Sources both within the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) as well as with some of my back channel Sources whom thought my hand was involved in this fiasco — I have always encouraged the entry of Unions into the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Alas, I cannot take credit for the apparent Union Flavor Propaganda Minister Platt. It made me a bit curious, though, as to whom would finance an endeavor like this. The answer was both fascinating and deeply disturbing.

QC University has two obvious financial sponsors as they Sponsored Terry Platt’s initiation into the NAMFS Regime: Joe Hummel of Keystone Property Services LLC (Keystoned) and Michael Evangelo of National Mortgage Field Services (NMFS). SEAS LLC, whom have been paying Platt to publish propaganda for months now, are also on the slush fund donors list. Two names that I never, in a million years, would have presumed would be financing Propaganda Minister Platt’s NAMFS Regime rhetoric are Pacific Preservation Services (PACPRES) and Vectra Field Services (Vectra), both of which are connected to National Real Estate Solutions (NRES).

Before we delve into QC University, I want to dwell a bit upon the NRES situation a bit as I am a bit concerned with precisely the direction that the Platt juggernaut is moving. NRES is an interesting company in that Brian Mingham seem to run the show there with a very interesting twist: Condor Field Services Inc. (Condor) vis-a-vis Thousand Oaks, California. NRES additionally controls PACPRES and Vectra. The irony is not lost on the fact that Mingham was publicly snubbed by the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime when he first transitioned from Mortgage Banker into the Mortgage Field Services Industry. The question presents, then, is this a False Flag Event or, perhaps, something else?

Propaganda Minister Terry Platt — or perhaps he is now known as the QC University Dean; it is so hard to keep up with Platt’s multitude of hustles — seems to be rolling down the same road as his Alma Mater, the NAMFS Regime in that Contractors are not that enthusiastic about turning over what little money they get when they rarely are paid by NAMFS Regime Members. I mean one would think that with all the bank rolling going on by NAMFS Regime Sponsors and now former Mortgage Bankers, Propaganda Minister Platt would have had difficulties scheduling advertising. Looks are deceiving, though, as his CubicYard website demonstrated by taking a swipe at Foreclosurepedia. It is pretty pathetic when the only way you might even hope for money is to use the fear of your adversary. With respect to slander, those are brave words for a hollow, old man whom it appears that Viagra does not even work for,

CubicYard 2 Fer 1 Deal. Just Like the NAMFS Regime 40% Off Deal --- You can't even give away the shit!
CubicYard 2 Fer 1 Deal. Just Like the NAMFS Regime 40% Off Deal — You can’t even give away the shit!

When the NAMFS Regime hammered out their 40% Price Reduction for the NAMFS Regime Academy — bear in mind this 40% Price Reduction has been in place nearly as long as the NAMFS Academy has been around — they were throwing in the towel. One of two things happens when a Company runs a Perpetual Discount: 1) The product is a worthless piece of shit; or 2) The piece of shit product was over priced, from jump. Both are the case with respect to the NAMFS Regime Academy, in my opinion. I mean when you have Joel McCall, McCall Field Services,  thinking no more about releasing to the public, FOR FREE, the Training Materials of the NAMFS Regime Academy, you know the Pox is upon the NAMFS Regime House. Now, remember, McCall is seated on the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors as a Regional Representative, so either he had no respect for the material or he was not competent enough to implement proper information security (INFOSEC) — either are possible as INFOSEC is a problem which we have documented for over a year now and NAMFS Regime Members rank at the top of the list for offenders.

The NAMFS Regime Is Terrified To Admit Their Education Model Is An Abysmal Failure --- A Perpetual 40% Off
The NAMFS Regime Is Terrified To Admit Their Education Model Is An Abysmal Failure — A Perpetual 40% Off

One of the reasons that the NAMFS Regime Academy Training might not even be worth the paper it is written upon is the fact that some of the information contained in it could either land a Contractor in jail; bankrupt a Contractor, or both. The below screenshot from Page 13 of the NAMFS Education Program, Module 1, which Joel McCall so graciously (or vindictively or even perhaps ignorantly) made available upon the McCall Field Services Website along with ALL Prime Vendor Manuals, proves my point. Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) § 62-11-104 et seq. deals with the fact that it is illegal to perform ANY of the below services without a Locksmith’s License. The fines range anywhere from $1000 – $5000 per instance. On an average 3/2 home, that could easily translate into a THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLAR FINE! Just like Propaganda Minister Terry Platt, the NAMFS Regime continue to push Education upon people whom either are Contractors — if they are Contractors they know the training is complete bullshit — or are not Contractors — if they are not, then they have no business in the Industry.

NAMFS Training Provided By McCall Field Services Website
NAMFS Training Provided By McCall Field Services Website

QC University seems to be having difficulty in attracting anyone other than former Mortgage Bankers and NAMFS Regime Pundits. QC University’s first Badge Holder — Platt is definitely loosing a grip on reality as Badges, Super Users and other comedic terms on this extremely insecure wiki abound — is Austyn Korpi of IronClad Preservation. Anyone picking up on the NAMFS Regime flavor here? Not surprising, though, as IronClad was a financial supporter of Propaganda Minister Platt for quite some time and additionally a NAMFS Regime Member.

Student Austyn K of Florida was the first student to enroll and complete QC University’s first free online course for Property Preservation Contractors, Reading The Instructions.

Austyn successfully completed the course and was awarded the FIRST BADGE AWARDED BY QCU.

Congratulations, Austyn.

This part of QC University completely boggles my mind. Here we have a secretary whom was recently playing cheerleader for Snowman Douglas —  Simply Watch This For The Quick Version — talking about how #OpPeruvianFlake is requiring the Boss to get behind the wheel again. I mean why not actually have a Contractor take the first test; I mean are the Donors the only ones capable of stomaching QC University? Hell, I don’t know anymore. Maybe Ashley Mannion might know? One of two reasons: 1) No Contractor is going to get caught up in Propaganda Minister Platt’s collection of names, addresses and rating system which is inevitably going to be for sale to the highest bidder — NAMFS Regime gets it pro bono; or, 2) They couldn’t find anyone else. Look, QC University has been around since April, 2010! That is a HELL OF A LONG TIME to work on a Wiki hosted by one of the SLOWEST, BOTTOM TIER Hosting Providers, 1&1 Internet Inc. 99 cents a year — gotta wonder what Platt’s Investors were sold on. WebHostingGeeks, a pretty non partisan outfit, has page after page of Complaints against them. This is important, as we begin to discuss security and why Contractors need to NEVER SUBMIT information to QC University unless they want it marketed on the Dark Net.

Before we get to the security, let’s talk about the End User Value; the value to the Contractor, of the soon to be monetized QC University. First, it is worth noting that if you have enough pull with QC University, they will just give you all the Credentials. I am not shitting you. It is called the Craftsman Certification.

The Craftsman Certification is an honorary level for which the University has waived the usual requirements and is awarded to contractors that have consistently exhibited work of the highest quality and contributed to the betterment of the industry.

Are you fucking shitting me? So, nothing different than how the NAMFS Regime exempts it’s chosen Membership from the Canons of Ethics — The Boyds, The Berghorsts, The Buczeks. I mean I have never heard of any legitimate University waiving all requirements for degrees which pertain to Public Safety. This is the epitome of madness. My hunch is that if you have enough money; if you get one of Anti Muslim Terry Platt’s Two Fer Deals For Advertising, you could probably be QCU Dean For A Day. There’s a concept: Dean For A Day. Hell, you could pass out amnesty for all the hacks out there whom have been hired by NAMFS Regime Members and simply roll it over on skilled Contractors Work Load and back bill them for an added bonus. Hell, I can see it now: Holding hands in a darkened and mold covered basement, swaying to and fro singing Kumbya and drinking the Kool Aid with Brother Jones. Good ‘ol Platt passing the offering plate and performing the initiations.

Let’s talk about how good ‘ol Propaganda Minister Terry Platt stands behind his product, though. I mean maybe Platt really does believe in what he is hawking. He is, after all, a recently initiated Member of the NAMFS Regime. Hell, you have SEAS LLC and other NAMFS Regime Pundits financially backing the program. You have a well educated mortgage banker, Brian Mingham and PacPres along with Vectra kicking the cash into the offering plate, so surely Platt is able to show everyone that I am just an un-edu-ma-kated Mountain Man. The last sentence from Platt’s QC University Website sums up yet another hustle in the long and sterling tradition of the NAMFS Regime,

QC University does not warrant or make any representations regarding the use or the results of the use of the materials or information in this site, or the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability, or usefulness of any materials or information in this site.

Am I the only person in the United States whom sees that there is a problem with this? I mean when people purchase a product; when a product is held out to the Public to Educate, shouldn’t there be something besides “Give me your money and good luck?!” Even the Mafia will stand behind their Product! And make no mistake on this: Terry Platt, along with the NAMFS Regime are going to expect you to stop by the Plasma Lab and donate blood while you are waiting on that check which may NEVER ARRIVE to pay them for Education.

QC University: A Hacker's Paradise. Contractors will pay the price. Gotta wonder what the Investors think and are their websites safe?!
QC University: A Hacker’s Paradise. Contractors will pay the price. Gotta wonder what the Investors think and are their websites safe?!

I want to make sure that EVERYONE is on the same page here. This is a repeat of the Fadie Hany Areny production wherein Areny spun up his Egyptian Don Grean Team and rode on the coat tails of WorkMarket. Areny was loathe to pay the money required for https because he was and still is in the Game to screw people as it appears to me. Surfing mom’s couch in Tuscon just wasn’t cutting it any longer, I suppose. When he on boarded Tom Cono, another Arizonian whom has quietly been prowling the NAMFS Regime Playbook, we saw precisely what we predicted occur.

Platt is no different. Platt’s problem, though, is that his Investors are now looking pretty ignorant. I mean if I were a Portfolio Holder, the first thing I would take note of is the fact that the Investors in QCU seem to have made some rash decisions. Within the financial community, that is never a good thing.

In closing, I reached out to Platt for Comment and as usual, silence. I am not unsupportive of Platt and his QCU in that if he knew what the hell he was doing and would stand behind his product, more power to him. For Platt to be willing to risk the safety and security of Contractor’s personal information — I did not dump any for those whom want to know — to make a buck is beyond the pale of greed. There is no recourse should a Contractor, in good faith, have his or her information intercepted by a MITM. If Platt and his Investors are simply interested in having a Platform for themselves, more power to them, but I did not read that anywhere. At the end of the day, this is yet another example of Hustle 101. I have empathy for those whom may loose their Privacy and potentially have their information being used on fake documents which assist illegal aliens and potential terrorists by simply Registering on QC University. Perhaps Platt and his Army of Columnists will be able to come up with a NAMFS Regime Solution. That, in and of itself, is even more humorous. Platt is actually getting free writing and profits upon their backs by and through his advertising schemes. Man, no honor amongst thieves.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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