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Victor A Deutch Announces Bankruptcy Of National Field Network

This entry is part 51 of 70 in the series All The Usual Suspects

Victor A Deutch, of Deutch and Associates, Woodbridge, New Jersey, announced yesterday, on his firm’s letterhead, that National Field Network (FNF) will officially cease business on the 5th of February, 2018, and enter into bankruptcy at a date thereafter. Cease Business? You mean these criminals are still in business? And you know what, Deutch is feeling pretty confident that his offer of twenty cents on the dollar will keep his Client a step ahead of the proverbial gallows. And you want to talk about a mess? Here, let me put it in the words of my brother, Kid Rock,

Say what? Say How? Say Who?

Fuck What? Fuck me? Fuck YOU!

Fannie Mae is staring down the double barrel of a politically loaded shotgun. Look, let’s just talk about the timeline on this. Foreclosurepedia brought this mess to light on the 13th of January. By the 14th of January, Brad Phillips and Amy Rutstein at Fannie Mae; Lindley over at Reverse Mortgage Solutions; and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) were involved. Within days, Ken Carroll, of Dallas’ Carrington and Coleman, were representing Fannie Mae; and the gods bless him, Vic Deutch, representing National Field Network. Problem was that National Field Network doesn’t really exist — other than in a wet dream as a name. National Management and Preservation Services LLC was the company. And by the 24th of January, Vic began tossing out Cease and Desist letters like Carter takes liver pills. And while Carroll said he wasn’t co-counsel with The Douche, he certainly didn’t do anything to enforce the law. And by the 29th of January, Foreclosurepedia brought Shari Nott and National Field Network to their knees. And make no mistake, there are more to come. And if you go back, since our founding, we are efficient, if nothing else.

Many are saying that people will pay. Many are saying that it is suicide to take on the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). Instead of fracturing Minority Females and Labor, it galvanized them. Here is what a Houston firm had to say,

I am a small minority company located in the Houston Texas area. We have went from not getting paid on time to not getting paid at all from NFN. They have not sent any emails or memo explaining why. I have spoken to Joe only, which is helpful to us but just doesn’t have answers either. This has been going on for months now, some of You I know have not been paid either in months. Some have been not paid being owed over $125,000 and had to take it to court, I guess since our contracts state “endeavor” which is just a way to buy time of not pay you. I’m reaching out again to you guys for us to stick together in this business. If your fellow contractors are not getting paid somewhere that’s not good for NONE OF US!!! Because eventually everyone will get there turn by these companies. We have been doing this for over 5 years and I continue to see this happening to people. What I’m asking is that we unite and get questions answered. How can we the people who do the work not be getting paid, but they are getting paid have lights on, phones, paying rent, still there every day but just not going to pay the contractors how do the work is what I see! This is everyone’s problem!! I just can’t be quiet  on this matter anymore. Now will someone there please please give some answers and pay what is owed to us?

That was followed up with this,

Hi everyone, I​’​m sure everyone is having the same problem NOT GETTING PAID. Well first off let it be known that its true they opened up other businesses with our money. All the Right movers in Red Bank, NJ Phone Number is 844-753-8551. Its a eviction company that takes its goods after 30 days to their other owned newly opened company Chik Chak Station 732-333-0041 and sell them out of this thrift store. Remember Norah? She answer the phones their now. They also have another phone answering company​. I spoke with RMS who stated they no longer affiliate with them, but they still would like to know what properties are owed to you.

By the 24th of January, Vic realized that his ability to threaten and intimidate Minority Females and Labor, in order to silence them, was gone. That is when Vic and Eric Deutch picked a fight which will be remembered for decades. Vic served me with a Cease and Desist letter. You see, Vic did not know that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) tried that several years before and had it shoved up Eric Miller’s ass. Vic didn’t know that Heather Berghorst, the the former and now disgraced NAMFS Secretary, had tried that and had it shoved up her ass. And Vic didn’t know that both Assurant Field Asset Management and Alston & Byrd, out of Atlanta, Georgia, tried that and both had it shoved up their asses. Here is how Foreclosurepedia answered Vic,

Now, with that said, I want to introduce the Minority Females and Labor whom are owed monies and the data from they (spreadsheets) and other data points I collected. This is roughly 9% of the pool. I want to ensure that you and I and they are all on the same page. I am not asking for a penny. I am not under contract nor agreement with anyone to do anything. What I am doing is bringing fraud, which crossed state lines, in the furtherance of artifices and schemes to the attention of Government Sponsored Enterprises, the US Government, and publicly and privately held entities. You see, Counselor, do you know why this is serious? Well, your Client states that they have not been paid. And the aforementioned Portfolio Holders claim they have paid their bills. And as you will see, your Client put that in writing and then stated she was going to sue everyone to get paid. I loved that part and Counselor, it is key. Why, you might ask? Well, you see we have this pesky thing called the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). OCC requires that auditing occurs to ensure not just that folks get paid, but to ensure that there is no fraud, waste, or abuse. So, let me get all Bob Ross about it and paint you that picture as apparently I have forgotten more law than you will ever learn and insert here I am not a lawyer nor giving legal advice.

If the GSE’s, Prime Vendors, and the US Government obeyed the law, they will have a proverbial paper trail showing the audits documenting precisely whom was paid what and that goes all the way down through the subcontractor network. Specifically, on 05 December, 2013, the Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation Division of Consumer and Community Affairs Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System created a document entitled, Guidance on Managing Outsourcing Risk. Because you are the type of bitch that obviously has not performed due diligence — more on that in a moment — take a look at Page 9. I could belabor the law, but hell, you are the son of a bitch whom stepped off into my world, a world of mating copperhead snakes in a stream, and thought you would shake your finger at me like you were important. You are not important. You are merely standing in line to become yet another proverbial notch on my keyboard. More on that, in a moment, as well.

Before we get much further, I want to introduce those at Fannie Mae, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, and HUD, whom I believe are the reason for your email to me and this Paramount firm. I find nowhere in this email chain asking FNMA, RMS or HUD, to pay me any money. Moreover, though, I never claimed to be owed money. In fact, as a Journalist, covered under the Obsidian Ruling, I have the legal right to bring to light my OPINIONS. I mean fuck the 1st and 14th Amendments, Counselor, fact of the matter is that your Client was just evicted from their offices so I am loathe to even give credence to your drivel. That is the key, Counselor, as either you have a head full of cocaine or are still panhandling in the Bowery district, in between handling slip and fall accidents. Here is the crux of your worthless missive to me and this Whetzel fellow,

You want Fannie Mae to assist you to collect sums of money which you did not earn and is not due to you.

​Really, Counselor? You are one stupid asshole. I want FNMA, RMS, and HUD to put your Client in prison. If the gallows were still legal I would push for that and then piss on her corpse and they lowered it into the grave. Do any of those herein owe Paramount? I have no idea. You see, Counselor, you rattled your saber far too early. Probably a problem you have in the bed, as well. Shooting from the hip and unable to control that irresistible urge ​to fire is always the hallmark of an ambulance chaser grasping at straws. That’s ok, though, son. I’ll walk you through this in a way that only someone like me is capable of doing. I understand that you honestly believe you are important. And I believe you honestly trust that your Client’s eviction; failure to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the innocent Minority Females and Labor; and the world itself are all out to get Shari Nott, Chris “The Cocaine Cowboy” Crandell, et al. Look, my opinion is that you honestly believe that if we built a Wall that the deer would return to frolic in the meadow, et cetera ad nauseum. And before I continue, let me give you a piece of advice,

Somewhere there is a tree working really hard to produce oxygen so you can breathe​.​ I think you should go apologize to it​!​

You fire off terms like I am a liar cavalierly. I am from the South and we take our word seriously unlike you goddamn Yankees. You want to make those allegations with your friends while you hang out in public restrooms, be my guest. Is that pretty clear, Counselor? I mean you have to come up for air, at some point, right? And add that to the message I left you on your telephone recorder because you cowered in fear, in a corner, shaking like the bitch assed ambulance chaser you are. You see, Counselor, I told you to roll up that Cease and Desist notice into a funnel to allow me better access to unzip my pants and stick my sexual organ down your throat. And normally I would just be blunt with my language; however, we have mixed company and I am ever so hopeful that this will be admitted into Court as testimony against your Client and you at your debarment hearing.

And make no damn mistake that I am filing against your license. Now that we have the civility out of the way — and believe me ask around a bit because I have been extremely civil with your ass — let’s start talking about your wasting of my time. First, you are not a Court. You have no authority to tell me what the hell to do. You want to come down here and push and issue, I could respect that. Short of that, get a Court Order. And if it is FNMA, RMS, or HUD putting you up to this stunt, I think folks are well versed in the fact that in the past 10 years the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) tried and failed to sue me. The NAMFS Secretary, Heather Berghorst tried to sue me and failed. She was bankrupted out for committing the identical fraud your Client is doing; your Client worked with Berghorst; and I forced her lawyer into the gutter and he no longer practices law. Call him and ask. The Buczeks, another of your Client’s fraudster pals, tried and failed. At least they had some balls, Counselor. They weren’t an eunuch, like you. Hell, Adam and Amanda’s brother threatened to kill me, my girlfriend and my son. On that point, they sent Amanda Buczek down to RMS — Reverse Mortgage Solutions — to get a job and then by and through industrial espionage, channel the Contract back up to NFN. Think I bluff? You had better figure out precisely whom I am. Hell, you cannot even figure out the name of my Company! We had Assurant (yeah, that’s oh I don’t know a trillion dollar multi national insurance company) attempt to sue me. They lost. In fact, Jason Rosenberg, of Alston & Byrd out of Atlanta, finally begged for a plea deal, paid what they had defrauded from me, and called me prolific. Give him a ring.

So, now that we are back in the real world where shooting off bullshit paperwork doesn’t send people running away crying, let’s get down to brass tacks. First, because I know people like you bring the word #Epic into stupidity. Threatening and intimidating journalists and potential witnesses in potential federal civil rights cases; threatening and intimidating people potentially for their race, gender and religion — and that is PRECISELY what you are doing Counselor — and parading around like you have the legal authority to order me what to do will be the basis for my Complaint with the NY Bar Association as well as the American Bar Association. And when we go to Court — and we are going to go to Court, Counselor — I have nothing better to do than match your Motions 100 to 1. And as a Pro Se litigant I have that legal right. Hell, Counselor, your Client is already bankrupt. I have the photos of the office and her home. I know, to the dollar what she is worth and believe me she doesn’t have the money to finance what is going to become a protracted and asymmetrical war in the judiciary. And let’s think about that for a moment. She is not your ONLY Client. And you call Rosenberg if you think I jest. I swear upon the Gods above and Satan below, I will bankrupt you. Oh, I don’t have to win jack shit. I want you to picture the deposition list. And you or your staff there each and every day for months if not years. You talk about the wheels coming off? And we haven’t even begun to discuss Discovery yet. Change of Venue? Yeah, add that to the checklist. Alston & Byrd did the math. hell, Counselor, NFN will become your ONLY Client when I am done. Every morning, with a cup of coffee, I am firing off a Motion or an Answer. I take a shit at 1000 EDT? I am on the phone asking for clarification. Why? Well, hell, Counselor I am Pro Se. I am so goddamn ignorant living here in Tennessee in a county with one stoplight — true story — shit, you will dedicate an entire Team to my calls. And here is where we REALLY go down that Rabbit Hole,

I recommend you get some Come to Jesus moment with your Client. I recommend you ask her for full disclosure about Jack Jaffa. I recommend you ask about the bridge gap loans from Five Brothers. I recommend that because you see that pesky OCC shit also ties into an entire corpus that we will talk about here in a minute.

We have a great thing called the False Claims Act, Counselor. Here, let me give you a sneak peak of what I was thinking,

National Field Network sought to maximize government reimbursements by submitting fraudulent and grossly excessive bids for its property preservation services to its bank-mortgagee clients including U.S. Bank, as well as, to the best of Foreclosurepedia’s knowledge, information and belief, including deliberate bidrigging, in connection with the performance of preservation services for properties insured by the Federal Housing Administration (“FHA”) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”), as well as for properties with mortgages that are owned or guaranteed by government-sponsored and/or related entities, including the Federal National Mortgage Association (“Fannie Mae”), the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (“Freddie Mac”), the Government National Mortgage Association (“Ginnie Mae”) and the Federal Housing Finance Agency (“FHFA”)(collectively, the “GSEs”). Bank of America, Ocwen Financial Corporation, Sterling Bank, Taylor, Bean & Whitaker, Towne Mortgage Company and, more recently, Wells Fargo & Company, as well as other similarly situated financial institutions, which then present National Field Network’s fraudulent bids to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) and/or other Government entities, as well as the GSEs, for reimbursement. Notwithstanding the requirements of and independent bidding required by the Government, including HUD and the VA, as well as the GSEs, Five Brothers systematically and routinely manipulated contractor bids before submitting them for approval through U.S. Bank and other banking servicers, fabricated bids to present the illusion of a competitive bidding environment, and consistently decreased payments to its contractors while falsely claiming that such adjustments were made directly by HUD, the GSEs or other Government entities. National Field Network undertook these fraudulent bidding practices to extract the maximum reimbursement amount from HUD, the GSEs and other Government entities based on the submission of false claims. As a result of these fraudulent bidding practices and submissions, HUD, the GSEs and other Government entities have accepted higher bids for work than they should or otherwise would have, thereby causing the Government to pay grossly excessive monies for property preservation services each year.

National Field Network’s senior management knowingly allowed and actively encouraged these fraudulent bidding practices. Moreover, when alerted to these illegitimate and fraudulent practices, National Field Network’s senior management attempted to bribe contractors who knew of the company’s practices, such as [Redacted], to remain silent. By devising an ongoing scheme to manipulate the bidding process for its property preservation services and submitting the resulting fraudulent bids to U.S. Bank and other similarly situated banking institutions, which ultimately submitted those bids to HUD, the GSEs and other Government entities for reimbursement, National Field Network has violated the False Claims Act (FCA), including as amended by the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act (“FERA”), by causing U.S. Bank and similarly situated financial institutions to present false and fraudulent claims for payment to the Government. Had the United States been aware that the bids were grossly excessive and the result of National Field Network’s fraudulent bid manipulation scheme in an attempt to extract the highest monetary reimbursements possible from HUD, the GSEs and other Government entities, the United States would not have accepted the fraudulent bids and paid the excessive amounts submitted by Five Brothers for its property preservation services.

Try me, Counselor. Take that pacifier out of your mouth and fucking try me. And here is the kicker you should really and I mean REALLY love. See FNMA, RMS, HUD, et al., have no desire for a high profile case like this. I mean what, with the Beltway environment as it is, all it takes is Sharpton,, et al., to jump on that bandwagon of how that white man is dicking over Minority Females and putting the cash — mind you the cash which is cognizable under FEDERAL PROGRAMS — in the pockets of their pot bellied white boys sitting with big cigars having Minority Males serve their Mojitos and getting hand jobs in the cloakroom. No, Counselor, they don’t want that. I mean hell, FNMA has been liquidating to get that flush balance sheet praying to whatever god they believe in to get away from underneath the thumb of government conservatorship. And you ask around a bit, Counselor; you ask some of the names in this email, if they think I am bluffing.

Let’s go just a bit deeper, though. Let’s say your firm survives the decade and a half of litigation. Have you done an asset take off for me? Hell no. First, you don’t know Jack — love it because you didn’t even know about Jack Jaffa — about me. I ride GREYHOUND, holmes. I get a cut off notice for my power every month and that is a FACT. I do what I do because I used to clean the shitters for FNMA and HUD and got tired of people like your Client stealing from me. And I love it, see, I can picture it now: Minority Female with a crying child and tattered clothes paraded around the cameras and the rich GSE’s; the Government; and your Client wearing furs pointing that pudgy white finger saying how horrible they are! And me? Jesus! Overalls and boots with holes in the soles unable to even articulate a single word without that southern twang.

No, here is what is going to happen, Counselor. You are going to go back to chasing ambulances. Those GSE’s and Prime Vendors whom paid your Client with US Government funds, are going to perform an audit. And that is between they and your Client. And I am going to continue to participate in my First and Fourteenth Amendment rights I have as a US Citizen and as I am actually a veteran I am far more entitled to than you. I am going to write, as I have always done and we are all going to call it a day. And if we do not, I am going to publicly request that not just these folks, which represent about NINE PERCENT of the whole, file liens immediately and each and every one of them go IMMEDIATELY to their local media outlets to publicly present this email and their spreadsheets.

So, what do you say, Counselor? Want to call my bluff? Want to see how that works out for you and Fannie Mae, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, and HUD in 30 days? You have 24 hours to advise otherwise we take it to the American Public and let they become the judge and jury. And when you advise, let’s make sure all the appropriate carbon copies are in there. I will handle those in the blind carbon copies.

In closing, I hold no animosity towards you, Counselor — I will never say your name as you have not earned that right — nor do I hold any towards Fannie Mae, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, or the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for attempting to, in bad faith, sick you on me in order to threaten and intimidate me and bring forth a chilling effect upon free speech. I humbly suggest that the audits continue; that when appropriate, settlements are made with binding non disclosure statements; and that this sickening abuse by a lawyer parading around illegally as if he bore the mantle of authority as a Court to order a US Citizen what to do, be left behind us.

And for those Minority Females and Labor whom are witnesses to this today, you remember that Foreclosurepedia is always a Friend of Labor! We are the last line in the sand between you and these people whom would steal from you and threaten those whom would come to your defense! It costs money and every penny helps!

What you are witnessing is historic. Instead of sitting around and whining, Minority Females and Labor are taking a stand against Eric Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director whose salary consumes over EIGHTY ONE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member dues. Tell me that isn’t a payoff! People are no longer afraid. In fact, ZLIEN is being onboarded to begin overseeing the thousands of properties which will be liened. I have always praised Scott Wolfe and his Team over there and do not make a dime from it. I believe in them, as do most Fortune 500 Companies, because they know what they are doing and do not cower or shy away from NAMFS or its trivial Membership.

And for the naysayers out there like Ray Griffin and Larry Harris, whom wish nothing but the worst for Minority Females and Labor, fact of the matter is that NFN has already come forward, to investigators, and stated that,

[NFN] admitted that the services were performed by their subcontractors [were] uncompensated.

And it is not going to stop with simple settlements. Real lawyers have become involved, now. And this should have been the worst fear of The Douche and Ken Carroll, representing Fannie Mae. You see, the ability to shape the narrative is now out the window. The ability to connect the dots which potentially exist between Safeguard Properties and National Field Network, are now off the table. And those Talking Points, which people like Reverse Mortgage Solutions depend upon to retain their US Government contracts, are now being used to wipe the asses of people like myself. No, Fannie Mae’s once lofty goals of getting away from its control, by the US Government, is dimming by the minute. I mean hell, Fannie Mae just borrowed yet another $3 Billion, does anyone believe that when it is shown they have no ability to keep track of where that money goes; when it is shown that under their watch tens of thousands of liens are placed, clouding titles, that Uncle Sam is going to give them back the keys to the shop?!

The specter of False Claims Act charges looming on the horizon are actually overshadowed by word coming out pertaining to whistleblowers and Qui Tam actions coming down the pike. In fact, Foreclosurepedia spent have the day talking to an assortment of lawyers representing the victims.

The part of the playbook that Ken Carroll, of Carrington Coleman out of Dallas, must have missed is when you are brought a sweetheart deal, you do not turn your back and think it will go well. Carroll, a former federal prosecutor, is a man whom understands fraud when he sees it. And in light of the fact that Sources within the US Government, have admitted National Field Network have admitted their culpability, Carroll’s inability to effectively oversee Fannie Mae’s best interests, may be called into question. I say may, because perhaps he was onboarded to protect Mayopoulos. You see it was The Douche whom carbon copied Carroll when he threatened to sue me. And as Carroll has not dissuaded my beliefs that he is in collusion with The Douche Bag, I am going to make it my mission to ensure that Fannie Mae is brought to task for their crimes.

Tomorrow, Foreclosurepedia will discuss how Shari Nott and National Field Network hired felons out of Kansas City to evict other NFN Contractors. And to this point, what is amazing to me, is how felons were ever allowed to work upon Fannie Mae contracts, what with Eric Miller and Company demanding Aspen Grove Solutions background checks. And when that Contractor refused to accept the paltry $2,500 settlement, the evictor came back and through a series of communications, threatened bodily harm if that victim ever came forward. There are police reports and communications from NFN documenting it. You certainly do not want to miss out on how The Douche, Ken Carroll, and the lot continue to all this evil to continue operating in the Industry.

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