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Verde Building Systems: The Order Mills Keep On Coming

Verde Building Systems (VBS), a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime wannabee, must have fallen and not bumped but smashed their head. Strange, really, as I had spoken with Ron Staley back in February. Staley is the President and CEO of VBS. The reality, though, is that there are some firms I consult for and some I do not. I did not consult for VBS. VBS’ pricing is displayed at the bottom of my Article and I am positive you will draw the same conclusion which I did. I did attempt to reach out to Staley at 1846PDT; however, neither he nor any of his staff were available — guess we are glad there wasn’t anything important a Contractor needed. See, here is a GREAT CHANCE for the NAMFS Regime’s new Resident Cheerleader, Joe Hummel, the illegally appointed NAMFS Regime Board of Directors Appointee and co owner of Keystone Property Services, to do some legitimate consulting.

I do not begrudge National Order Mills and some Super Regional Order Mills in their pricing as it is fair and timely. Additionally, these folks invested the money in infrastructure and have long term relationships with both their Clients and Contractors. VBS, though, is shocking to humanity! Seventy dollars for a Wet Winterization?! I mean have these people lost their fucking minds? Fifteen dollars a lock?! Repair steps? Are you goddamn joking me? REPAIR?! I mean this is a sure fire way to permanently maim if not kill people especially when these Craigslist Hacks whom have no Licenses think you just put a piece of 1 by to shore it up!

Let’s talk a little bit about Kentucky because it is so beyond obvious that Staley, Jay Elaine whom is his spin doctor and Doug Blackburn whom is in charge of hell I guess ensuring that there is a steady flow of human beings whose sole requirement is that they breath oxygen, are beyond out of touch with the real world. I mean in an Industry wherein the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is kicking ass and taking names, one would think that the Financial Institutions and Portfolio Holders would take a moment to examine precisely how fucked up things have become. Why? Let’s not bullshit around, when you are paying dollar for dollar only to have middle men strip everything down to pennies do you really think that you are going to get the work done?! Let’s talk about the real reason — other than the Poverty Pimp Agenda — why the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) is suing Order Mills left and right — and getting multi million dollar settlements. When you are paying less for an Initial Grass Cut than I was paid when I was FOURTEEN YEARS OLD, you have a fucking problem!

Knowing that there wasn’t enough meat left on the bone VBS — I hate that as it reminds me of Vacation Bible School and even though I am agnostic, these people are anything but religious — VBS and others implemented a new strategic tactic built into the Contract to ensure the Contractors would get fucked coming and going — yeah, no reach around! You know, Safeguard Properties (SGP) latest Contract struck me as pretty middle of the road except their Arbitration Clause. VBS? Here, take a read and you tell me what you think,


Now, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but the next VBS requirement stumps me. So, the Contractor IS NOT an employee and yet they are submitting bids for Verde Building Solutions (VBS)? I know in Tennessee this would be illegal; as a Contractor I cannot determine what a third party will or will not bid and most assuredly I cannot act as an agent of a third party without Power of Attorney. Maybe that’s it: Maybe that is what VBS wants?


To explain the complication to the aforementioned opinion as a layman and not as counsel, the biggest problem is that Verde Building Solutions (VBS) DOES NOT POSSESS A BUSINESS LICENSE in Ohio or Kentucky. So, remind me again just how I am supposed to first legally accept work orders from VBS and then precisely how it is that I am supposed to attach bids on their behalf knowing that they do not have a business license in the two aforementioned states?

See, that’s how this bullshit is continuing at a break neck pace. If VBS and the hundreds of other Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills were required to have the necessary business licenses, pay taxes everywhere they operated and possess the required insurances they would be gone tomorrow. Period! More on point, though, with these 3rd and 4th tier people gone — remember 20% cut per tier so that leaves TWENTY CENTS ON THE DOLLAR FOR A CONTRACTOR — a Contractor might actually be able to do the work!

Look, I am not sure if it is EVEN POSSIBLE to properly remove debris at SIXTEEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS PER CUBIC YARD! Add to that the onerous fines, penalties and in essence shakedown price points that Staley, et al., have engineered and I will guarantee you what Verde Building Solutions (VBS) Clients are going to end up with is another toxic dump site like that which Foreclosurepedia reported upon that Altisource had created.

Verde Debris

Verde Fines

As if the 29th Tier Pricing Model wasn’t problematic enough, take a look at Verde Building Solutions (VBS) ENORMOUS IT SECURITY PROBLEM BELOW! Look, this was found by a simple and legal Google Query. It is also the smallest problem I found. Out of concern for the potential to be a hacker’s paradise, I am withholding the rest of the IT Security issues. Reality is that Ron and the boys — and girls now I guess —- should have had someone perform Due Diligence before they stepped into the Big Leagues.

Verde IT

It should be noted that this is a very serious situation which impacts nearly EIGHTY NINE PERCENT of all Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills which Foreclosurepedia maintains files on over at ISTAR Clear Base. With respect to Verde Building Solutions (VBS), even their Login and Password System are in hypertext transfer protocol (http) and not hypertext transfer protocol secure (https). Additionally, VBS’s website developer,, was fly-by-night as well! Almoeez’s own domain is up for sale!

The reality is that while the vast majority of documentation I perform remains Confidential and only accessible when someone purchases an ISTAR Clear Base Intelligence Assessment on a Contractor or Client, at some point-in-time bad people are going to do bad things like what happened when Five Brothels ForeRunner was hacked. After we reported upon the Buczek Enterprises piss poor state of affairs from the IT arena, our phones didn’t stop ringing with respect to Penetration Testing and Consulting with respect to the movement of information both in a secure and encrypted method — this includes video conferencing, instant messaging and telephony. As our Consultations are bound by Non Disclosure Agreements, the information may not even be entered into the ISTAR Clear Base.

The Contractors stood a chance at the beginning of the year when I first began to lay out the road map for what was coming down the pike. At every step of the way, months in advance, I told people. The reality is that my predictions were so dire that no one could even begin to fathom that any of them would ever happen. Today? We are down to two Companies as predicated: The Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) Conglomerate (Concentric Equity Partners and TDR Capital) and Assurant. Those few left lying around; those quasi super regionals like Lender Processing Services (LPS) — now Black Knight Financial Services and I would like to say one of the only good guys I ran across with respect to paying people (their Contract Shifting wasn’t fair) — and soon to be assimilated like the Borg in Star Trek. It will not be good for Management nor Labor. In fact, I predict that we will ultimately see the Mortgage Field Services Industry incorporated into a FedBizOps setting far sooner than later. At least then Labor will have no choice in unionizing. Stay tuned for Monday’s bare all Article following up on the VBS Nightmare and precisely what Contractors should be doing about it!

As a postscript, I am known to have a notoriously vicious and intemperate disposition. Truth be known, before Eric Miller’s NAMFS Regime Member Offenders defrauded myself and my fiance, it is said that I was quiet and pretty good at cutting grass. Even though I got my money, I realized that although I had left the war overseas, it was alive and well here. The difference was that instead of insurgents, the enemy dons the cloak of the NAMFS Regime. I never borrowed a dollar I didn’t pay back and I refer to people as sir or ma’am. While VBS is low on the totem pole, they will be held accountable for the financial atrocities they are perpetrating upon Contractors. In conjunction with 24 Asset Management and ZVN Properties, Q4FY2014 is going to be a painful time for the fraudsters, this I promise. It begins this week as I release to my hometown of Knoxville, precisely what Lynn Effinger is bringing to our community. First stop is Nashville to ask precisely how it is that ZVN Properties is not required to hold a business license in Tennessee as documented by the lack thereof with the Tennessee Secretary of State.

Effinger, this is a personal message to you. We abide by the law here in the South. It is sad, really, when I go over the Testimonials on Effinger Communications to realize that your hollow words are mere Talking Points. Look, I don’t know how it worked at Safeguard and the National Association of Realtors. In the same way that the NAMFS Regime has allowed so many of its Offender Members to prosper and your firm, ZVN Properties appear to be staunch supporters of Heather Berghorst, et al.unless I have missed your or your Firm’s Public Remarks condemning the fraud — so to will be that the Midwest REO Association follow. I mean if you are the spin master for the Midwest REO Association and are afraid of Eric Miller; if you refuse to opine with respect to the fraud ongoing by certain NAMFS Regime Members, how would you ever speak up against problems, should they occur, within the Midwest REO Association? I have dismantled the NAMFS Regime’s infrastructure capabilities and they had a 26 year head start on me. Care to take a guess how long it will take with an Association still in its infancy? In the same way that it appears to me that a nefarious campaign to price fix across state lines using electronic means has emerged, so to will I publicly voice my opinions on every telephone pole throughout Knox County if need be to bring media attention. Now, maybe I have it wrong, Lynn. I don’t know. The reason I do not know is that in typical lying fashion which so well describes the NAMFS Regime, of which you are a proud Member of — vis-a-vis ZVN Properties — you lied when you agreed to discuss the Midwest REO Association. Now, I realize that most of the speeches and discussions you had were softball and maybe that terrifies you; maybe you are frightened to speak to someone whom can spell their name. Or, as I more believe, you take your orders as most folks do in the Industry — I get it, you need the money if that is the case and I can appreciate it. Why not be a man, though, instead of hiding behind skirts? Why not just say why you lied to me and tell the Public why it is that you refuse to keep your word; why not tell people the true reason you are afraid? I mean you have Colin Powell on your Testimonies Page over at Effinger Communications. While Powell didn’t always like being honest, at least he did it. To have Powell’s Testimony on Effinger Communications sullies his good name and tarnishes his reputation as I see it — unless you decide to keep your promise which in that case I would be remiss if I did not reframe my opinion of you. Then again, whom am I anyway? Just another agitated Contractor in the Entertainment Media Business, ‘eh?! It’s my opinion and opinions are like assholes, right?! More on point, though, no one in the Industry believes a word I say anyway so whom really cares.

Good afternoon, Mr. Williams…
I am at a conference in Dallas until tomorrow night. I apologize for not responding to you earlier, but you know how conferences can be consuming of one’s time.
Since we both reside in the Knoxville area, I would like to propose getting together for coffee or lunch on Wednesday of this week. I would be delighted to talk with you.
Please let me know if this would work  for you and at what time and location you prefer.
Thank you also for recognizing that I possess an independent mind and do not hold back my opinions in print.
I look forward to hearing from you about your availability on Wednesday.


Lynn Effinger

EVP-Business Development
ZVN Properties, Inc.
P.O. Box 583, Canal Fulton, OH 44614
Cell: [Redacted]

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