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VA OIG Enters the Fray: Will It Go Anywhere

After Contractors continued to report the Veteran’s Affairs Administration refused to investigate claims that they were defrauded for services rendered upon VA Properties Foreclosurepedia reached out.  While the VA Office of the Inspector General’s representative could neither confirm nor deny that any action would be forthcoming, they did assign an official Tracking Number to the matter.  This is a step in the right direction.  As a matter of fact Bruce Davenport, a Contractor in Georgia, reports that almost half of all his claims with specificity to VA Properties were paid in a lump sum by a shady client representing a Prime Vendor.

To date, Foreclosurepedia has forwarded seven Contractor’s packages of information.  Herein lies the quandary:  When the boots-on-the-ground may be brushed aside without even a cursory statement of interest it tends to show that the foreclosure industry is broken across multiple thresholds.  Look, if I hire someone and do not pay them, I cannot hide behind the skirt of my wife.  The legal maxim of Respondent Superior applies here wherein regardless of whom the VA hires to perform their work, the services must be paid for.  For the law to work, those whom control the inner mechanisms must begin to come clean.

We are optimistic, though, that the US Government will do its part in beginning to reign in the terror which has been thrust upon both Contractor and perspective home buyer in reducing both the amounts of incidents of fraudulent activities prevalent and the prosecution of those whom perpetrate the crimes.

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