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Tracking NAMFS: Applied Quantum Theory and Other Musings

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is in a technological crisis; NAMFS as a Trade Association no longer is capable of instilling confidence within the Mortgage Field Services Industry at any level. Much like China’s abysmal failure in its stock exchange foray, the reality is that NAMFS, like China, is in a world of shit. China, like NAMFS, has run their road and found to be wanting. The levels of endemic corruption are nearly identical with the exception of scale.

Despite unprecedented efforts by the Chinese government to stem the rout in the Chinese stock market that had shaved as much as $4 trillion from share prices before the government’s interventions this month and last, the Shanghai Composite closed down 8.48 percent today at 3,725.558.

With reports coming in that the Safeguard Properties (SGP) upgrade did little, if anything, to alleviate the IT nightmare they have created, concerns have also surfaced that Property Preservation Wizard (PPW) may be in a worse position than first thought,

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Your Anonymous News Tip:

I can’t give over too much, but I work at PPW and I have just found out that we are owned by SGP!! (I’m sure you know SGP owns MFS supply also)

With a little research you can easily confirm this.

I can also give you a tip that SGP is doing a massive audit on UNPPG for committing fraud. Enjoy.

The single most important problem in the Industry today is the belief that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is capable of orchestrating anything other than a mantle of protection over those whom would prey upon the innocent men and women of Labor. Both Joe Hummel, convicted of financial crimes and former NAMFS Committee Member and Heather Berghorst, the now disgraced #Fraudster and former NAMFS Secretary are testaments to the weaponization of this spurious belief. We must take a page from the playbook developed during the Reagan administration by then Director of Central Intelligence William Casey and use covert means wherever possible to counter, divide, and undermine the nefarious NAMFS Offender Members. To the traditional intelligence techniques should be added aggressive use of psychological operations, advocacy journalism and, where necessary, clandestine and special operations. These efforts require an overhauling of the current social media strategy and bringing real time, informational awareness to Members of Labor, within a legal framework, to make them effective.

It comes as no surprise that the Operational and Threat Doctrine of NAMFS against Foreclosurepedia had its genesis in 2012 with both Eric Miller and Deanna Alfredo whom published in the NAMFS Board Minutes Foreclosurepedia as an Agenda Item. While Miller, whom has enriched he and his family on an annual salary of well over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES, has aggressively attacked Foreclosurepedia by hiring a lawyer in an attempt to silence us, the reality is that the once financially stable NAMFS Regime is now teetering on financial insolvency.

With ten thousand dollar per year raises afforded to Miller; with a loss of more than 150 NAMFS Members since 2011; and with the continued abysmal losses reported on their annual #FraudFest meetings, NAMFS has long passed its zenith and is rapidly spiraling downward. NAMFS has become a victim of its own financial terrorism.

An aggressive agenda must be pursued to ensure that the NAMFS Dictatorship led by the Miller Regime is cut off in its tracks lest the Mortgage Field Services Industry be relegated to the dark annals of yet another failed social experiment. First, we must begin constricting the principal sources of revenue for these financial terrorists dead set on jihad within the Industry. The despotic nature of NAMFS is not conducive to open dialogue and would rather subjugate the innocent men and women of Labor to a subservient existence as slaves to a corporate oligarch with Eric Miller as its god. Second, we must begin to aggressively attach to those NAMFS Offender Members a stigmatization which ensures that their fraud comes at a price. This must be juxtaposed with the same stigmatization attributed to any NAMFS Board Member or NAMFS Committee Member whom remains silent as those I have already reported upon have done in the past. Next, we must track down the immeasurable wealth which has been obtained by NAMFS Offender Members like Michael Breese, Adam and Amanda Buczek, Heather Berghorst, Tom and Mark Newkirk and others whom have defrauded Labor and continue to reinject these assets as the cornerstone of financial jihad in the Industry.

A clear and distinct message must be sent by Labor to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US Department of Justice Anti Trust Task Force (DoJ) and other US Government entities that the level of fraud which Eric Miller has overseen during his tenure as demigod at NAMFS has reached a point wherein real estate transactions will most assuredly be jeopardized in the event of a downturn in the economy.

Einstein described space-time as a smooth fabric distorted by objects in the universe. For him, the separation between past, present and future was merely a “stubbornly persistent illusion.” Building on Einstein’s ideas, celebrated U.S. physicist and Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman, some of whose best ideas came from drawings he scribbled on cocktail napkins in bars and strip clubs, focused on how a particle can travel in waves from point A to point B along a number of potential paths, each with a certain probability amplitude. In other words, a particle will not travel in linear fashion; it will go up, down and around in space, skirting other particle paths and colliding into others, sometimes reinforcing or canceling out another completely. According to Feynman’s theory, the sum of all the amplitudes of the different paths would give you the “sum over histories” — the path that the particle actually follows in the end.

Forecasting NAMFS in several weeks, months or in a year is not that novel of a task. War gaming how Heather Berghorst, the former and now disgraced NAMFS Secretary was capable of executing a multi million dollar fraud upon the innocent men and women of Labor was relatively simple. After all, we had the ISTAR Clear Base and could predict whom would protect her — Eric Miller and Deanna Alfredo — we could predict the dependency of Altisource upon her services; and finally, we could predict her husband’s incessant preoccupation with certain nefarious proclivities.

In the world of intelligence where I hang my hat, it is not difficult to simulate a war game that relies upon a continued NAMFS Offender Member Threat Doctrine. The all encompassing menace of fraud is self contained and ever present by the Industry’s blind allegiance to Eric Miller and his quest to enrich he and his family upon the backs of Labor. Miller, in my opinion, has quite the setup, by providing a Protection Racket which was so basely demonstrated not just in the previous plethora of examples Foreclosurepedia has documented, but culminated in his personal protection of Joe Hummel.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is charging two companies affiliated with Western Union and Black Knight Financial Services more than $38 million in total charges for allegedly steering consumers into a mortgage payment program that cost them millions of dollars in fees.

Pay close attention to that as this is precisely the situation which Eric Miller, the NAMFS Board of Directors and the NAMFS Committees signed off on doing when they illegally brought in Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS). The anti trust implications are clear. The money gouging is obvious. The intent of Sue Bunnell, Senior Vice President of Wells Fargo, Contracts and Technology, in her support of the activity is deafening.

Colorado-based Paymap has agreed to return $33.4 million in fees to affected consumers and pay a $5 million civil penalty, while LoanCare in Virginia has agreed to pay a $100,000 penalty. Both companies have agreed to the order without confirming or denying the allegations.

Make no mistake whatsoever, that the intention of Foreclosurepedia is to land one solid claim against NAMFS. No way in hell will they be able to sustain even the civil penalties of anything brought against them. And making the case? Shit. Eric Miller lays out the roadmap. Now, Miller will have liability protection, but when it comes to raking his NAMFS Committee Members over the coals, they will foot their own bill and that, alone, is priceless!

Whether or not there will be Regime Change at NAMFS lies, in part, upon the fear of those NAMFS Committee Members as they begin to be served by FHFA OIG, CFPB, US DoJ and IRS amongst others. I do know one thing for certain, until the day I die, the Mortgage Field Services Industry will always be associated with Foreclosurepedia.

The assumptions we form must be tested every day by incoming intelligence that can lead to refinements of the forecast at hand. A quantum interpretation of the world will tell you that nothing is deterministic, and we cannot know for sure that a certain outcome will or will not happen based on the limited information we possess. We can only assign a probability of something happening, and that probability will evolve over time. As Stephen Hawking said, “It seems Einstein was … wrong when he said, ‘God does not play dice.’ Not only does God definitely play dice, but He sometimes confuses us by throwing them where they can’t be seen.”

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Paul Williams
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