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Toxic Work Environments Continue as Shari Nott to Cough Up Additional $1,485,000 on NFN Bankruptcy

NFN Bankruptcy Trustee Knocks It Out of the Park

The verbal gymnastics on the National Management & Preservation Services, LLC, d/b/a National Field Network (NFN) Involuntary Bankruptcy are finally heading into the final quarter. It couldn’t have come at a better time. With the toxic work environments at virtually every Prime Vendor’s brick and mortar offices, the reality is the time has finally come for the voice of women to be heard. At many of these firms, the masculinity is running higher than sailors on leave at a strip joint. In dozens of exit interviews Foreclosurepedia has performed a common theme emerged. It was almost as if sexual harassment was the price of admission into the world of Vendor Management. The overarching fear was that speaking out would stop the revolving door of employment needed on the conveyor belt in our Industry. To put it more sublime, it was a Soylent Green moment for many of these women.

For years I have argued that the unregulated Industry with no requirement for education nor even a real office has been an impediment to the US taxpayer. In the case of NFN, it is simply the pot calling the kettle black. Had there been regulation, this tragic case — and dozens of identical cases — would never have happened. And yet, in the case of the Assero collapse last week, it is happening all over again.

Whether it be the sexual harassment or the Assero collapse, it all has had the support of well placed people within Housing and Urban Development (HUD). For over a decade, Foreclosurepedia has provided affidavits, recordings, and in many cases internal financial records to Craig Karnes, HUD’s Acting Deputy Chief Procurement Officer. Time and again, Karnes has stonewalled any legitimate investigation. In the case of Assero, whom now is pending almost $1 Million in claims on Fannie Mae and LoanCare assets, Karnes oversaw Assero’s parent company, 24 Asset Management‘s Award of nearly $100 Million in HUD M&M FSM Awards less than a month ago. And no matter how much HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge continues to refuse to address the matter, more lives have been destroyed.

To get a better feel for how serious this is, read how the NFN Bankruptcy Trustee, Andrea Dobin, put it,


Victims. For the first time in the history of our Industry members of the federal judiciary have gone on the record and called what is happening, precisely what it is. And this statement simply builds upon what was written back in July,

The Trustee in the case has wisely pointed out that Shari Nott-Oglensky’s recalcitrant behavior was really nothing more that a ploy to gain time. And during that period of time, at no fault of the Trustee, Nott buried hundreds of thousands of dollars in money and assets in her family’s name such as that of Jonothan Oglensky. Specifically, there appears to be a home located on Bray Avenue in Middletown Twp, New Jersey, which was recently purchased and worth well over $700,000. At that address, Nott has already begun her latest unlicensed fraud offering entitled SEO Business Development Skills. I mean Nott-Oglensky is like the Little Train That Couldn’t Stop! Quite frankly, I am not sure if this latest Consent Judgement is anything more than a bump in the road to her.

Jonothan and Shari Oglensky — let’s keep it real here on the name — are the epitome of the Fraud Dream Team. See, it isn’t the simple and salient fact that the Oglensky’s spin up companies faster than a rigged Whack-a-Mole game in Southern Alabama, their calculated pump and dump schemes, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE TIME, end up with innocent victims. And this is something that, at some point in time, has to become criminal. I get the fact that the Trustee didn’t have the tools to go after the Oglensky’s in a criminal fashion, but surely the Trustee’s access to the US Department of Justice might afford a referral — official or otherwise. You see, now we have a handful of new firms spun up and collapsed which all used monies from the fraud she perpetrated at NFN.

At that same address discussed above, you have multiple firms pumped and dumped. The SEO outfit is now listed as closed. You have a new firm, PMI Property Management, listed with the Atlantic Highlands Chamber of Commerce. It should be noted that their website is now gone, as well. Normally, family members are left off the radar at Foreclosurepedia, but a simple read of Jonathan Oglensky’s LinkedIn, makes it very clear he was proud of what he did there from August of 2012 through February of 2018.

The question that presents this holiday season is whether or not Craig Karnes and his HUD cronies will do their job and force Assero’s parent company, 24 Asset Management, to have a clean slate. It is a question that should go even deeper and look at the close, financial relationships between those with control over the hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts as well as those tasked with keeping the the US taxpayer safe.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
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