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The NAMFS War Comes Home

As I type this Article today, I am making the final arrangements to move all of my equipment and material which supports Foreclosurepedia as a media outlet. There is a blinding rain which, when it hits the skin, feels like needles. Tonight and tomorrow we are anticipating snow and ice. While I would normally load everything into an almost new truck which I have made payments on for a year, everything will be loaded out in several mountaineering packs. I have dismantled the vast majority of the Foreclosurepedia Studio and boxed up the larger equipment and packed the mobile USB systems for broadcasting on the road.

For over a year now, I have fought a major war within my home. That war was to continue carrying the Fight of Labor to the Front Lines while additionally financing my girlfriend’s aspirations of pursuing a career which required ungodly amounts of money with zero return. The reality is that as the victories began to come in, the dangers to the status quo which my girlfriend desired became elevated.

I have never been one to surrender. Surrender is not something which is programmed into you during your time in the military. Bowing down to make a dollar or two is precisely the problem of what is going on in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. In the real estate industry — the industry within which I funnelled so much of my cash for my girlfriend — toting the Party Line is even more hardcore than the Mortgage Field Services Industry. The reality is that I had to make a choice between Crystal and her career or securing victory in a protracted battle against the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. I had to choose between having a family and remaining silent or standing upon the highest mountaintops and screaming at the tops of my lungs about the inequities and atrocities which Eric Miller and his thugs continued to daily unleash upon Labor.

For many of you, my decisions will seem unconscionable. For a man to turn his back upon his family and home to wage a war wherein even those he fights for are cowards, seems to be the epitome of insanity. To me, though, it is why I was born. Everything I have learned in my life; every battle and technique honed over the course of a lifetime, has occurred to bring me to this one last, great battle between Good and Evil.

For those out there whom are unable to identify with precisely what a zealot is, I recommend that you take a good, long hard look at your colleagues whom are now homeless — take a look at those Members of Labor whom did not have the freedom of choice I do. Many of the innocent men and women of Labor now have nothing but broken marriages and have lost everything because of the tyranny of the NAMFS Regime. You see, to be able to understand the psyche of that which Labor is experiencing, one must truly be in the trenches with them.

 Whom am I to preach the Gospel of Labor if I am not side-by-side with them? For if I were to remain in the creature comforts of a sterile setting and lob pithy slogans with no skin in the game, who the fuck am I? I came to this realization, early this morning, when I understood that my girlfriend would gladly sell her soul to Eric Miller and the rest of the Regime to simply make a dollar.

So, Eric Miller has scored one; a personal victory for the NAMFS Regime. The collateral damage only strengthens my resolve. Unencumbered by the accouterments required by a Society which rewards the criminality of the NAMFS Regime best exhibits, I am now nimble and fleet of foot. In fact, it comes much as a great relief that I will now be able to dedicate 110% of my time to a war which only received about 45% in the past. It is as if a monumental burden has been lifted from my shoulders much like Atlas and his ability to shrug. My vision is likened to that of Prometheus; I suppose the reality, though, is that I, like he, now see through the Oculus Rift.

The war against the NAMFS Regime now takes on new meaning for me. Where before I felt that there was common ground for both Management and Labor to meet and discuss things, I now realize that it was this very belief that the NAMFS Regime exploited — Jay Goscinski is a prime example in that he bought time by lying to Labor pretending to be sincere in wanting to pay that which he owed. There is no common ground. There is no longer any reason to attempt to be measured in my rhetoric; to be clear, there is no longer any reason to keep hidden the gigabytes of data that I maintained in ISTAR in some hopes that rationality might compel quid quo pro.

In fact, as I lay my hands to the Manifesto which I will release later this evening from the hackerspace collective I am moving to, I am cautiously optimistic that Firms such as Altisource will finally be held accountable for their sins. I am further optimistic that those traitors within Labor whom are continuing to shore up Jay Goscinski will additionally be exposed to the cleansing effects of transparency. You see, while I was previously held hostage to the backroom deals accorded in hopes that perhaps Management was legitimate in their desire to simply straighten their ship and get on track making payments for Work Orders they were paid for months earlier, the reality is that I was sadly mistaken. My kindness was mistaken for weakness; Management and this includes even non NAMFS Regime Members, are only concerned with keeping the lights on.

There will be no victory lap when this comes to a conclusion. The proverbial body count will look much like the Korean War. The only metric measurable will be how many Members of Management are left standing and how many tribunals will be held for the NAMFS Regime.

In closing, Foreclosurepedia asks those within Labor whom have the ability to allow us to stream our data when we come into a town, to get in contact with us. The battlelines are going to be concentrated in Michigan, Ohio, Florida and the Eastern Seaboard Corridor. While we will rely upon hackerspaces in certain areas to orchestrate much of our media blitz, the reality is that, from time-to-time, we are hopeful that those Members of Labor whom have been assisted by our Work will allow us safe haven to compile interviews and to properly document the travesties which are ongoing daily. If you have a couple of dollars, hit the Donate Button as it will allow for the Message of Labor to continue being spread. Make no mistake on one thing: If Foreclosurepedia falls, the $10/cubic yard which Lee Mertins and Eduardo San Roman are rumored to be moving around will become the norm. The only thing which stands between the evils of the NAMFS Regime and Labor is Foreclosurepedia.

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