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Altisource: Any Questions Left Why This Is THE WORST Firm For Labor?!

If there were any hesitation prior to when Foreclosurepedia first began to sound the warning alarms about Altisource and their calculated assault upon both Prime Vendors and Members of Labor in what I may only characterize as systematic fraud, today’s latest revelations should leave no doubt that Altisource is going to liquidate every outhouse, doghouse, henhouse and foreclosed house in an attempt to overcome the world of shit that Ocwen has left them in.

According to a Bloomberg report, some of the country’s biggest mortgage bond investors, including BlackRock,MetLife, and Pimco, will sue Ocwen, saying that the company failed to properly collect payments on $82 billion of home loans.

Coming on the heels of loosing the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ocwen, William Erbey, the reality is that Altisource is fucked in no uncertain terms. Adding insult to injury, Altisource‘s knee jerk reaction was to fire — sorry, they call it lay off — 800 Altisource employees in a time when they need them most! On the heels of this was the bitch slapping of Altisource’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Michelle Esterman with the creation of a new slot entitled Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) filled by John Vella four days ago.  The reality is that Esterman has problems counting the pills she takes anyway and really what the hell is another C Level Job at a third of a million a pop in what appears to be a financially insolvent firm anyway?! Shit, give Pat McTaggart a day or so and she will have everyone believing that the reason they are not getting paid is because they are white! McTaggart, Altisource Super Hack, has been bullshitting Labor for two years now about the truth in why they are being defrauded. And Pat, if you or Counsel want to challenge that statement, let’s get Altisource’s former Associate General Counsel Robert Bridges on the line for deposition — pack a fucking lunch as it’s going to be a long goddamn day!  😉

Whereas I rarely take the time to speak directly to Offender Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), I am going to this time. Altisource reached out to several of those whom I have had relationships with and used tactics to threaten and intimidate them for speaking with me. The latest was a very high profile person on the Left Coast. In essence, what Altisource has done is violated both his and my Constitutionally Guaranteed Civil Rights under the 1st and 14th Amendment. Threatening and intimidating people for participating in their 1st Amendment Rights and then using them as a proxy to attempt to influence Members of the Media is precisely why Altisource seems to have its mind wrapped around its foreign national status as opposed to following the laws of the United States.

I am good at connecting the dots. I am good at matching social security numbers, telephone numbers, profit and loss numbers — numbers. I am good at cross referencing

This is a direct message to both that person whom called me and Altisource: I will bankrupt anyone whom gets in my way going forward. Censorship is not what the fuck the United States was founded upon. Perhaps the corridors which are being walked in are going to people’s heads? You do not ask people to do a solid and then fail to follow up. I will clarify this statement this coming week.

Here is the reality: Ocwen accounts for publicly 65% of all Altisource work. Privately, I put that number around 76 – 80 percent. Altisource is going to cut everything — and they already have by simply issuing Cancellation Notices to Prime Vendors for services already rendered. And if Altisource thinks that Bangalore is proving to be a hotbed for protests and dissent, Altisource has no idea what the United States is gearing up for. The reason I say this is that the hired guns Altisource keeps on hand overseas would get them Ten to Life here in the States. Fuck it though, anyone ready for a Threepeat of Occupy Wall Street or perhaps we are long overdue for another Seattle WTO?!

You know, when you have Carol Boyd starting up a new Property Preservation Outfit under her Sister’s maiden name — hey Eric Miller what’s your angle on that — the reality is that Altisource will fuck everyone at every juncture they can in my opinion. More on point, Altisource is not an American Firm. These are foreign nationals. And if the leverage they exert on Americans, as demonstrated by a call yesterday from the Left Coast is any indication, they are beginning to shit their pants!

Or how about GTJ Consulting LLC running the Fannie Mae Contract? Hell, they are so far beyond financially insolvent that they cannot even pay on orders totaling over THIRTY THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS with one Member of Labor in Michigan alone! And hey feel froggy GTJ? File on me because I would love NOTHING MORE than to break open your books in the process of Discovery! You cannot refuse to pay in accordance with your Contract and then say, “Oops, we can only pay when paid!” More on this later this weekend. Yup, GTJ Consulting LLC is right next door to Jay Goscinski and we all know why Goscinski will not file against me — you got it, he is financially insolvent!

Look, when Leon Cooperman, a huge Altisource investor, asked Bill Shepro, Altisource CEO, if his balls were bigger than his brains, it would appear that Foreclosurepedia is not the only one calling a spade a spade. Labor, as usual, will wait until they have been brutally ass raped and then come begging for help. There will be none to be had. The reality is that if Members of Labor do not begin to Lien and Sue IMMEDIATELY against fraudsters like Jay Goscinski over at Michigan Realty Solutions and the rest of the sodden lot, Labor will be fucked yet again! The reality is that Bill Shepro is going to shitcan Labor and fly off in a golden parachute just like Erbey did if you ask me.

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