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The NAMFS Regime: More Prison Time Assessed

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is becoming accustomed to having its Members sentenced to prison. Everyone remembers when we reported upon Dean Counce, owner of American Mortgage Field Services (AMFS), whom was not only handed out a lengthy prison sentence by the presiding judge, but Dean Counce was also deeply enmeshed within the inner NAMFS Regime Circle. After awhile it gets kind of confusing with all of the NAMFS Regime Members sounding alike and only changing a word here or there. I mean you wouldn’t want to confuse Michael Evangelo, owner of National Mortgage Field Services (NMFS) — I mean I can see the confusion in American or National ?! — with Dean Counce of American Mortgage Field Services, even though Evangelo is both a financial sponsor of Reichsminister of Propaganda Terry Platt and also sponsored him for anointment within the NAMFS Regime. Or, maybe you would? It is up to you, the reader, to make the determination as all I do is write upon my opinions anyway.

Counce’s partner, Tammy Roaderick, was sentenced to 33 months in a federal penitentiary in connection with American Mortgage Field Services defraudment of both the US Government and Financial Institutions. Roaderick lists Investor Shield as her most recent job wherein she dealt with, you guessed it, Default Mortgages including inspections, preservation and conveyance. Most telling, are her first level friends on LinkedIn. You see, this is why I always preach to folks to be particularly careful in their Social Media Profiles; Guilt By Association. Even more on point, as we all recall, a Member of the Buczek Clan pulled a hitch in the federal correctional system recently, as well. In the Buczek Enterprises – Altisource Fiasco, there are still a mountain of Contractors whom have not been paid and have referred most of their debt over to the Commercial Debt Collectors located on the right hand of the screen.

In reality, it is only a matter of time before even the innocent within the NAMFS Regime become rounded up in what are guaranteed to be far reaching probes and inquiries. Incidentally, Counce never had an NAMFS Regime Ethics Hearing nor did his firm. You may draw your own conclusion from that and especially in light of the plethora of corrupt NAMFS Regime Members we have well documented on here.

As the housing market declined and the list of properties they were responsible for increased, Roaderick, Counce and their employees allegedly began falsifying inspection reports. The government estimates that between 2007 and 2009, AMFS received nearly $2.4 million from Countrywide/Bank of America based on fraudulent inspections, the U.S. Attorney’s office said in a statement.

In a rare twist of events, Counce was sent to a Maximum Security Prison — no soap on a rope, either. This is rare because white collar criminals usually go to cush country club type lock ups. By the looks of Roaderick, she is going to make someone very comfortable when she arrives.  😉

In my opinion, Mr. Counce’s greeddriven deception is an example of the worst type of criminal behavior,” said John Joyce, Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Secret Service, Tampa. “He exploited and profited from a multitude of fabricated inspection reports, thus taking advantage of a downturned economy.  The Secret Service aggressively pursues these and other types of financial crimes with the help of our local, state and federal law enforcement partners.”

According to prosecutors, Roaderick told employees — many of whom were either high school students or recent graduates — to inspect the assigned properties once and take additional photos to use later. AMFS then skipped subsequent inspections and used information available on the Internet to fabricate inspection reports.

Tammy Roaderick, co-owner of American Mortgage Field Services in Brooksville, admitted her role in a fraudulent home inspection scheme worth more than $12.7 million, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The company, formerly called Mid-Florida Home Securing, performed inspections on foreclosed homes owned or insured by the government.

Starting to sound like a lot of the Firms out there now requiring non date/time stamped photos? These IDENTICAL ISSUES were brought up pertaining to Asset Management Specialists (AMS) with respect to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Contracts and yet Craig Karnes, Director of the HUD Management and Marketing (M&M) Program has refused to investigate. Gotta really, REALLY wonder whom is pulling his purse strings!

We are seeing the level of corruption within the NAMFS Regime at Epic Proportions now. All roads seem to lead back to Florida in many, but not all, ways. It is becoming more and more apparent that society has had its fill of these people. In the case of the Highest Ranking Member of the NAMFS Regime ever to become financially insolvent, Heather Berghorst, I spoke with a lawyer today whom was strangely the owner of a Firm Berghorst has bilked out of $27,000 over the past several months. As the Source is currently remaining anonymous, I am simply going to say that Berghorst picked all the right ones to screw: Former Law Enforcement Officials, Minorities, Veterans and now Active Lawyers. Par for the Course as nothing ever changes with respect to the NAMFS Regime!

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