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The Interviews: Drilling Down On Carol Boyd

We have been spending the past week Interviewing extremely close, personal friends of Carol Boyd, owner of Boyd Property Preservation and Bronze Level Contributor and Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. It has been mind numbing the amount of corruption which has been leveled. With that said, we wanted to give her the opportunity to pay all Contractors no later than 25NOV13 and withdraw from the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, or we will begin to release everything. To ensure that Carol Boyd and Eric Miller are fully in the loop, here is a preview of what we know. The names will prove that we know everything now.

Slabtown is a miserable place to grow up; especially on Cottonwood Mill Road. Dogwood Valley is a long ways, isn’t it! Using relatives checks to pay off finance companies and then have relatives come collect the check book is never a good thing. Just because Minnie had to work and you transported the checks; the carbon copy idea is humorous, you were lucky. Tommy Rector was never a good idea.

The fluffing of appraisals is documentable. 101 Main Street ring a bell? How about the Quality Inn off the Rocky Face Exit? Really gotta wonder if all the info out there about how many times a night those doors opened is good for the public; breezy and all you see. Yeah, I know about Gatlinburg, TN, as well. Remember the 3am visits for the checks? Yeah, those were hard times. To boot, though, hitting a fireman in the pocket whom worked for you when Earl worked there as well?! C’mon, man.

Didn’t anyone ever think folks would realize whose credit was used to buy the doctor’s home which now is in disrepair? And the Austin-Healey? I mean really on a fireman’s salary?! What was that #4 on the Marriage Docket? No five my bad. How’s good ‘ol Barbara Ann these days? I really liked the touch of the Crook name; true grit there. You tell Tommy Travette to keep the line tight on the fishing lures.

Professional Home Mortgage was a good run at it, but see Tunnel Hill is a small town. Even smaller when you originate in Slabtown. Had to be hard living there with all those family members with folks sleeping under tables and all. How did you used to put it, “The best way to get back is to be prosperous,” I think.

So, that is about 1/100th of what I have. This is the South, Sweetheart. When you purposefully defraud Contractors it becomes apparent that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Oh, did you hear that? Yeah, that’s the sound of the clock ticking back and forth — tick, tock; tick, tock. I want to make real sure we understand something; literally how deep down the Rabbit Hole my Sources go. Was last Tuesday’s ER Visit a bad deal or did it all work out for the sis?

I promised this Industry one thing when it black balled me. I promised to bring an unholy war chest of funds to bear in the exposure of the Truth. Incredible how many folks talk when they have a cold beer in hand and a fresh pack of Pall Malls — that will telegraph a bit more than I should.

Would’ve made more sense keeping me cutting the grass, I think, but hey whom am I? Just some dumb hick in a county with one stop light, right?!

Do the right thing Carol. No one wants all of this released. Call Eric and have him call me. We all want the same thing: A well lubricated Property Preservation Industry wherein there are no issues for Labor. You see, I am a Friend of Labor.

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