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The Facebook Order Mill: Why The Drive By Social Media Wants You

For all the hype that the Drive By Social Media pundits give to supporting Contractors, it is incredible to see precisely how many Order Mills they are hammering out. Paramount Asset Management (PAM), a Company which hasn’t even seen fit to put together a website, sent out a blanket email on 10 February 2014. All the usual players were in it. Why not be honest with the website in the email; why not tell folks what is really going on? To really understand the rabbit hole, though, click the Link to either the email or website for PAM below,

——– Original message ——–
From: Nicole Romero
Date: xx/xx/2014 xx:xx AM (GMT-xx:00)
To: ‘Aaron Davitian’ ,’Jeff Markee’ ,’John Leeming’ ,’Steve Whetzel’
Subject: Subcontractors Wanted

Paramount Asset Management is in the process of building it’s vendor network.  We received your information from one of your peers in the Default Industry.  This is not a mass invitation being sent to an unknown group of individuals.  This is a formal invitation to you to join our vendor network.  You may have already spoken with someone from our office and received a copy of our Vendor Packet.  In fact, you may have already been assigned a work order from Paramount Asset Management as a onetime vendor.

If you are interested in working with Paramount Asset Management please respond to this email and request a Vendor Packet.  The packet will include our Subcontractor Agreement along with pricing and other important information.  If you have any questions at all regarding potential growth, client requirements, timelines or volume please contact Jeff Markee at xxxxx.

If you have already returned your Vendor Packet please note that it has not been misplaced and you can disregard this email.


xxxxx | Paramount Asset Management

Aaron Davitian and Jeff Markee share an interesting connection through National Contractors Direct (NCD), a Company controlled by Josh Wetherington. Wetherington, by and through Stacey Wetherington, has been a busy little bee indeed. Not only does Wetherington control NCD, he controls RLL Field Services. The ball doesn’t stop there, though. Wetherington used to have his hands in EMJ Field Services and RKE Enterprises. More on that in a moment.

NCD is a very interesting spin up. Their address they use with the Flordia Secretary of State puts them in Genet Property Group — 3430 NW 16th Street, Bay 16, Lauderhill, FL 33311, originally. Now, I called Genet Property Group and the receptionist was not familiar with NCD which is neither here nor there as their address changed in June, 2013.

RLL Field Services spun up on 28 January 2014. All roads lead to 425 Island Oaks PL, Merritt Island, FL. RKE Enterprises, another Wetherington Company, has an interesting Permit Record. Multiple septic permits for a quarter of a million dollars a whack. Wow! Phenomenal. I guess we are all in the wrong business.

National Contractors Direct continues to get more interesting. First, their old website does not even exist anymore. It was cited in a previous Foreclosurepedia Article. We know it existed because this is their WHOIS Info.

So, in typical Order Mill fashion; here today gone tomorrow, NCD is a Company that from Wetherington’s own LinkedIn Profile states,

NCD is made up of only the elite field contractors in the industry. We are in the best possible position to offer the client better return on investment through a properly motivated, skilled, proven, and vetted group of field service providers. Our certification of market managers ensures only the finest and most professional companies work for our clients interests. NCD provides a single source option for clients nationwide, to provide a national model, while addressing the individual needs and challenges offered at the statewide level. We are a contractor cooperative working together, but not profiting off of one another. We seek nothing less than transformation of the industry from the top down, and putting the majority of the allocated funds back where it should be. Actually preserving the asset.

Lo and behold, National Contractors Direct’s Chief Financial Officer, Larry D. Scott, hails from Tinley Park, IL. Stepping back just a bit, when you combine the fact that here is a Company in Florida, with officers in California, Texas, Illinois and Florida, the following begins to make sense,

All The Usual Suspects
All The Usual Suspects

The plot thickens, though, as we begin to drill down on All The Usual Suspects. Aaron Davitian, the same man who’s Company The Remedy, resolves back in the aforementioned email, seems to have his hands all over the place. Odd, as Davitian purports to despise inordinate amounts of Order Milling. Take a look below,

All The Usual Suspects
All The Usual Suspects

Jeff Markee, another alleged pro Contractor fellow, seems to be deeply involved in a plethora of business as well. Here is his layout,

 All The Usual Suspects

All The Usual Suspects

So, this is the first of several Articles we are putting out on the Wetherington Empire. We are going to reach out to the Public Affairs Officer for his US Air Force Reserve Detachment for comment with respect to whether or not any of the Companies he runs should be licensed in the State(s) they perform services. We are also curious as to the position of the Obama Administration with respect to a potential conflict of interest vis-a-vis Posse Commitatus. We already have inquiries pending with respect to Davitian and Markee. In Davitian’s case, his Company Website lists doing business in Hawaii; however, there is no Business Listing under his name nor that of his Company.

When Order Mills wish to engage in commerce across state lines, it requires a license. Almost none of the Order Mills have these required licenses. This gives an unfair advantage to Order Mills and does a disservice to Contractors.

At the end of the day the Foreclosurepedia Nation is going to be BLOWN AWAY as we begin to link all of the names together. Not surprisingly, all of the players have a common thread: The National Property Preservation Guild. So, much like Where Is Waldo, the question is Where is National Contractors Direct? More on point, All Roads Lead To The Mill.

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