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Paramount Asset Managment: Here We Go Again

The Mortgage Field Services Industry is becoming more and more like a Whack A Mole Contest. We are tracking Sixteen new Order Mills which have bubbled to the surface. One is Paramount Asset Management (PAM). The IP which resolves for PAM and the email links within the mass email sent out will be extremely interesting to many folks as it resolves to The Remedy Field Services. Odd; why not just be up front and put in the actual resolution? We already have a file on all of these Companies over on the ISTAR Database. The reality is that PAM is recruiting and hasn’t even taken the time to set up their website! Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

To show simply how effective Foreclosurepedia has been with SEO, Google National Contractors Direct (the link is through Firefox, but should resolve on any Browser). The results put Foreclosurepedia as the First Listing on Page One. More interesting is NCDs Pruvan Page. It sends you to a dead link.

In a time wherein National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Members are being condemned for their blatant Order Milling, we are going to begin to spread the love and show the tentacles which are extending out behind the scenes.

We are calling on the Foreclosurepedia Nation to send us any and all information you have on Paramount Asset Management, The Remedy Field Services, National Contractors Direct and RKE Enterrpises LLC.

More on this fast tracking story tonight after we finish several of our Interviews for our Foreclosurepedia Podcast!

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